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Bara Bazar - Best Places To Shop In Shillong To Explore The City

11 Best Places To Shop In Shillong To Explore The City (2024)

When we go on a vacation, we love to keep a memento of the place. Apart from exploration, hiking, lodging, and food, shopping is another crucial aspect of any trip. Some of the tourists love to buy little trinkets for their loved ones on a journey where others genuinely love to shop. As you know, Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and one of India’s most popular hill stations. But did you know, it is also the shopping capital of Meghalaya? You are sadly mistaken if you think Shillong only has shops that sell traditional clothing and accessories of north-east India.

Shillong is a hip and happening place that has a wide variety of shopping malls and stalls. You will find not only high-end items but affordable commodities too in the markets of Shillong. As several thousand tourists visit the gorgeous hill station throughout the year, it is quite natural that more and more shops opened up to accommodate them. Even though Shillong has gotten a lot crowded, but it is still pretty popular among tourists of different nationalities. If you are a traveler who loves to shop, this blog will be pretty handy.

Here, thetoptours.com has curated some of the Best shopping places in Shillong.

11 Best Places To Shop In Shillong To Explore The City

The places mentioned in the following section of this blog are quite famous for the wide variety of items they sell. Tourists often crown the markets mentioned below, and you should also keep an entire day free to shop without any hurry.

1. Police Bazar

If you research ‘Best shopping places in Shillong,’ you will find the name of Police Bazar on top of the search result list. This market is so immensely popular that it has several stalls that sell beautiful items at an affordable rate. Police Bazar is famous not only among tourists but among the local people of Shillong as well. You will find gorgeous winter wear, chunky jewelry, handicrafts in the roadside stalls over there quite easily. Usually, people love to spend at least two hours exploring the market. The best part about Police Bazar is that it has many roadside food stalls that sell lip-smacking dishes at a low price.

2. National Book Agency

A bibliophile will search for a good book no matter where they are. In case you are a book lover who loves to shop for books wherever you go, National Book Agency will be a paradise for you. Not only will you shop for popular fiction books out there, but books regarding the culture and heritage of Meghalaya also. The shop is quite old and one of the most popular book stores in the city. You will also find the latest editions of popular magazines over there quite easily. National Book Agency is located inside the OB shopping mall and is open up to 9 at night.

3. Hanumanbux Mahesh Kumar

Not everyone is comfortable buying readymade clothes for themselves. Sometimes people want to get something for their loved ones but are not about their sizes. That is why Hanumanbux is a lifesaver. This store is one of the most popular fabric stores in Shillong, where you will be able to buy Scottish cloth easily. You might already know that Scottish cloth material is not that easily available in India. In case you love to design your clothes, you will find this store quite handy. You will be able to create skirts, shirts, or dresses with the materials. Apart from regular clothes, this store sells winter cloth materials, which is pretty uncommon in India. This shop is quite easy to find as it is located in Police Bazar.

4. Bara Bazar

Bara Bazar is another market in Shillong, which is for all who do not want to make a hole in your pocket. Even though this market is more common among the local people of Shillong but as a tourist, you should also visit there, if you want to know about the genuine Shillong. The best thing about Bara Bazar is that you will be able to find many shops that sell handicrafts made purely from vegetables. Moreover, the market is run entirely by women, which is quite empowering. You will also find a lot of tribal shops in the market which sell quite exquisite items.

Bara Bazar - Best Places To Shop In Shillong To Explore The City

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5. OB Shopping Mall

Nowadays, many of us cannot imagine shopping without shopping malls. Even though Shillong is not that big of a town, but it has an enormous shopping mall. OB shopping mall is the biggest mall in Shilong, which is pretty high. Not only does the mall have shops which sell branded clothes and shoes, but it has a fantastic food court. If you want to have a fun time in Shillong, you can go to this mall easily, as it is also located in Police Bazar. Many people spend five hours in the mall as it has a wide variety of stores. There are some expensive restaurants in the mall as well where you can treat yourself.

OB Shopping Mall - Best Places To Shop In Shillong To Explore The City

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6. Rebecca’s Thrift Store

Every town tells a different story, and some of them have a lot of hidden gems. Rebecca’s thrift store is one of the Best shopping places in Shillong if you are into rare items from a different era. The store is so compelling that you might be able to find some items before India’s independence. From grandfather clocks to antique cameras, from exotic watches to old radios, this thrift store will amaze you. Many people also buy vintage apparel from there. You will be able to find designer coats and other branded products from the ’60s or ’70s. The store is located in the Lower Nongrim area of Shillong, and it is open until 7 at night.

Rebecca's Thrift Store - Best Places To Shop In Shillong To Explore The City

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7. Khasi Emporium

The people of the Khasi tribe have initially resided Shillong. Even now, there are several people out there who are from the said tribe. You might have noticed that the authentic clothing and accessories of the Khasi people are incredibly colorful and beautiful. In case you want to buy some authentic Khasi items, them Khasi emporium is the best place for you. You will be able to find a lot of handicraft items made of bamboo at an amazingly low rate over there. Apart from the clothes and handicrafts, you will also find small souvenirs over there quite easily. The shop is located inside the OP mall and can be found pretty easily.

8. Daniel Syiem

In case you are someone who loves to wear designer items, then the Daniel Syiem store is the best place for you in Shillong. The shop is quite a niche, and it is located right on the Laitumkhrah area of the beautiful hill station. Not only does the store offers designer clothes, but it also sells dress materials. You will be able to customize beautiful apparel in the shop. The best part about this unique shop is that none of the dresses in it are incredibly pricey. But remember the shop is not open on Sunday. You will be able to reach over there quite easily by hiring a cab.

9. Purbashree Emporium

Meghalaya is a state of immense cultural heritage. Hence, it is quite natural for tourists to buy handicraft items from Shillong because they are gorgeous. Purbashree Emporium is perfect for you if you are looking forward to buying authentic Meghalaya handicrafts in Shillong. All the commodities in the shop will amaze you as skilled artists make them. Most of the items are made of bamboo. The shop is located on Jail Road in Shillong and is closed only on Sunday. You will be able to buy small trinkets for your close ones as well from the Purbashree emporium. The place might not be cheap, but it is worth the price.

10. Glory’s Plaza

Glory’s Plaza is another mall in Shillong, which is perfect for those who want to buy some western clothing items. You will not have to spend a lot of money by shopping in this Plaza as things are pretty affordable. As the Plaza is located in Police Bazar, it is hard to miss. You will be able to buy tops, shirts, jeans, Bermuda, and other essential clothing items easily from the mall. In case you are hungry, you will be able to find a lot of delicious dishes just outside the Plaza. It is located amid the street food stalls of Shillong.

11. Meghalaya Handloom and Handicraft Development Emporium

If you are interested in buying handicrafts from Shillong, which are genuine, then the Meghalaya handloom emporium is the best place for you. Not only will you find gorgeous handicraft items, but you will also find handloom dress material. All the fabrics are authentic, and they are usually worn by the people from the Jaintia or Garo people. As the store is located in the Police Bazar area of Shillong, you will be able to find it without any problem. But the only problem is that you will not be able to bargain if you want to shop from the shop.

As you can guess from the blog, most of the shops in Shillong are located in the Police Bazar area. Apart from the stores mentioned above, there are several roadside stalls located over there as well. Overall, Meghalaya is an affordable place where buying things at a low price is not a dream. But the shops mentioned by us in the blog are some of the Best shopping places in Shillong. So, have a great time shopping in Shillong!

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