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Best Places to Shop in Pelling

Best Places to Shop in Pelling & What To Buy While Shopping in Pelling (2024)

With its mighty mountains and the picturesque beauty, Pelling has been maintaining a special place in the hearts of every traveler. It has started gaining immense popularity lately, and once you explore it, you would never want to turn around. You will fall in love with scenic beauty as well as the notable serene charm. Well, not only a single factor, but there are many other factors that prove it as an irresistible place. One such factor is the whole array of best shopping places in Pelling.

These marketplaces in Pelling have got a good number of things belonging to the Sikkimese culture. They are made by the impeccable artistic work of the artists associated with this winsome destination. If you are a shopaholic person who is just intending to know more about the shopping centers in Pelling then do read this content. We have presented a whole list of best shopping places in Pelling and what to buy so that you get a chance to take back the best memories and souvenirs from this amazing place.

Best Places to Shop in Pelling

Let us inform you about the best places to shop in Pelling and also what all you can buy from these crowded areas:

1. Lama Tenzing Wandak Place

On asking about the whole list of best shopping places in Pelling, it would commence with Lama Tenzing Wandak Place. This marketplace is situated right beside the notable Hotel Sonamchen. While being here, you are going to get some amazing time during the purchase of many handmade Tibetan Thangkas and the other products. Apart from that, it’s quite noteworthy that the pricing of each and every product here is affordable.

Lama Tenzing Wandak Place Best Places to Shop in Pelling

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What to buy: Touristic souvenirs, Tibetan carpets, many artefacts, and Tibetan Thangkas

2. Geyzing Bazaar

Located at a distance of only 10km from Pelling, Geyzing Bazaar is one of the most prominent shopping places in Pelling. Its establishment was facilitated more than 100 years ago, and that makes it the oldest place in Pelling. A monk belonging to the Pemayangtse Monastery established this market, and it is now serving as the common shopping space for the rural people there. Here, you are going to witness every type of shop, so you can expect the existence of almost every product.

What to buy: Rice, vegetables, Tibetan carpets, wall hangings, and Sikkim Tea.

3. Rural Artisan Marketing Center

Apart from the two markets mentioned above, the third most crucial shopping hub in Pelling is none other than the Rural Artisan Marketing Center. It acts as a sheath to various traditional costumes as well as many crafts stores. Not only this, but there are also many organic products such as the cardamoms, walnuts, and the Tibetan tea sold here at affordable rates. You will love the presentation of so many Buddhist handcrafted items here that hail with an unexplainable beauty.

Rural Artisan Marketing Center Best Places to Shop in Pelling

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What to buy: Walnuts, Cardamoms, Tibetan tea, Tibetan prayer flags, and Lepcha weave shawls.

What To Buy While Shopping In Pelling:

When it comes to discussing the innumerable things which you can buy while shopping in Pelling, the list shall go endless! It’s because, unlike the small size of this town, the things are available in so many options. Thus, if you intend to, you can surely buy the finest collection of things from here. Do you want to know what these are? If yes, then you can have a look at the array of things mentioned below:


You might have heard a lot about Thangkas lately! It’s because these are considered to be one of the most famous items in Pelling. They are the colourful and very attractive miniature paintings that can be used as home décor! These paintings serve the intention of depicting the whole story related to the life events associated with God Buddha. They are made out of cotton and silk materials! You shall also come across some Thangkas crafted out of paper. These are affordable and shall serve as the finest gifting option for you.

Wall Hangings:

One of the most vital home décor items sold in Pelling, wall hangings are grabbing the attention of every tourist with their beauty. The majority of them are handmade, and the Sikkimese artists have put on their best artistic skills on them. Their cost is reasonable, and you can get them at the cost of INR 150 to INR 200. We would recommend you to purchase them from the credible vendors.

Wall Hangings Buy While Shopping In Pelling
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Tibetan Masks:

Do you want to make your appearance a bit more vibrant and colorful? If yes, then you can try out the creative Tibetan Masks sometimes! Apart from that, you can also use them as a home décor item. Each one of them is known to exhibit the overall cultural beauty associated with Sikkim. These are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose any out of them according to your choice! Try it out, and you are surely going to get the best Tibetan Masks here!

Tibetan Masks Buy While Shopping In Pelling

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Local Liquor:

Aren’t you just bored with the common sips of beer and alcohol at some bars in your city? If yes, then you can try out the local liquor in Pelling. It is made up of orange, ginger, paan, and cardamom. Thus, you must definitely give it a shot since an authentic and refreshing taste accompanies it! Everyone can enjoy it since it is quite mild and won’t hurt you in any sense.

Local Liquor Buy While Shopping In Pelling

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Have you ever heard about Choksee? It is a Tibetan table that is used to depict a good number of traditional paintings done on it. These designs are quite beautiful, and they act as an illustration of the finest Sikkimese culture. It plays the best role if you start using it as home décor. Pelling is famous all across the world for Choksee as well, and so, while being here, you will witness this product in many shops.

Choksee Buy While Shopping In Pelling

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Jams and Juices:

Well, enough talking about the home décor items, let’s talk something about eatables! Pelling is also majorly renowned for its jams, juices, marmalades as well as jams. If you are present in Pelling, you should never forget to pick up some jars of delicious jams and juices. You can either take them to gift someone or buy them with the intention of self-consumption. These would satiate your taste buds in the finest possible manner.

Jams and Juices Buy While Shopping In Pelling

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Jewelry and Precious Stones:

Whether you are a tourist in Pelling or a local here, you will always stay fond of the jewelry items, and precious stones present here. There are so many colour options available for these items, and you can opt for any out of them! You can gift them to a female family member of yours, and she would definitely love the present. So, if you are fond of such things, Pelling would surely satisfy you.

There are so many things that you can buy from the shopping hubs in Pelling! The ones listed by us above are highly favored, and so, we thought of sharing the same with you. So, if you are a shopping spree and your eyes get some retreat on seeing the products in the markets, visit the amazing markets in Pelling. Apart from the presents mentioned here, there are many other options prevalent in these places. They include the prayer flags, Sikkimese teacups, Tibetan carpets, and many others!

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