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Top-Rated Tourist Destinations In Odisha

24 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations In Odisha (2024)

Odisha is a state in East India known for its rich culture and heritage. This Indian state has several ancient temples, multiple beaches, museums, biosphere reserves, and many tourist places. That makes it a must-visit tourist destination in India. Are you planning to visit Odisha? If yes, then read further and discover some of the best tourist destinations in Odisha.

24 Top-Rated Tourist Destinations In Odisha

Odisha is a coastal state in India that offers an excellent architectural wonder of temples and forts. The sun-kissed beaches and pristine lakes make this state one of the top places to visit for nature lovers. Take a look at some of the best tourist destinations in Odisha.

1. Puri:

If you want to explore the great architecture of Odisha, then you must visit Puri and see the Lord Jagannath temple along with many other ancient temples in the town. Puri beach offers you a relaxing vacation by the sea. Puri is one of the Char Dhams in India that hold significance in the Hindu religion. When you are in Puri, you should visit the local bustling markets, especially in the Bada Danda, near Puri Jagannath Temple.

Some of the key attractions in Puri include Puri Jagannath temple, Puri Beach, Gundicha Ghar Temple, Chilika Lake, and Birds Sanctuary. The best time to visit Puri is from July to March.

2. Bhubaneswar:

Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Odisha. Bhubaneswar is known as the Temple City of India because of the numerous temples present in the city. It is also among the best tourist destinations in Odisha. Bhubaneswar is a great example of heritage, history, and urbanization. It is known for its marvelous temples with amazing artwork and architecture, exhilarating caves, and wildlife sanctuaries. Top Tourist Destination In Odisha-Bhubaneswar, Udayagiri and Khandagiri CavesImage Source

Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves, Dhauli hills, Nandan Kanan Zoological Park, Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavations, Bindu Sarovara, Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Lingaraj temple, Brahmeswara, Parasurameswara temple, Mukteswar temple. The best place to visit Bhubaneswar is October to march.

3. Konark:

Konark is famous for the marvelous Konark Sun Temple. It is a hub of ancient art and sculpture and is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha. Konark Sun Temple is one of the 7 wonders of India. The carvings of the temple attract a large number of tourists throughout the year. Apart from the beautiful temples, Konark is known for its serene beach and a wonderful archaeological museum. You should definitely visit Konark if you are an art lover and explore the finest artwork and sculptures of the Sun Temple in Konark.

Sun temple of Konark, Ramachandi and Chandrabhaga Beack, Arhcaeological Musuem are some of the key attractions of this city. The best time to visit Konark is from September to March.

4. Gopalpur:

Gopalpur is a port town in Odisha and is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in the state. It is located on the Bay of Bengal coast and is towards the south of Odisha. Gopalpur sea beach is one of the best beaches in the state. Apart from the Gopalpur sea beach, there are many more beaches near Gopalpur where you can chill and relax. You can enjoy some amazing water sports on the Gopalpur sea beach and take the camel ride and horse ride on the beach.

Key attractions of Gopalpur are Gopalpur sea beach, water sports on the beach, Dhabaleswar beach, and Haripur sea beach. November to February months are the best time to visit Gopalpur.

5. Cuttack:

Cuttack is one of the oldest cities and a popular tourist place in the state of Odisha. It is the business capital of the state and is known more several forts, pilgrim centers, museums, islands, and lakes. Apart from these, Cuttack is also known for its local handicrafts. Silver filigree works or the Tarakasi works of Cuttack are very famous in the state.

Some of the key attractions of Cuttack are Fort Barabati, Mahanadi Barrage, Barabati Stadium, Bhitarakanika Wildlife Sanctuary, Ansupa Lake, and temples of Bhattarika and Singanatha. The best time to visit this place is from July to March.

6. Brahmapur:

Brahmapur is the city on the eastern coastline of the state of Odisha. The city has many temples in it and a lot of tourist attractions are near it. The city is well connected to all other major towns of Odisha through roadways and railways.

Some of the key attractions of Brahmapur include Thakurani temple, Bhairabu Temple, Biju Patnaik Park, Ramlingameswar Park, Tampara Lake, Kedareswar temple, Taratarini temple, Gokuldham, and many more. October to June are the best times to visit Brahmapur.

7. Chilika Lake:

Chilika Lake in Odisha is the largest internal salt-water lake in Asia. This lake is a paradise on Earth for nature lovers and bird watchers. A vibrant variety of birds, including the native and migratory ones, come to this lake every day. Flamingos, white-bellied sea eagles, golden plover, and sandpiper are some of the commonly seen birds in this lake.

The beautiful sunrise and sunset here offer you a great scenic view. The pear-shaped lake is dotted with some small islands and it has fisheries around its shore. The lake also boasts of being one of the two sites in the worlds where the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins can be seen.

