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Visit Shirui Kashong Peak

Visit Shirui Kashong Peak & See its Main Attraction Shirui Lilly, Amazing Places To See In Ukhrul (2024)

Manipur, the little paradise on earth, is a state that has some breathtaking views and sites. Its natural beauty is astounding and is of great interest to the tourists. Away from pollution and busy lives, being in mother nature’s lap is always a rejuvenating experience.

About Shirui Kashong Peak & Its Main Attraction Shirui Lilly

Shirui Kashong peak in Manipur is more than 2800 m above sea level. Many rivers are originating from the slope of the Shirui Kashong. Also, it is majorly famous for Shirui Lilly, which is grown on Shirui Hills. It is unique and interesting to know that this flower can be grown only in the Shirui Hills. It is one of the most remarkable things to witness, and be floored away by its beauty. From the top of the Hill, an incredible view of the flowers and landscapes can be seen.

The flower blooms during summers and for a very short period, mainly in May and June. It is believed by the locals that a kind spirit rests on this flower, and this is also the State Flower of Manipur. Not only the flowers, but Shirui Kashong is also home to rare species of birds, and the beauty of the place is extraordinary.

Visit Shirui Kashong Peak

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The peace and calmness on a trek to Shirui Kashong is worth mentioning, and the picturesque lush greens are nothing less than mesmerizing. The weather is excellent, and unexpected rains are a normal phenomenon. It is also a very popular picnic spot throughout the year.

3 Amazing Places To See In Ukhrul

  1. Khayang Peak – It is the highest peak in Ukhrul. It has a beautiful sunrise view, and exploring the view from the top is something that cannot be missed. 
  2. Kachouphung Lake – The shape of the lake resembles that of the Indian Map. It is located on the Hilltop. 
  3. Khangkhui Cave – A limestone cave, which was a shelter for villagers during the Second world war. 

Location of Shirui Kashong Peak: Ukhrul, Manipur

Best Time To Visit – May-July

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