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Best Restaurants You Must Try In Gangtok

10 Restaurants You Must Try In Gangtok (2024)

Imagine sitting amidst the verdant valleys with the mesmerizing clear blue sky on the top while you eat the most scrumptious delicacies. Sounds breathtaking right? Well, you might be thinking that it’s just a dream, but you will be enlightened to note that it can happen in Gangtok! This amazing destination is packed with abundant surprises for its tourists at every step. One of these surprises is none other than the delectable cuisines here. There is a whole array of best restaurants you must try in Gangtok and the food there doesn’t reach your tummy, it reaches your heart. The dishes in Gangtok would satiate your hunger and bless your taste buds in the finest possible manner.

If you are a foodie and looking forward to knowing more about the best restaurants to try in Gangtok, we are here for you! Not only the food, but the hospitality they showcase is out of this world. Have a look at the whole list and try out these restaurants during your next trip to Gangtok!

1. Roll House:

Are you extensively searching for a budget restaurant in Gangtok? If yes, then the Roll House is going to be a perfect escapade for you. You cannot consider it wholly as a restaurant since it’s more like a kitchenette that serves the tastiest rolls. You would never settle for less once you have tasted the scrumptious rolls here. Whether you want the rolls stuffed with paneer, chicken, mutton or vegetables- the choice is all yours!

Don’t miss out: Mushroom momos, Chilly paneer cheese roll and Maggi momos.

Roll House Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
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2. Taste of Tibet:

If you want to try out the best momos and thukpa of the city, you can enjoy them at the very famous Taste of Tibet. It has got multiple features which have always provided it with the tag of being one of the best restaurants you must try in Gangtok. Travellers from all across the globe flocking to Gangtok never miss out this amazing eatery. You can hang out with your friends and chill with your travel mates! It is surely the best place to have the most delectable Tibetan food at affordable prices.

Don’t miss out: Beef momos, Thukpa and Chicken momos.

Taste of Tibet Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
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3. Parivar Restaurant:

Are your taste buds craving for some South as well as North Indian cuisines? If yes, then you can give a shot to the commendable Parivar Restaurant. Its authentic and quite flavourful dishes would make your heart skip a beat! Consume the yummy dosas and the tasty paneer tikkas belonging to this restaurant. Apart from that, the best thing about this eatery is none other than its affordable pricing. Thus, if you want to stop your search for one of the best restaurants to try in Gangtok, head towards the Parivar Restaurant.

Don’t miss out: South and North Indian cuisines.

Parivar Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
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4. Baker’s café:

The street in the MG Marg is dotted with an array of restaurants as well as cafes. One of these amazing eateries is none other than Baker’s Café. It is recognized amongst the best restaurants you must try in Gangtok especially due to its freshly-baked cakes. You can satiate your sweet tooth cravings by the sweet eatables present here. Enjoy the local tea here while spending a perfect afternoon encompassed by the gorgeous hills! Nothing could be better than such an experience.

Don’t miss: Cinnamon rolls.

Baker’s café Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
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5. Mu Kimchi:

Try out the finest eatery in Gangtok with a Korean touch! Yes, you read it right. While being at the Mu Kimchi, you are going to be facilitated with a perfect ambience. The classic vibes accompanied by this restaurant speak on behalf of the whole positivity that lies here! This place would make you experience the rich aura marked by the existence of some woven wicker lamps. You would just stay stunned with the kind of perfect aura present in the restaurant along with stunning hospitality.

Don’t miss: Sea weed soup, Bulgogi set and Kimbap.

Mu Kimchi Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok

6. Thakali:

Anyone who is interested in experiencing a soothing ambience while consuming the finest traditional cuisine can try out Thakali. This cuisine belongs to the Thak-Khola Valley’s people, and your investment here is undoubtedly worth it! You can’t just love this place for food; instead, the cocktails served by this restaurant are amazing. Some such cocktails are the Sex on the Beach and the Irish Monk. With the prevalence of such features, Thakali has been tagged as one of the best restaurants to try in Gangtok.

Don’t miss: Pork Cholia and Aloo tareko.

Thakali Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
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7. Masala Restaurant:

If you want to feel like home, head towards the amazing Masala Restaurant. It has got a natural setting that would make you feel like you are staying at home. The specialization of this eatery lies in serving the best Chinese and Indian cuisines, that too at an affordable price. If you think to skip this eatery from your list, make sure you plan it before trying out the dum aloo here! This dish would never let you take off from this restaurant.

Don’t miss: Dum aloo.

Masala Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
Image Source

8. Infinity Futsal Arena:

Make some noise for the very lively Infinity Futsal Arena if you are a football lover. The Futsal Arena would fill up your heart with utmost satisfaction since here you are going to have the stunning lofty hills on one side. Enjoy some good food, along with the unbelievable football match screenings. Also, there are many futsal tournaments that keep on taking place for visitors to enjoy the whole experience. Whether you are just foodie, just a football lover or both- this place is all yours!

Don’t miss: Tiramisu Martini

Infinity Futsal Arena Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
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9. Osm Restro & Louge:

Spend some time with your friends while enjoying the lip-smacking meals served by none other than Osm Restro & Louge. Here, you are not only going to eat some of the best dishes in town but also knit a bundle of memories! A haven especially for the foodies, every delicacy is best here. Try out and engage in the heavenly feeling by the cocktail drink Vompom here. This restaurant is highly recommended by a good number of people who had been here before. It is a perfect halt point for the tourists who are looking for some delightful meals after a long day of touring around.

Don’t miss: Noodles, Fried chicken rice, Kadhai murgha and Dal Makhni

Restro & Louge Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok
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10. Café Live & Loud

If music is something that sets up your good mood, you can listen to it at Café Live & Loud. It is the first and foremost live music club marking its existence in the North East. This place is undoubtedly a ‘must-visit’ for the live club lovers. Majority of the city shuts down by 9 pm but, this eatery serves delicious food till 11:30 pm. Thus, it has been given the name of the best ‘late-night hangout place’ for those who are searching for some good food and good music. Your trip to Gangtok shall surely remain unfulfilled if you have not tried out the food and experienced the lively aura of the Café Live & Loud.

Don’t miss: Pork ribs served along with the oriental sauce.

Café Live & Loud Restaurant You Must Try In Gangtok

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While paying a visit to the above-mentioned best restaurants in Gangtok, you are surely going to gain a bundle of memories. Also, they would just make your vacation in this place more charming and delightful. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you are going to get a favourable culinary experience. It’s unbelievable that Gangtok acts as a sheath to so many restaurants and bakeries which are making it a hub for foodies as well.

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