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14 Beautiful Beaches in Odisha

14 Beautiful Beaches in Odisha (2023)

Someone has rightly said, “ A day at the beach restores the soul.” We all love to spend some time relaxing on the seashore, watching the blue sea, and enjoying the golden sand. If you are someone who is a beach-lover and planning a tour to Odisha, then let us inform you that Odisha is known for its magnificent beaches. There are many known beaches in the state of Odisha and there are also some hidden or less-known beaches that must be explored by every beach-lover. So, read further to know about some of the best beaches in Odisha.

14 Beautiful Beaches in Odisha

The vibrant state of Odisha in India is known for its natural and cultural attractions. There are a lot of tourist spots in Odisha, several temples and many more breathtaking wonders are also in the state. Sharing its coastal front with the great Bay of Bengal, the state of Odisha is home to some of the excellent beaches on the east coast of India. Offering picturesque views of the beautiful sunsets, these beaches of Odisha are the perfect holiday destination and a delight for everyone who is a nature-lover.

You can enjoy a stroll in the soft sand in the seashore while watching the beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Apart from this, there are also few beaches in Odisha where you can enjoy some wonderful watersports like jetski, surfing, and many more. Moreover, if you are someone who loves photography and looking to capture some amazing pictures, then you should definitely visit these best beaches in Odisha. Some of the best beaches of the state include Puri beach, Gopalpur Beach, Konark Beach, Astaranga beach, Chandipur beaches, and many more.

Below let us see some of the best beaches of Odisha.

1. Puri Beach:

The beach in Puri is one of the busiest beaches of the state of Odisha. The Puri beach is the most famous beach of Odisha because of its proximity to the magnificent temple of Lord Jagannath, Puri, which is one of the Char-dhaams for the Hindus. The Puri beach is famous for the purifying dips that are taken by the pilgrims when they are in Puri. Moreover, the long stretch of the sea along with the clean waters make swimming a feasible option. There are several water sports available in the Puri beach to try and spend some adventurous time in the sea.

Among the various water sports here, Surfing is one of the best sport that you can try. The Puri beach stretches over a wide and long area, and this makes it an ideal choice for surfing enthusiasts. Jet Ski ride is another water sport that is available in the sea here. There are life guards available for you, so you should not worry while going on the jet ski.

Apart from this, you can also try camel rides, which would be a perfect fun option, especially for children, if you are visiting the beach. You can also spend some quality time by the sea by shopping the local items, including handcrafted bags, lanterns, mirrors from seashells, and many more.

If you are an art lover, then you would enjoy coming to the Puri beach and witness some real magical sand sculptures made by the well-known sand artist Mr. Sudarshan Pattnaik.

2. Gopalpur Beach:

The Gopalpur sea beach is a sailor’s paradise. This is a serene beach and has calm surroundings. The Gopalpur beach has the remnants of the pillars of an old jetty and a port. The lighthouse near the beach is one of the attractions of the place. The Gopalpur sea beach is quite safe for various water sports like surfing and sailing. Windsurfing and scuba diving are some wonderful water sports that can be enjoyed too. If you are planning to enjoy an aqua sport with your family or friends, then do not forget to take a paddle-boat.Gopalpur Beach Image Source

You can witness the coconut trees lined up along the sea beach, which offers a striking view.

3. Balighai Beach:

Do you want to traverse a beach, which is lined up with fully hardy and evergreens? The Balighai beach is situated about 8 km from the city of Puri. The magnificent views of sunrise and sunset would cast a spell on you. The white sand glittering during full moon nights in the sea beach would catch your interest. The beach is located off the Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road and is present at the mouth of Nuanai River.

Most of the area on the beach is embedded with alluring casuarina trees. This is one of the most widely recommended beaches in the state of Odisha because it is still undiscovered by many. So, you should visit the beach if you are in Odisha. It would bring a smile to your face.

However, if you are travelling to this beach in the morning, you should keep in mind to carry your food.

4. Aryapalli Beach:

Aryapalli beach is located near the town of Chatrapur, in the Ganjam district of the state of Odisha. This is a quiet and well-composed beach. The Sand Mineral Project here is one of the major attractions on Aryapalli Beach. The arrays of Casuarina trees offer a great vibrancy to the spot. The dusks and the dawns are wonderful and the climate is fortifying. All these make the beach a perfect beach to visit, especially if you love nature and want to spend your time in the serene beauty.

5. Chandipur Beach:

Chandipur beach is the cleanest beach in the state of Odisha and it is a peaceful place to visit. Chandipur beach experiences the rare phenomenon of flow of the Bay of Bengal water for around 5 Km. This beach would make you forget about everything else and offer you a stunning experience to lose yourself in the divinity of nature. So, if you are in Odisha, do visit this beach and experience the enchanting nature.

