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Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park – Haven for Spotting Tigers in India (2024)

About Tadoba National Park

If you are planning to visit India and if you are passionate about wildlife and wild cats then Tadoba Andhari National Park in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is a place that you cannot miss. Situated around 536 miles (863 Kms) from the financial capital of India, Mumbai, and about 86 miles(140 kms) from Nagpur, Maharashtra, it is the oldest and largest national park in India. Tadoba Tiger Reserve comes under 47 tiger reserves in India under “Project Tiger.” The reserve stretches a massive 656 square miles in area and was created in 1955. It also consists of the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary that was amalgamated to it in the year 1985.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve gets its name from the name of “Taru”, a god widely worshipped by the tribals in this area. Tadoba Tiger Reserve at present has close to 90 tigers as of this year which is one of the highest in India. The tiger reserve is open for visitors from October till June and is closed every Tuesday. Majority of the forest area has a hilly terrain making it the perfect shelter for wild animals. Tadoba boasts of dense forests with deep valleys which provide the perfect atmosphere for tigers and other animals. Tadoba National Park – Haven for Spotting Tigers in India Image Source

Tadoba also has a few lakes and a major river called “Andhari” passing through that fill up in the monsoons providing animals with ample amount of water. Aside from tigers, one can also see wild dogs and sloth bears at Tadoba Tiger Reserve. The main tourist attraction here is the tiger safari in an open jeep which takes you up close with tigers and other animals. One can also find one of the best bird species within the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

The reserve has three forest ranges that are Tadoba North Range, Kolsa South Range, and Morhurli Range which is between the two ranges. The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is also famous for its wide range of flora and fauna. Teak, Tendu, Black Plum are some of the trees that can be easily seen in the forest range. Aside from the tigers, Indian leopards, Striped Hyena, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Marsh Crocodiles are also inhabitants of this wide forest range.

Resorts in Tadoba

For all wildlife and nature lovers, Tadoba provides the best in class facility resorts and hotels which make staying at Tadoba a life-long experience. These hotels are either within the forest area or very close by so traveling time is cut down significantly. It is recommended to book your hotel or resort well in advance as there is continuous influx of tourists at the Tiger Reserve.

Safaris in Tadoba

Tiger safari is the main tourist attraction at Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Tadoba has one of the highest number of tigers as of 2020 across India. The safari at Tadoba Tiger Reserve gives you the best up close view of the wild cat along with other animals that live in this vast expanse of forest. You will be taken in an open jeep to give you the best view of the forest.

Tiger Safaris in Tadoba
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The safari timings are different in the summer and winter months. There are three entry pockets at each of the three entrances of the tiger reserve. There are a total of three safaris done of two hours each. It starts from 6:00 in the morning and goes on till 6:30 in the evenings in the winters. In the summers, the safaris start much earlier at 5:00 in the morning and go on till 6:30 in the evening.

So, for all you tiger lovers, if you have not visited the Tadoba National Park when you are in India, then you have not visited the most attractive and perhaps one of the best tiger reserves across India.

If you are planning a holiday and you wish to explore central India then Tadoba should be in your list for places to visit and get a hands-on experience of the beauty and serenity of this beautiful jungle.

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