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Coorg Style Bollari Barthad Or Mangalore Cucumber Stir Fry - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

10 Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg (2024)

Coorg, the formal name of Kodagu, is a rural district sitting in the laps of Karnataka, which offers scenic views of the hills penetrating the sky, the valleys penetrating the grounds, and the serene atmosphere, which is the crown of Coorg. Not only breathtaking attractions but also sumptuous and luscious food cuisines are proffered here. The community of Coorg “Kodavas” influences the food cuisines in no small extent due to the quirky culture, tradition, and history of the place. Here is a list of some of the best corgi dishes to try when in Coorg.

10 Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

When one mentions the best dishes of South India, Coorgi cuisines are unquestionably on top of the list. They are authentic, and the platter circumscribes the staple food rice. Sannakki, a staple kind of rice, is much liked and eaten by the people. The place is a haven for the non-vegetarians, as they would not only love the food but also end up craving for more and more. Pork and meat are the staple food of the people of Coorg. The authentic Coorgi cuisines are simple to prepare yet very flavourful. Initially, the cuisines were developed by the locals who made the best use of the local resources they had, which resulted in such savory dishes. The delectable food cuisines prepared and eaten by the people of Coorg are given below:

1. Kadambuttu or The Rice Balls: Rice dumpling or Kadumbuttu is a must-have corgi dish when you visit Coorg. It is consumed on all the special occasions in the district. Kadambuttu being an inevitable and delectable dish, is one of the most famous dishes of the place. Served with Pandhu curry or Chicken curry or pickle, this mouth-watering dish is prepared in an effortless way. The blended rice with a speck of the cardamom powder gives a notable experience to your taste buds. Being one of the best street foods of Coorg, the best rice balls to have are in the Coorg Cuisinette below the KSRTC bus stand.

2. Bamboo Shoot Curry: One of the most impressive dishes of the South, bamboo shoot curry, is a real highlight of the Monsoon season. As the monsoon season welcomes the Bamboo shoots, they are cut off before they become too hard and woody. The bamboos are first scraped to take out the inner tender part to cook. The whisk of the cumin seeds, red chillies, raw rice, and coriander seeds gives a perfect aroma and flavour to the dish. As it is one of the most prominent street foods, the fairest place to eat this corgi cuisine is in Hotel Capitol.

Bamboo Shoot Curry - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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3. Nuuputtu or Nulputtu: Nuputtu, also known as Nulputtu, is a distinctive breakfast that would allure you by its structured and enticing appearance. Being famous street food, the best place to try it is the Taste Of Coorg. It is often served in a platter with pandi curry, Kadambuttu, cucumber raita, kootu curry, which is a mixed vegetable curry, neyi koolu, or the ghee rice, and thoppu palya. It is a very sumptuous meal that will make a memorable impact on your taste buds.

Nuuputtu or Nulputtu - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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4. Neyi Koolu Or The Ghee Rice: As apparent by its name, the dish is a blend of the rice and ghee, thus making it an exceedingly healthy meal, which will provide you much stamina and vigor. This lavish and sumptuous dish, though easy to be prepared, is quite intriguing and delightful at the same time. One should not miss this elegant dish while visiting the fascinating Coorg.

Neyi Koolu Or The Ghee Rice - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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5. Pandhi Curry: One of the most favorites of the non vegetarians and the Kodavas, the Pandhi curry has the main ingredient as the pork or the chicken. This mouth-watering corgi dish made with a blend of the meat, gravy, and other spices, is cooked on special occasions and festivals. It is dark in colour with chewy and soft pieces of pork or chicken and surprises of pepper, tamarind, Bird’s eye chilli and cardamom. It is often served with akki roti or rice roti, and kadambuttu or rice dumplings. The replenishing taste of the spices in the dish is best provided in the place Coorg cuisine in Madikeri.

Pandhi Curry - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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6. Kuleputtu: With an outstanding blend of the traditional jackfruit, this cuisine is quite healthy and beneficial because of the fact that jackfruit is good for skin, hair and helps to solve many digestive problems as well. It is rich in iron, which is a component of hemoglobin. It is a traditional jackfruit recipe prepared from the sweet and juicy pulp of jackfruit. The best place to fry this recipe is Zaffron.

Kuleputtu - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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7. Kodava Mudi Chekke Barthad: It is an authentic Coorgi dish with a blend of jackfruit and black chana. The two ingredients are mixed with the freshly grounded coconut masala and then simmered with tamarind water. You can have this healthful dish in your lunchtime along with Palak dal and Jolada Roti. Raita or sweet curd adds a cherry on top of the cake when served with the meal. The strong aroma of cloves, cardamom, ginger, garlic, fresh coconut, and cinnamon stick enhances the taste of the dish, which would leave a striking impact on your taste buds.

Kodava Mudi Chekke Barthad - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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8. Coorg Style Bollari Barthad Or Mangalore Cucumber Stir Fry: This simple yet delightful dish would leave your mouth watering with its aroma. Prepared from the Manglorean cucumbers, which are green or yellow with or without stripes, this sumptuous dish is commonly made in Kodava or Coorgi households. The finely chopped cucumber is cooked with various aromatic spices like cloves and chilli powder, and then coconut masala powder is mixed with it. Mangalore cucumber stir fry is served along with Pineapple Gojju recipe, Phulka, Ladbuttu or rice balls, and Nuggekai kharbyaali, which is a North Karnataka Spiced Drumstick Sambhar.

9. Kodava Ellu Pajji: Being a famous breakfast sidekick, Kodava Ellu Pajji can be prepared in just ten minutes. This easy to be prepared recipe has a nutty texture from the toasted sesame seeds. A deep and subtle flavor is imparted to the dish, with shallots or small onions. The nuttiness of the chutney is well balanced by the sweetness of jaggery and the tanginess of tamarind. It can be served as a side breakfast along with akki roti and masala chai.

Kodava Ellu Pajji - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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10. Coorg Style Kaad Manga Curry Or Sweet And Spicy Mango Curry: It is a lip-smacking ripe mango curry made from small wild mangoes locally available in and around Madikeri and Coorg. This delicious and simple dish tastes amazingly delicious, with the correct balance of sweet and spicy flavours flared with a little spice. The mangoes are cooked with jaggery and then tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. It is usually served with Kudambuttu, Sabudaan Sandige Manglorean neer dosa.

Coorg Style Kaad Manga Curry Or Sweet And Spicy Mango Curry - Best Coorgi Dishes To Try When In Coorg

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With a tropical monsoon type of climate, Coorg is also referred to as the Scotland of India. The reason behind this name is the rich culture and tradition of the place, along with exceedingly rich and luscious cuisines. These mouth-watering Coorgi Cuisine would allure you to crave for more and more. The different variety with different tastes entices the food fanatics to visit the place all over again. If you are planning to visit Coorg for its fascinating corgi dishes, then you are on the right path. Do try the fares mentioned above, which will leave you enthralled by their sensory and zingy tastes!

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