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Hong Kong Restaurant - In Shillong Which Every Food Fanatic Must Visit

Top 12 Restaurants In Shillong Which Every Food Fanatic Must Visit (2021)

To genuinely explore any place, you must taste the cuisine of that area. For most of us, food is an integral part of any trip. So, that is why it is pretty essential to know the top restaurants of any given area. In case you are planning a trip to Shillong, you are in luck. As, this website, thetoptours.com will tell you the Best restaurants in Shillong, you will have no problem searching for the best eateries. Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, so it is quite happening and has many fine restaurants. Hence you might get confused about where to eat.

Shillong has a pretty amazing laid-back lifestyle. That is why cafes are a pretty important part over there. But if you are visiting there for the first time, you should also taste some of the local Khasi food to appreciate the culture and tradition of Meghalaya genuinely. In this blog, you will be exposed to a wide variety of eateries that serve many different cuisines. The breathtakingly beautiful town is a paradise for all the foodies in the world. As tourists from different countries visit it, you will be able to find restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. Read the blog thoroughly so that you do not miss out on some exciting restaurants in Shillong.

Top 12 Restaurants In Shillong Which Every Food Fanatic Must Visit

We have created a list of top restaurants located in Shillong based on the positive reviews by different travelers who visited over there. Hence, you will be able to get to know about them quite easily.

1. Jadoh

Let’s start this impressive list with an affordable place that any traveler in the world can visit. Jadoh is one of the cheapest restaurants in Shillong, which offers delicious authentic Khasi food in large quantities. Most people order the Khasi Thali while eating over there because it is highly profitable and wholesome. The thali usually consists of rice, dal, pork or beef curry and chutney. You can get some variation in this combo meal where you will taste pork head or pork intestine. The price of the thali will genuinely amaze you. Finding the restaurant is not a difficult task as it is located in the Laitumkhrah area of Shillong.

Address: Don Bosco Square, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, Meghalaya 793003.
Phone Number: 080959 86705.