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Gopalpur Sea Beach - Top Rated Place To Visit In Gopalpur

7 Top-Rated Places To Visit In Gopalpur (2024)

One of the most preferred tourist destinations in the state of Odisha is Gopalpur. You can enjoy a nice 2-3 days trip staying at Gopalpur. The best season to visit this beach-town is during the winters and springs (from November to April). You can enjoy some real relaxing beach-time and pleasant stay in Gopalpur.

7 Top-Rated Places To Visit In Gopalpur:

Let us know about some of the best places to visit in Gopalpur.

1. Gopalpur Sea Beach:

Enjoying the gentle roar of the beautiful sea and the pleasant beach in Gopalpur would take a few of your breaths away. Located on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal, this beach is one of the most luxurious beaches in Odisha. Gopalpur sea beach is famous for being one of the few sites in India, where the Olive Ridley Turtles nest. You can also witness the exotic red crabs strolling on the lonely coast of the beach.

If you love water sports, then Gopalpur has stored lots of options for you. You can enjoy a banana ride, boat ride, speed boat ride, jetski, and many more. Apart from all these water sports, you can also experience the joyful camel and horse ride in the Gopalpur sea beach.

You can also enjoy shopping for things made of cockle shells, and many other shells on the beach-side. If you love to have some street foods, then you have many options to try on the sea beach, including Ghuguni, chat, dahi bara, jhal mudi, and many more.

The Gopalpur beach is also known as “Gopalpur-on-Sea” and has a soothing and calm coast where you can enjoy a great time. The sea beach is also popular for hosting the annual Gopalpur Beach Festival. If you are in Gopalpur during December, you might probably have a chance to witness the grand Beach festival of Gopalpur.

2. Gopalpur Lighthouse:

Gopalpur Lighthouse is one of the most popular landmarks of the Gopalpur sea beach. The lighthouse offers a wonderful view of the entire Gopalpur town and also the azure waters of the Bay Of Bengal. The Gopalpur lighthouse is a very old lighthouse and is maintained by the Odisha tourist department. This lighthouse offers a 360- degree view of Gopalpur, the sea beach, and certain parts of the Chilika Lake. If you are fond of photography then this is a great place to capture some amazing photographs of the Gopalpur sea beach and the town.

3. Mayfair Palm Beach Resort:

Gopalpur city offers you a wide range of stay places, hotels, and resorts. One of the best places to be in Gopalpur is the Mayfair Palm Beach resort. It has a lavish beach-side pool, and a great bar-cum- restaurant that caters with some great entertainment along with delicious food and drinks.

4. Old Jetty:

One of the major attractions in Gopalpur is the ruined Old Jetty along the beach. The remnants of the Old Jetty are a reminder of the fact that how busy this port of Odisha, had been once. This Old jetty was made during the medieval period in Gopalpur beach and is reminiscent of the trade and commerce acts of the State. This Jetty has initiated the journeys of several sailors across the seas to outside countries, like Indonesia and Myanmar.

5. Chilika Lake(Rambha):

Chilika Lake, Rambha is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Gopalpur. If you are in Gopalpur, you should definitely witness this famous Lake of Odisha that is covered with greenery and also has a bird sanctuary.

You can have an amazing experience while boating at this Lake, especially during winters where you can enjoy watching the sunset and the beauty of the Lake.

6. Dhavaleshwar Island:

This island in the River Mahanadi is covered with coconut groves. It is located just 15 kilometers from Gopalpur. The Dhavaleshwar island derives its name from the old Shiva temple located atop the hill of this island. There is even a museum located close to the Shiva temple and it showcases shrines from the 12th century. Dhavaleshwar is also known for its golden beach.

7. Berhampur:

If you are in Gopalpur, you must not forget to visit Berhampur, which lies just 16 kilometers away from the Gopalpur city. If you love to shop then Berhampur has stored various options for you. Berhampur silk sarees are famous in the state of Odisha. There are some nice children’s parks, shopping complexes, restaurants, and known temples in Berhampur where you can visit and spend some nice time while your stay in the place.


So, if you are planning for a visit to Gopalpur, then be known that you must be having an excellent trip here with lots of adventures, photography, and excitements.

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