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HavMor Restaurant

5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Pelling (2024)

Pelling is a unique destination, and what makes it distinct is its unspoiled beauty! While being here, you would never want to take a step back and move towards your home. The place has a mesmerizing aura that is more than enough to fill your heart with refreshment and mind with peace. There are so many things to visit and try out in Pelling! This includes the amazing culinary experience associated with this heart-stealing destination.

Ever wondered what would it feel like when you are eating the best food while sitting amidst the mighty hills? Well, that’s what exactly feels like when you are in this heavenly place. Eating in Pelling would facilitate you with a delightful and satisfactory feeling altogether. Thus, there are a good number of best restaurants to try in Pelling, and each one of them would first reach your heart and then your tummy! People from various nooks and corners come to these restaurants for trying out the rich delicacy of Pelling. Its mouth-watering food would grab all your attention, and the memories would just stay in your mind for a lifetime.

On having a look at this content, you would have by now got too anxious to know more about the best restaurants to try in Pelling. These eateries are majorly renowned, and so, you would never leave dissatisfied once you wipe off your hunger. Read on more regarding them below:

1. Melting Point Restaurant:

Melting Point Restaurant

Your heart will melt while having the taste of the delicacies present here! The Melting Point Restaurant is considered to be an eatery that promises you a relaxing and exciting place on the whole. Here, you are surely going to attain a sense of unwinding your soul. Apart from that, the plus point of this restaurant is that you will enjoy the delectable taste of its food at a cheaper cost. Yes, you read it right! The cost of the dishes served here is inexpensive, and thus, it’s not at all going to give any strains to your pockets.

Don’t miss out: Thukpas, Momos and Aloo ka Parantha.

2. Kabur:

Kabur Restaurant

Whenever you ask anyone about the best restaurants to try in Pelling, the list wouldn’t complete without the mentioning of Kabur. This eatery has got a wonderful atmosphere packed with a cosy feeling in it. If you want to gain the best experience, you can pay a visit to this eatery during the night. You will love this place during the night time since it is filled with candles, half-lit globe lamps and other décor items. Apart from that, you shall get speechless on seeing the awe-inspiring views from its balcony. Also, the whole place would never give you any issues when it comes to the cost. It’s because the dishes here have got the best and most affordable prices.

Don’t miss out: Chicken curry, momos, Thukpa and Tibetan Garlic Bread.

3. Newa Grill:

Newa Grill Restaurant

Newa Grill is an inviting multi-cuisine restaurant located in Pelling that would let your taste buds feel like never before! You would have tried out a whole bunch of restaurants till now, but nothing could beat the dishes served here. It has got a wide range of recipes on its Indian as well as International menu. The ambience of this eatery is undoubtedly opulent, and you would love the spectacular mountains visible from here. You can rely on its best beverages, which would give you an unwinding experience. Apart from that, you can also head towards the lounge bar where you can have fun and some sips of the best alcohol in town.

Don’t miss out: Everything on the menu stands out!

4. HavMor:

HavMor Restaurant

If you want to experience the richness of food from a budgeted restaurant in Pelling, feel free to hit up the HavMor. This eatery would transform your experience into a fun-filled one while you are engaged in the taste of its dishes. A souvenir counter accompanies it! While asking anyone about this restaurant, they will always describe it as a place to have the best masala dosas. The overall ambience of this place is lively, and you would love spending your time here whether you are present with your family, your other half or travel mates. With such a huge variety of dishes to choose from, you are surely going to get confused about what to eat and what not!

Don’t miss out: Varieties of Dosa.

5. Lotus Bakery:

Lotus Bakery

While moving towards or from Pemayangtse, your journey will not at all stay ‘worth it’ if you stop at the Lotus Bakery. It is the finest eatery where you can be facilitated with the best refreshments in the town. The lovely Lotus Bakery would give you the highly affordable and quite tasty eating options. It’s more like a café where you can have some yummy light food! It is best for breakfast and is accompanied by the seating facilities. It is small, sweet, and cozy space for everyone who wants to spend some quality time with their travel mates! If you a dire fan of desserts and tea, nothing can be better than the praiseworthy Lotus Bakery. It is considered to be the only bakery in Pelling, and that’s one of the reasons it is unique!

Don’t miss out: Tea and Pastries.

The whole list of the best restaurants to try in Pelling is endless! However, the ones mentioned above are the finest ones. Each one of them has attained 4-5 stars rating online, and so, you can easily rely on their perfection! They are known for their perfect ambiance, breathtaking views of the mighty mountains and the serene environment.

Are you thinking about which one to try out of these? Well, we recommend you to try all of them since choosing anyone would be a complex decision. Whenever you are present in Pelling, do not forget to indulge yourself in the enjoyable culinary tour of this place! You would love each and every bit of the tour while satiating your hunger and getting the best experiences never felt before. Happy eating!

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