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Lui Nagai Ni Festival

12 Most Popular Festivals Of Manipur (2024)

Manipur, the jewel of India, is famous for its diverse culture and traditions. Its rich heritage in the form of its festivals speaks of the various art forms and spirit of the Manipuri people. Manipur is a place where festivals are celebrated throughout the year, so it does not matter what time this place is visited; it will not disappoint in terms of showcasing its culture through its vibrant festivities. These festivals are a symbol of Manipur’s people’s togetherness and are a joyous recreation of body and soul. Every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement.

12 Most Popular Festivals Of Manipur

1. Gaan – Nagai

It is the festival of the Kabui Nagas and is spread over five days. The first day is the ceremony of omen taking, and for the rest of the days, it is about feasts, singing, dancing, and other joyous activities by senior citizens and boys and girls.
Most Popular Festival Of Manipur-Gaan - NagaiImage Source
Month of Celebration: December or January

2. Lui Nagai Ni

It is one of the main festivals of Manipur and is popularly known as the Seed sowing festival. After this celebration, cultivation is begun by the Naga tribe. Various cultural shows, including dance and music, are an essential part of this festival. It strengthens the unity and bond of the people.
Month of Celebration: February (14/15 February)

Lui Nagai Ni Festival

Credt- Roving Report  Image Source

3. Yaosang

Just like Holi, the Hindu Meitei people celebrate this festival in Manipur with colors. Also, being one of the major festivals of Manipur, it is celebrated for five days. Children seek donations, Local bands perform Sankirtan (religious performance), people play with water, and many other activities are organized. Local cuisines are offered and shared with each other.

Top Festival Of Manipur-Yaosang

Representative image. Courtesy: Hello Travel  Image Source

Month of Celebration: March

4. Sajibu Nongma Panba

It is the spring festival of Manipur and the beginning of the new year for people of Manipur. People dress up in traditional costumes and visit their friends and families and exchange gifts and delicacies. Before the festival, cleaning activity takes place where everything in the household is cleaned, whether used or unused. It is believed this festival will make people reach greater heights.Month of Celebration: April

5. Lai Haraoba

This festival celebrates the worshipping of Deities and ancestors. Both men and women perform folk dances. People assemble in huge gatherings to experience the festival.

Festival Of Manipur-Lai HaraobaImage Source
Month of Celebration: May

6. Rath-Yatra

Also known as Kang festival, it is a festival which is celebrated for ten days. Lord Jagannath leaves his temple in a Rath called as Kang pulled by the pilgrims. Feasts are organized on a large scale, and people gather in large numbers to witness and be a part of this celebration.

Month of Celebration: June/July

7. Heikru Hidongba

A festival of thrill and joy in Manipur where boat race takes place and tents are created for the locals to enjoy the event. Lord Vishnu is worshipped, and their idol is placed before the festival begins to seek blessings of God.

Attraction Festival Of Manipur-Heikru HidongbaImage Source
Month of Celebration: September

8. Ningol Chakouba

This festival of Manipur is celebrated to strengthen the bond between married women and their paternal families. The married women are invited to their homes along with their children and are pampered with great food and showered with gifts and blessings.

Most Popular Festival Of Manipur-Gaan - Ningol Chakouba

Picture Credit :: Association of Manipuri Diaspora (AMAND) Pune  Image Source

Month of celebration: November

9. Sangai Festival

This festival is celebrated in the name of rare species of Deer called Sangai, which is found in Manipur. The festival celebrates the diverse art and culture of Manipur and is organized by the Manipur Tourism Department. Great cultural shows and art forms are presented during the ten days celebration.

Month of celebration: November

10. Christmas

A festival not only celebrated by the Christian community but the whole of Manipur. Reading Gospels, singing Carols, and prayers, enjoying delicacies is what this festival is all about.

Month of celebration: December

11. Ramjan (Ramzan)

It is the most important festival of Manipuri Muslims. People offer daily prayers in the mosque and fast for the whole month. Gifts and blessings are exchanged with their loved ones.
Month of celebration: Not fixed

12. Chumpha

It is the festival of Harvest and is celebrated for seven days by the Nagas. It is a unique festival in the sense that women are active participants in all the rituals.

Attraction Festival Of Manipur-ChumphaImage Source
Month of celebration: December

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