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Phangrei Hills - Amazing Hill Station to Visit in Manipur

Visit Manipur Hill Stations: 7 Amazing Hill Stations to Visit in Manipur (2024)

Manipur, the jewel of India, is a little paradise on earth. Widely known for its scenic beauty and majestic landscapes, this place is truly a visitor’s delight. Manipur is a complete package for tourists with hills, water, forests, monuments, and places of religious interest. This northeast state of India is endowed with natural beauty, which has lately grabbed much attention from tourists all over the world. The calmness and the beauty of the green hills of Manipur are pleasing to one’s eyes.

Hill stations have always been a great attraction for tourists because of the unpolluted and unmatched beauty that nature has to offer. There is a sense of inner peace that can be experienced when one is around the mountains. A place to recreate and be in nature’s lap is what makes every penny worth it.

Let us take a look at some of the best hill stations in Manipur.

Visit Manipur Hill Stations: 7 Amazing Hill Stations to Visit in Manipur

1. Kaina Hill Station – This place in Manipur is famous for its spiritual and peaceful atmosphere and attracts a lot of tourists, especially the Hindu Vaishnav community. On all Festivals, Manipur’s main dance form Ras Lila is celebrated here. This hill station, with its green mountains, makes for a visual delight. Kaina Hill Station is approximately 30 Km from Imphal.

2. Phangrei Hills – The beautiful hills in Manipur make for a great trekking and adventurous experience. Not just for its photogenic beauty, but the serene beauty of this place is something to be witnessed and experienced at least once.

Phangrei Hills - Amazing Hill Station to Visit in Manipur

Image Source

3. Shirui kashung Peak – Manipur is endowed with great flora and fauna. One such thing is Shirui Lilly, which is grown on Shirui Hills. An interesting fact is that this flower cannot be grown anywhere else in the world except the Shirui Hills. This state flower of Manipur is unique in this way and also is one of the most beautiful creations on this planet. A full view of the amazing flowers and landscapes can be seen from the Hilltop.

Amazing Hill Station to Visit in Manipur-Shirui kashung PeakImage Source

4. Longthabal – These hills are famous for the construction of houses using the Jackfruit tree and pines. The temples are well built around it and are known for the ancient palaces that once existed there. The beauty and charm of the Longthabal hills in Manipur make for an amazing view.

Sightseeing Hill Station to Visit in Manipur-Longthabal

Photo by Oinam Binoranjan Singh  Image Source

5. Maibam Lokpa – This hill station is very popular in Manipur and is also known as Red Hill. This hill is considered sacred by the locals of Manipur. This is the place where the Japanese fought with the Allied during world war II, and a monument was created in the memory of the Japanese soldiers who died during that war.

6. Khoriphaba Hill – Away from the pollution and the hustle-bustle, these hills of Manipur offers one of the best views of a well-preserved environment. This place is a great tourist destination and offers a very exciting experience of being a part of the Lai Haraoba festival.

Top Hill Station to Visit in Manipur-Khoriphaba Hill

Credit- Binod Stationery  Image Source

7. Kangchup Hill – Located near Imphal, this is a very popular picnic spot in Manipur. The view of the Imphal valley from this hill station is breathtaking. The Kangchup hill station in Manipur has health resorts for rejuvenation and recreation naturally.

Incredible Hill Station to Visit in Manipur-Kangchup Hill

Credit- Mr. Angom  Image Source

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