Some of the key attractions include Bird Island, Honeymoon Island, Breakfast Island, etc. Visit the Chilika lake to spend a day in nature’s company and enjoy tranquility like never before.

8. Dhauli:

Dhauli is situated on the banks of Daya river and is close to Bhubaneshwar, at a distance of 8 kilometers from the capital city of Odisha. Dhauli has got its significance from the Kalinga war, which is believed to be fought on the Dhauli hill. Shanti Stupa is a famous Stupa here, which attracts tourists from various places. This place is one of the famous tourist places in the state.

Key attractions of Dhauli are Dhauli Shanti Stupa, Kalinga War Battlefield, Dhabaleswar, and CIFA Aquarium. The best time to visit this tourist destintion in Odisha is from July to February.

9. Daringbadi- Kashmir Of Odisha:

If you want to visit a magnificent hill station in Odisha, then nothing could be better than Daringbadi. It is known as the “Kashmir of Odisha” and is a beautiful hill town in the state. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha. You can take a road trip to this hill station and enjoy the scenic view along the way. Brahmapur is the nearest railhead to Daringbadi, from where you can take a cab or bus to the city.

Doluri river, Putidi waterfall, Badangia waterfalls, Dasingbadi waterfall, and Hill View Park are some of the key attractions of Daringbadi. September to May are the best months to visit this hill town of Odisha.

10. Jeypore:

Jeypore is a delightful tourist destination in Odisha, especially for nature lovers. It is known to have picturesque waterfalls, rocky outcrops, and lush green biosphere reserves, The highest peak of Odisha, “Deomali” is in Jeypore and it is one of the most popular picnic spots in the state.

Deomali, Gupteshwar caves, Sunabeda, Duduma falls, Hatipathar, Jagannath Sagar, and Kolab Falls are some of the key attractions of Jeypore. The best time to visit this city is from October to February.

11. Bargarh:

One of the less popular tourist destinations of Odisha, Bargarh has amazing surrounding scenic beauty with wonderful century-old temples. This place is a must-visit place in Odisha and has a great mythological significance as the Gandhamadan Parvat, which has its importance in Hindu epic of Ramayana, is located here.

Some of the key attractions of Bargarh are Chal Dhar waterfall, Gandhamadan, Temples of Nrusinghanath and Kedarnath, and Pampanga Hills. The best time to visit this place is from October to March.

12. Barbil:

Barbil is a lesser known tourist destination in Odisha that is located in the Bank of river Karo in Keonjhar. This place is surrounded by luxuriant forest and it provides breathtaking beauty to the place. You must visit this place if you are fond of nature and scenic beauty.

Some of the key attractions of Barbil are Hawa Mahal, Thakurani Hills, Gonasika, Murga Mahadev Waterfalls, Temples of Shiva and Hanuman, and Uliburu Reserved Forest. The best time to visit the place is from October to March.

13. Paradeep:

Paradeep is one of the famous sea ports of India and it is listed among the best tourist destinations in Odisha. This city is located at the confluence of Bay of Bengal and Mahanadi. The city has some wonderful beaches that provide mesmerizing views to the surroundings.

Some of the key attractions of this city are Paradeep Port, lighthouse, Jhankad, and Gahirmatha Sanctuary and beach. October to February are the best times to visit Paradeep.

14. Rourkela:

Rourkela is one of the largest cities in the state. It is primarily known for the steel plant and is known for industrial growth. However, the city pulls thousands of tourists because of its parks, ancient temples, dams, and waterfalls. You can go for some amazing shopping, trekking, and picnic in Rourkela.

Darjeeng, temples of Vedavyas and Vaishno Devi, Nehru Traffic Park, Mandira Dam, Hanuman Vatika, Pitamahal Dam, Khandadhar Falls, and Badaghara Falls are some of the key attractions of Rourkela. October to March is the best time to visit this city in Odisha.

15. Similipal National Park, Baripada:

Similipal National Park is the largest wildlife sanctuary of India. It is in Mayurbhanj, Odisha. This reflects the natural beauty of Odisha. The National Park is situated in Mayurbhanj. It is considered as one of the important tiger projects in the country. The entire area of Similipal National Park is rich with dense forest, meadows, startling waterfalls, and alluring rivers. The place is blessed with a great biodiversity and huge number of fauna. The Similipal Tiger Reserve has more than 1000 varieties of plants and has around 96 species of orchids. The nearest town to the Similipal Tiger Reserve is Baripada.

You can hire a jeep for a jungle safari and set out into the forest for enjoying the natural beauty while exploring the wilds. You can rest in the rest house, go to the nearby restaurants and enjoy local food here. Best time for visiting this place is from November to June.

