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Shri Govindajee Temple - Incredible Place to Visit in Northeast State of Manipur

Manipur Travel Guide: 7 Incredible Places to Visit in Northeast State of Manipur (2024)

Manipur is a state in Northeastern India. The natural beauty and the greenery of this place is an absolute eye pleasure. Manipur is worth exploring the uniqueness and astounding yet straightforward scenic beauty. It is also famous for its diverse art and culture. The only Floating National Park in the world is in Manipur, which has always been a major attraction. Manipur also speaks volumes of the rich heritage of its country.

Manipur is a state which has something to offer to everybody. Hills for mountain lovers, Lakes and floating islands for water lovers, and a lot of historical sites for all History enthusiasts. Manipur is not something that can disappoint you. The best time to visit Manipur is Winters, i.e., anytime from October to February is pleasant.

Manipur Travel Guide: 7 Incredible Places to Visit in Northeast State of Manipur

1. Imphal

Imphal is the capital city of Manipur. It is majorly famous for the historical site Kangla Palace situated on the banks of Imphal river. However, there are other popular destinations as well in Imphal, which boasts about the natural and scenic beauty of Manipur.

Places to see in Imphal :

War Cemetery – The brave soldiers who fought the battle of Imphal during the second world war were cremated here.

Shaheed Minar – It is a tall monument built in the memory of brave Manipuri soldiers who fought the Britishers in Anglo- Manipuri War.

Shri Govindajee Temple – It is the largest Hindu Vaishnav temple in Imphal. It has two gold plated domes with Lord Krishna as the main deity.Shri Govindajee Temple - Incredible Place to Visit in Northeast State of Manipur

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2. Bishnupur

This place is mainly the center of most places of worship of Manipur. It has dense forests and greenery all around. The ancient temples located here are examples of excellence in the field of architecture.

Places to Visit in Bishnupur include:

Vishnu Temple – Bishnupur derived its name from the ancient Vishnu temple located here, i.e., home of Vishnu.

Incredible Places to Visit in Northeast State of Manipur-Vishnu Temple, BishnupurImage Source

Loukoipat – It is a small natural lake famous for its picturesque spot. It is now developed into an ecological park. Also, people can enjoy a boat ride in the serene lake.

Moirang – It is a small town in Manipur famous for Loktak Lake and its floating islands. It is a perfect destination to enjoy the splendid beauty of nature.

Loktak Lake and Sendra Islands – Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Northeastern India. It is famous for its floating islands called Phumdis. Sendra Island offers the bird view of the mesmerizing beauty of this lake.

Keibul Lamjao National Park – It is the only floating National park in the world. It is famous for the endangered species of Manipur deer called Sangai. The Safari ride is a must to this park.

3. Ukhrul

It is the highest hill station in Manipur. Hills and caves form a significant part of this town, which is a perfect place in Manipur for meditation and those looking for spiritual and inner peace.

Places to see in Ukhrul, Manipur:

Khayang Peak – It is the highest peak in the Ukhrul district. Perfect for trekking and exploring the view of the region from the top. Sunrise is one of the most memorable and astounding views of this place.

Kachouphung Lake – This lake is very famous as its shape resembles that of the Indian map. This lake is situated on Hilltop, and because of the variety of fishes, pisciculture is practiced here.

Khangkhui Cave – It is a phenomenal natural limestone cave. It was used as shelter by villagers during world war II.

Amazing Destination to Visit In Northeast State of Manipur-Khangkhui Cave, Ukhrul

Credit- SH Tom KHARAM  Image Source

Nillai Tea Estate – This is the place where Green tea is grown. It has a lot of medicinal properties due to the way it is produced. The beauty of this place and Ukhrul in all is a treat to the eyes and something that is worth appreciation.

4. Andro

It is a small village that has been developed to represent the rich culture and art of Manipur. Its glory is in the local artistic craft created by the locals. It is a delight if you want to try your hands at pottery and get back with you your crafted pottery collection.

Magnetic Attraction of Northeast State of Manipur-AndroImage Source

5. Thoubal

It is a place of simple, fun-loving people with lots of lakes and rivers. Thoubal is perfect for trekking and hiking in Manipur. It makes up for a great destination to plan outdoor activities.

Places to see in Thoubal, Manipur:

Thoubal river, Thoubal Bazar and People’s Museum

6. Dzukou Valley

This valley is surrounded by flowers of different variety and is named after Dzukou Lilly, which is found only here. It is a nature’s paradise, and every view is breathtaking. The highest peak of Manipur is also behind this valley.

Amazing Place to Visit In Northeast State of Manipur-Dzukou Lilly, Dzukou ValleyImage Source

7. Leimaram Waterfalls

The fresh sprinkling sound and the remarkable view of this waterfall has made it a great tourist spot in Manipur. It consists of three waterfalls and makes for a picturesque sight.

Incredible Place To Visit In Northeast State of Manipur-Leimaram WaterfallsImage Source

Apart from visiting some of the beautiful places in Manipur which are listed above, there are few more things which tourist should do when in Manipur:

Things To Do When In Manipur:

Enjoy a Safari ride in Keinul Lamjao national park, early morning, or during noon; chances are high of spotting Sangai Deer.

Enjoy Shopping At:

Ima Keithel – The largest Asian market run by Women, no male seller is allowed. Daily items, including spices, textiles, toys, etc.

Paona Bazaar – This market in Manipur offers a great variety of traditional silk sarees, handwoven shawls, and bamboo products, etc.

Attend Manipur Festivals – Manipur is a state of diverse culture and vibrant festivals. When in Manipur, make sure to catch a glimpse of the local festival celebrated during that time and be a part of the celebration with the locals. All the festivals speak of the rich heritage and spirit of the people of Manipur.

Watch Polo – Polo, which was made famous by the Britishers, originated in Manipur. Imphal’s Polo Ground is the oldest Polo ground. If you are a sports lover and in Manipur when Polo match is being played, make sure to be an audience and enjoy the game.

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