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Galtaji Temple in Khania-Balaji

Visit Galtaji Temple in Khania-Balaji: History, Legend, Architecture, Timings, Entry Fee, Best Time to Visit (2024)

When talking about the top sightseeing attractions to visit in Jaipur, one can probably not miss out on mentioning the Galtaji Temple. Well known for being a quaint religious spot, this temple is located approximately 10 km from the main city of Jaipur in a small town known as Khania – Balaji. Located on the outskirts of the regal pink city, a visit to this prehistoric Hindu pilgrimage site will be an extraordinarily overwhelming experience, especially if you a true Hindu devotee. Want to know more about this gem of a temple? If yes, then continue reading because we have collected some important information about the Galtaji Temple just for you!

Overview of the Galtaji Temple, Khania – Balaji

Surrounded by the mighty Aravalli hills, Galtaji temple is one striking prehistoric Hindu pilgrimage site in Jaipurconsisting of a series of shrines, grand pavilions, natural springs and holy kunds. Owing to its glorious past, rich religious significance and architectural brilliance, the temple deserves the right be considered as one of the top tourist places to visit in Jaipur. Situated right at the heart of a hilly terrain the temple is blessed with a beautiful gorge which manages to attract the attention of a huge crowd of travellers from far and away every year. Bounded by thick plush trees and lush green bushes, the striking structure of the temple nestled in natural beauty makes it a spellbinding sight to watch. Galtaji Temple in Khania-Balaji

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Constructed more or less like a grand palace, you can see that the walls of the Galtaji temple are decorated with beautiful paintings and intricate carvings which makes it a pleasure for travellers to explore, especially if you are an art lover. It is the scenic and gorgeous natural beauty of the temple featuring rich green vegetation and spectacular views of the pink city, which further intensifies the extraordinary charm of the place. Another interesting thing for which the temple is widely known is for the different tribes of monkeys that can be found in and near the temple complex.

History and Legend of the Galtaji temple, Khania – Balaji

The magnificent Galtaji Temple traces its origin long back in history to the early 16th century. It is believed that the striking pink sandstone structure of the temple was built by Diwan Rao Kriparam who was a courtier of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. Since the time of its establishment, this temple has time and again proved to be a safe haven for the puritans belonging to the Ramnandi sect and the those who come under the occupation of the Jogis. While there are many legends and myths regarding the origins of the temple, but all of them combine to make this one of the most spectacular sightseeing attractions of Jaipur. There is a common legend surrounding the temple among people, according to which, it is said that the great Saint Galtav spent all his life performing a Tapasaya which is known to have lasted for a hundred years, at this sacred site. Pleased by his devotion and sincerity, the Gods appeared before him and blessed the place where he worshipped with copious water. Thereby, it was in order to venerate this great saint that the Galtaji temple was constructed and was even named after him. According to some other legend, it is believed that some sections of the holy Ramcharitra Manas were also written at the very same location of the temple by the great Tulsidas.

Architecture of the Galtaji Temple, Khania – Balaji

Built using pink color sandstone, this vast temple complex boasts of a unique architecture. Situated amidst the stunning natural landscape of thick plush tress, lush bushes and Aravalli hills in the background, the spectacular Galtaji temple is believed to have been designed to look more like a grand haveli or a royal palace. In other words, the architectural style of the temple is in contrast to that of a traditional temple. Among the many natural freshwater springs and seven holy kunds or water tanks that the Galtaji temple houses, the Galta Kund is the most popular one. This is because, the Galta Kund is considered to be holiest and is known to ever dry out. Gaumukh is a rock shaped like a cow’s head from which pure and clear water flows into the tanks. It is another major attraction of the temple. 

Apart from being a home to an array of shrines and holy kunds, this pre – historic Hindu pilgrimage site in Jaipuralso boasts of housing temples of Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama within its huge complex. Further talking about the architecture of this remarkable structure, you will be pleased to know that the temple building is decked up with round roofs, mighty pillars and elegantly painted walls. Located inside the City palace, another thing worth mentioning about the appearance of the temple is that the walls of the huge temple complex adorn several beautiful intricate carvings and stunning paintings. All in all, it is actually a treat for the eyes to explore this incredible temple in Jaipur.

Opening Hours of the Galtaji Temple, Khania – Balaji

The Galtaji temple gets open for public visitors right from the early morning hours and remain open until late evening hours. Interested devotees can visit the temple anytime from 5 AM till 9 PM for puja or darshan. You will be pleased to know that the temple doors remain open for visitors on all days of the week. On an average, a visitor spends about 1 to 2 hours for completely exploring the place. If you want to admire the natural beauty and brilliant architecture of the temple, then it is recommended to have some extra time in hand.

Entry Fee of the Galtaji temple, Khania – Balaji

When a sightseeing attraction is as unique, beautiful and incredible as Galtaji temple, it is natural for any first – time traveller to be worried about heavy entry fees. However, the best part about visiting this place is that despite being one of the top tourist places to visit in Jaipur, there is absolutely no entry fee in Galtaji Temple. In other words, you can explore the temple absolutely for free. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that while entry is free but if you wish to capture some scenic photographs within the temple premises, then you have to pay a meagre additional charge of Rs. 50.

Best Time to Visit the Galtaji Temple, Khania – Balaji

The Galtaji Temple with its unique architectural style and interesting past manages to catch the attention of a wide range of people from all over the country. This popular religious sightseeing attraction in Jaipur receives devotees throughout the course of the year. However, those of you who are searching for the best time to visit the Galtaji temple, then it will probably in the months of February and March or from October till December. This is because, during these months, the weather here is pleasant enough for sightseeing and exploration activities. However, like the rest of the state, the place experiences comparatively hot and dry summers which can make your trip a bit uncomfortable, hence it is best to avoid this season. Many travellers and pilgrims prefer visiting the Galtaji temple during the month of January, on the occasion of the Makar Sakranti festival. It is believed that taking a dip in the holy waters of the kund during this time can be especially auspicious. For the best experience, it is suggested that you visit the temple during the evening hours as not only will you get to witness some remarkable views but watch a fascinating scene of monkeys flocking towards the temple too. 

How to Reach the Galtaji Temple, Khania – Balaji?

Those of you who are worrying about reaching the Galtaji temple, can finally take a sigh of relief because this temple is one of the top tourist places to visit in Jaipur and is pretty easily – accessible via multiple means of transport. Some of the best ways to reach the Galtaji temple are as follows:

  1. By Air: The nearest airport to reach the Galtaji temple is the Sanganer Airport. The airport is located at a distance of just 10 km from the temple complex. Once your reach the airport, you can easily take a cab or hire a taxi to reach the temple.
  2. By Rail: The nearest railway station to reach the Galtaji temple is the Bais Godam railway junction. This railway station is located at a distance of just about 1 km from the temple. You can take any public means of transport from the railway station to reach the temple.
  3. By Road: Plenty of deluxe as well as state – run buses are available from various cities to reach Jaipur. Once you reach Jaipur, you can easily take a cab or hire a taxi to reach the temple as it is located just 10 km away from the main Jaipur city.

Be it the subtle chanting of religious hymns and mantras, the stunning natural setting or the peaceful aura, almost every aspect of the Galtaji temple makes it worthy of being known as one of the top religious spots in Jaipur.

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