16. Sambalpur:

Known for natural splendor and various cultural sites, Sambalpur is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha. The place, houses a number of waterfalls and lush green forests, that attracts nature lovers, photographers, and adventure enthusiasts.

Some of the key attractions of Sambalpur are Hirakud dam, Chiplima, Cattle Island, Samaleswari temple, Huma, Hatibaru, Debrugarh and Ushakothi wildlife sanctuaries, and Vikramkhol. The best time to visit this place is from September to March.

17. Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Tikarapada Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across an area of 795.52 square kilometers and it is one of the most famous places in Odisha. This place rests by the river Mahanadi and is surrounded by the lush green forest and is home to numerous species of birds, wild animals, and plants. You can spot gaurs, tigers, simbal, sloths, gharial, and four-horned antelopes.

The exclusive variety of wildlife, trees, and forests are some of the key attractions of this place. The best place to visit Tikarapada wildlife sanctuary is October to March.

18. Pipili:

Pipili is a small town in Odisha known for its handicraft. The appliqué handicrafts of Pipili are particularly famous in the state. The artisians do a wonderful job with colors and embroidery. If you are in Odisha, visit this town and have a look at the beautiful handicrafts and buy souvenirs from the place.

Colorful bazaars, and beautiful appliqué handicrafts are the key attractions of Pipili. The best time to visit the place is from October to January.

19. Chandipur:

Chandipur is a beautiful place in Odisha. Chandipur beach is one of the most famous beaches of the state. If you are looking for a sea resort, you should visit Chandipur. The place is famous for its seafood like pomfret and prawns. Apart from this, the town is beautiful and quite peaceful. If you love to spend some quality and peaceful time with your loved once, you should visit Chandipur.

Chandipur beach is the key attraction of Chandipur. You can take a walk on the sea shore and collect sea shells, watch turtles, red crabs, and many more marine animals. The best time to visit Chandipur is from November to march.

20. Taptapani Hot Spring:

Taptapani is quite famous in Odisha because of its hot water spring. The hot spring is supposed to have tremendous medicinal attributes and is one of the best tourist spots in the state. Next to the hot spring, there is a pond where people can take bath and take the benefits of the medicinal properties of the Taptapani hot spring.

Hot springs atop a hill that is surrounded by lush green forest cover is the key attraction of this place. The best time to visit Taptapani is from October to March.

21. Baripada:

Baripada is in Mayurbhanj district and is a cultural center of the state. It is richly known for its beautiful art and culture, and is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha. A lot of cinema stars of the Ollywood emerge from this town of Odisha. The town has its very own dance form, known as the “Chau dance”, which is famous all over the world.

Some of the key attractions of Baripada are Shri Jagannath Temple, Maa Ambika Temple, and Mayurbhanj Palace. The best time to visit this town is from October to June.

22. Rayagada:

Rayagada is a district in Odisha, which is famous for its rich history and culture. The local tribal culture in the district is worth experiencing. Apart from many historical places, the handicrafts, handmade products, and delicious cuisine are famous in Rayagada. This is located at the South Eastern border. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Odisha. The heritage of Rayagada belongs to the Mayuran empire.

Key attractions of this place include Majhighariani temple, Maa Markama Temple, etc. October to February is the best time to visit Rayagada.

23. Satakosia Tiger Reserve:

The Satakosia Tiger Reserve is located at a distance of 160 km from Bhubaneswar. The Tiger reserve was built since 1976 and it is a home to many tigers in the moist, deciduous forests of the Eastern Ghats. There are also elephants, birds, and few other animals in this place. You can go for boating and can spot the river-inhabitants being, like the Indian fish-eating crocodile and Gharials. The river Mahanadit passes through a 14 mile long gorge. There are a lot of stay-places near this place. Various lodging options are available, which are operated by the Odisha Forest Development Corporation in Satakosia. You can also see the Kuanria Deer Park and Dam along with the Kantilo Neelamadhav Temple near the Satakosia Tiger Reserve.

24. Roopark Village, Balasore: The Eco-Friendly Resort:

Roopark village is a beautiful resort in Balasore, Odisha. This place is popularly known for its natural beauty and an eco friendly surrounding. If you want to enjoy quality time with the nature, this would be one of your top picks in Odisha. The place offers you beautiful scenic vistas of the lush green lands and mountains, that surrounds the village resort. You can enjoy magnificent sunsets and sunrises while you spend your time in the resort.

The best time to visit this place is from October to March.

Take Away:

So we talked about some of the best tourist destinations in Odisha. What are you waiting for? Pack your bag and plan for an exclusive vacation to this beautiful state with some amazing tourist destinations. We do believe, that you will take lots of memories from this state when you return home from a wonderful vacation.

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