6. Konak Beach:

One of the most known beaches of Odisha is the Konark beach. This beach is situated at a distance of about 3 km from the renowned Sun Temple of Konark. The sun-kissed sand along with the dazzling waters of this beach make this beach drenched in serenity. Maybe the cakm water of the Bay of Bengal or maybe the noisy waves echoing all along the beach in Konark, this beach attracts its visitors to enjoy and experience the great nature at its best. You can also have some good time with leisurely walks along the beach while observing the sunrise or sunset at the distant horizon.

7. Astaranga Beach:

Astaranga beach is another magical beach in the state of Odisha. The name “Astaranga” translates in the local language means, ‘The colors of the setting sun”. The Astaranga beach colors up the horizon in different shades of red, orange, and yellow, which makes the entire sky look like a canvas of colors with the Sun as a big orange ball disappearing in the sea. The beach with sun-kissed sands along with clear waters has a great charisma that would mesmerize anyone.

8. Pati Sonepur Beach:

The Pati Sonepur beach is delightful in the state of Odisha. The unexplored and untouched beach in the state is a raw temptation to beach-lovers. This beach lies at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal with the River Bahuda. Here, the backwaters separate the mainland of the Sonepur from the sea. Pati Sonepur beach is a solace for everyone who is willing to spend some “Alone time” or special time with someone special.

9. Ramachandi Beach:

Another attractive beach in the state of Odisha is Ramchandi beach. The name of the beach comes from the temple of a Goddess named Ramchandi, which is situated on the beach and a lot of devotees visit this place. It is located about 7 km away from Konark. Ramachandi beach is calmer than many other beaches of Odisha. The row of palm trees on the beach gives the beach a magnificent view.

10. Paradeep Beach:

Paradeep beach is another magical beach of Odisha. This beach lies at the unifying point of the river Mahanadi and the Bay of Bengal. Paradeep beach is an important port of the state of Odisha and it lies on an estuary of the river Mahanadi in Paradeep. This beach is like a heaven for any beach-lover. Visit the beach when you are in Odisha and relax your mind and soul.

11. Baleswara Beach:

Odisha is known for its exclusive beaches spread all around. The Baleswara beach is one of the popular beaches in the states, especially among couples. The scenic location is what attracts people to this beach. It is dotted at the mouth of the stream named Nuanai and along the Puri Konark Marine Drive Road. This is situated by the side of the Bay of Bengal. Just like other beaches in the state of Odisha, Balesware beach is also well-known for captivating tourists and visitors with its alluring sunrise and sunset view.

This beach is filled with silvery sand, greens, and clear blue sky that is the perfect place to visit in Odisha from October to March.

If you love water sports, you can also enjoy some of them at Baleswara beach.

12. Balaramgadi Beach:

Balaramgadi beach is a quiet beach that lies about 3km away from Chandipur. It is the meeting point of Budhabalnga with the Bay of Bengal. This serene beach is away from commercialization. You would admire the beach because this is a calm beach where you can simply sit and enjoy the music of the waves. However, some activities including boating and fishing by the locals can be seen at this beach.

13. Talasari Beach:

If you are looking for some of the best beaches in Odisha then you would find the Talasari beach that is in the district of Baleswar in Odisha. Talasari beach is present on the Nort-Eastern coast of India.

The name “Talasari” is being originated from two words, namely, “Tala” meaning Palm and “Sari” meaning Row, as the beach is flushed with lots of palm trees in rows. Apart from this, “Tala” also means “Rhythm”, which denotes the sea waves that swathe the seashore. The vast stretch of this beach also touches Udaipur beach at the end.

The Talasari beach is also surrounded by cashew and coconut trees and it is also known to be the last beach of the Northeastern coast of Odisha. If you are visiting Odisha, do plan and explore this hidden treasure of the state and experience an amazing beach-experience.

14. Baliharachandi Beach:

This beach is one of the less explored beaches in the state of Odisha. The beauty of Baliharachandi beach makes it worthwhile for an exploration trip. The beach is situated 27 km away from Puri. The picturesque landscape on the sea beach makes it a great destination for any travel and nature enthusiast. The vast stretch encompassing the sandy beach, clean blue sea water, breezy weather, along with magnificent suburbia, make this beach one of the best beaches in Odisha. Baliharachandi beach is thronged with Casuarina trees and this gives a delightful sight to the beach.

This beach is less crowded and away from many other beaches in the state. One can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset on the beach. You can enjoy your time on this beach with your family and friends.

Final Words:

Odisha is renowned for its clean and clear water and beaches that attract many tourists to explore the magical beauty of Eastern India. The beaches of Odisha might not be at the top of the chart on the most popular beaches of India, however, their surprising beauty is definitely something that would leave you with a smile on your face.

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