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Kharda Fort in Ahmednagar

Visit Kharda Fort in Ahmednagar: Maharashtra Fort tourism (2024)

The Kharda Fort is in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The Kharda Fort is a fort of historical importance. Many people interested in the history, ancient archaeology and other such aspects visit this fort; you will find many tourists at this fort. If you plan on visiting Kharda fort, read this article to know what to expect.

Historical Importance of Kharda Fort

The Kharda Fort played a role in the Maratha Battle for Freedom. The Kharda fort was the venue of the last battle that the Marathas fought.

Historical Importance of Kharda Fort, Ahmednagar
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Another name for this fort is Shivpattan. Post this battle, the Nizam was defeated. The Sardar Nimbalkar built Kharda fort sometime in the 1700s.

Structures Inside the Kharda Fort

The Kharda Fort is on a plateau, so it is easy to explore the fort. You do not have to undergo a long walk or climbing cliffs and stairs. The fortifications and the walls are intact, so you get an idea of the entire structure of the Kharda fort.

The Kharda fort is a quick visit, and few structures are a symbol of the past. You see a mosque and near it, is a deep and narrow well. The Kharda fort has its bastions intact, so you can see the way the soldiers kept an eye on anyone coming along the road.

Structures Inside the Kharda Fort, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
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At the main entry, you will see an inscription stone that gives you details about the year and a bit of a history of the Kharda fort. You will also see a small door in the walls, which could be a secret door, back in the day.

You can spend some time looking at the tall arches and exquisite architecture within the Kharda fort. You see a destroyed cannon. Another cannon is at the top rampart. You will also see four watchtowers that have stood the test of time.

You see a Kanifnath Temple as well. Many of the structures of Kharda fort are covered in limestone.

Tourist Experience of the Kharda Fort

The Kharda Fort is easily accessible, and you can explore the entire fort in under an hour. The easy accessibility and the strength of the fortifications make it part of the fort tourism of Maharashtra.

The Kharda fort is bald, so if you are planning to visit during the summer season, make sure that you carry enough suntan, water, and a pair of sunglasses to explore the fort during that time.

Kharda fort is one of the simple visits for those interested in fort tourism in Maharashtra. There’s no trek involved, there’s no rock climbing, and the road to the Kharda fort is excellent as well. Therefore, the fort makes it to the list of anyone looking at fort tourism in Maharashtra.

What you do miss here are the paths through lush greenery and the waterfalls and the brooks. The Kharda fort is literally on the side of a street, so there are no adventures typically tied to a fort visit, something that’s a given in Maharashtra. Kharda Fort in Ahmednagar

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It is interesting to note that there is not a single structure in the Kharda fort, apart from a mosque and a well. Most other forts have something or the other – some have granaries, others have stables, and yet others have human-made lakes or cisterns. But that is not the case with the Kharda Fort, making it an underwhelming experience for the average trekker.

The Kharda village is an important religious destination as well. The village has twelve Jyotirlingas and the devotees make it a point to visit this place during the month of Shravan.

Places To Visit Near Kharda Fort

The Kharda Fort was underwhelming, but there are several places in and around Kharda that you would like to visit. Kharda is famous for its religious spots, and here is a list.

Shani Shingnapur Temple

The Shani Shingnapur Temple is possibly the most popular place in the Kharda area. The temple is one of the few dedicated to Lord Shani. Tourists flock to the village and the temple all through the year. Most of the people who visit this place have heard about the myth that the villagers keep their doors open because they think that no robber will have the guts to steal from them. People believe that the Shani Shingnapur temple is a ‘jagrut devasthan’, meaning, the divine power is still alive in the temple.

Place To Visit Near Kharda Fort-Shani Shingnapur TempleImage Source

Ahmednagar Fort Prison

At about two hours is the Ahmednagar Fort, which was a prison during the British Raj. The fort is part of the Indian culture and history, and tourists should visit the place to take in the architecture.

Best Place To Visit Near Kharda Fort-Ahmednagar Fort PrisonImage Source

Tuljabhawani Temple

The Tuljabhawani Temple is at about two hours from the Kharda fort. It is a famous destination for devotees and others who wish to experience their spiritual side.

Amazing Place To Visit Near Kharda Fort-Tuljabhawani Temple
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How to Reach Kharda Fort?

Kharda Fort is at two hours’ distance from Ahmednagar. Ahmednagar is connected well to Mumbai and Pune; so, you can reach there in a comfortable manner. You will see several buses plying on the Mumbai Ahmednagar and the Pune Ahmednagar route. Mumbai to Ahmednagar is a five-hour route. It takes about 2 hours to drive from Pune to Ahmednagar. If traveling from Pune, you need to take a bus until Jamkhed and then get some local transport. If you are traveling by train from Pune, you need to board a train until Barshi and then take private transport options.

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