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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Bakersfield And Things To Do When There

7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Bakersfield And Things To Do When There (2024)

Also known as the “Gateway to the Central Valley,” Bakersfield is California’s ninth most populous city and one of the most tranquil as well. The city is known for its raw historical display and a mix of modernization, forming several explorable attractions. Bakersfield is famous for its emerging art and culture scene and is also home to Bakersfield Sound, a popular western music genre. Not just that, the city is also home to several well-known music artists of the country, and if you are a music lover, you will find much to explore and enjoy here.

The city of Bakersfield experiences harsh summers and winters; however, tourism and outdoor exploration seem appropriate year-round. Travelers who are enthusiastic about music, art, & culture and have a particular interest in exploring museums and parks often plan their vacation here at Bakersfield. Hence, if you are also the one amongst them.

7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Bakersfield And Things To Do When There

We have got you a list of 7 Top-rated tourist attractions and things to do in Bakersfield. Have a look:

1. Enjoy at the Lake Ming

Lake Ming is a human-made lake located in the Kern River County Park. The lake is spread over 104 acres and is quite famous for recreational and fun usage. It is primarily used for motor boating and water skiing; however, during the second weekend of each month, sailboats too are allowed. With an authentic fishing license, visitors can even fish here and get their hands on Large-mouth Bass, Bluegill, Carp, Catfish, and Crappie. The lake association also stocks multiple 25 to 30 cm rainbow trout at Lake Ming during winters; however, fishing them isn’t allowed.

On the west side of Lake Ming is a vast 28 acres camping ground with 50 dedicated campsites. Each campsite has fire rings, picnic tables, restrooms, drinking fountains, and dumpsites. Further, on the east side of the lake is another picnic area, right atop a small hill. On the Southeast, you can find a playground followed by a vast parking space nearby. Surrounded by small hills and the Greenhorn Mountains, Lake Ming is one of the most peaceful and loving places to explore in Bakersfield.

2. Experience the Nightlife of Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

Bakersfield is famous for its music affairs, and the Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace proves enough for it. Buck Owens is a combined package of museums, music hall, nightclub, and restaurant and also one of the most popular places to visit in Bakersfield. This fantastic site was founded by Buck Owens, who was the creator of the Bakersfield sound, and thus, at the Museum, you can explore a lot of memorabilia regarding his music career and life.

People who consider themselves as countries’ music fans often visit here during concerts and music performances. Not just the musical shows but drinks and appetizers at the restaurant here are equally delightful and a must-try. For experiencing the nightlife and authentic vibes of Bakersfield, the Crystal Palace is a sight you must not miss.

3. Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre is a historic theatre located in the downtown of Bakersfield city. From the last 92 years of its existence, the Fox Theatre is known for being the number one entertainment avenue in Bakersfield, and thus you will never find it empty. It is famous for the full-blown vintage architecture and interiors, and being here is like taking a walk into the glorious past. 

Fox Theatre today is known for its excellent acoustics, theatrics performances, country concerts, and for showcasing the premier culture of Bakersfield. Indeed, a blast from the past, the theatre building also features several international films from time to time, and thus, if you are an art and film lover, this place is a must-visit for you.

4. Watch a Match at the Sam Lynn Ballpark.

Sam Lynn Ballpark is a historical baseball avenue in Bakersfield that was initially built in the year 1941. The park is still functional for professional games, and the Blaze Franchise has been playing here for about 80 years now. Also, it is one of the only two westerly direction professional baseball parks in the world.

Considering the odd directional setting, games here often start after sunset, probably not before then 7 or 7:30 in the evening. Even though today the spirit of playing here is not as cheerful as it was from the 60s to 80s but the vibe is homely, and you can get back into nostalgia quickly. For an evening hour fun or an unforgettable night out, the Sam Lynn Ballpark is definitely a worthy place.

5. Catch a Show at the Rabobank Arena

Rabobank Arena is a theatre and convention center quite famous in Bakersfield and definitely a place to visit when in Bakersfield. Spread over an area of 70,000 square feet along with multiple thousand seats, it is considered the most significant event facility in Bakersfield. Today, the Arena is famous for holding various events like Opera, Orchestra, musical nights, concerts, circus, ice hockey, wrestling, boxing, along with professional meetups and promotional affairs.

Rabobank Arena is mainly filled with the crowd during special events, and grabbing a seat here can become quite tricky. Tickets are priced quite affordable, and for excellent services, along with great food and drinks, there’s nothing more to ask for.

6. Stroll at the Kern River Parkway trail

Bakersfield is known for its excellent outdoor settings, and the Kern River Parkway trail is counted amongst the popular ones in the city. There are two separate trails on either side of the park. The one at the south end is popular for non-motorized usage and known by the name Joggers trail, whereas the other that runs from Alfred Harrell Highway is used for motorized access and is known by the name Biking trail. Both these scenic routes by the Kern River are pretty popular for recreational activities in the city, and you can head here for a peaceful walk or a quick cycle ride.

All the way by Enos Lane, covering the river route and then ending into the heart of the park, walking down the Parkway trail is a great way to explore and enjoy the local experience. Also, if you are here during the springs, make sure you do pay a visit here.

7. Visit the Big Red Barn, Murray Family Farms

Murray Family Farms is an actual working farm and one of the most popular places in Bakersfield amongst the locals. Apart from a working farm, it has multiple shopping stops, great local restaurants, fun gaming centers, and several other spots for entertainment. Big Red Barn is famous for growing some of the tastiest fruits in the world, including 12 varieties of cherries, several citrus fruits, and the juiciest apples.

Here you can shop for a vast selection of baked goods, honey, BBQ sauces, purest Jams and Jellies, pies, and multiple other snacks. You can also take a pre-booked farm tour where you can even pick fruits directly from the tree and take them back along. The tremendous outdoor seating here, along with the magnificent mountain views, adds even more beauty to the sight.

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