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Road in Masinagudi

Masinagudi : A Famous Tourist Destination In Tamil Nadu (2024)

Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state in India and Masinagudi is a small hill town located in this state. This small hill town is a famous tourist destination in Tamil Nadu that gives tourists ample scope to explore the natural beauty and enjoy wildlife photography. Let us read more to know about this wonderful place in the Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu, India.

Know – About Masinagudi

Masinagudi is a small yet famous hill town located one hour away from Ooty. If you love to experience the bliss of nature and wildlife then nothing could be a better place than Masingudi in Tamil Nadu. Many wildlife photographers and nature lovers visit this place and enjoy their time taking great pictures and exploring its beauty.

Road in Masinagudi

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Masinagudi has become quite famous among tourists because of its stunning landscape, verdant forests, magnificent waterfalls, and exciting opportunities, such as wildlife safari, jungle resort stay, camping, boating, nature walks, fishing, photography, and much more. This amazing hill town in Tamil Nadu is known for the famous Moyar River, Mudumalai National Park, Teppakadu Elephant Camp, Maravakandy Dam, Pykara Falls, and much more.

Best Time To Visit Masinagudi

Masinagudi has a tropical climate. The best time to visit this hill town is from October to May when you can enjoy the best of nature. Do not visit during April as during this time Masinagudi is the warmest of the year.

Best Places To Visit In Masinagudi

1. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit in Masinagudi. This is the first national park in South India and was founded in 1940. This wildlife sanctuary was declared a tiger reserve and is home to Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, and many other wild animals. You can find several varieties of flora too. If you are a nature lover, you should not miss out on this place.

2. Moyar River

One more major attraction of Masinagudi is the Moyar river. This is situated at a distance of 7 km from the hill town. You can enjoy fishing, boating, and camping here. This river passes through Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and thus you can spot numerous birds and animals in this region. Do not forget to take some amazing photographs when you are here.

3. Maravakandy Dam

Maravakandy dam, built-in 1951 is a wonderful place to take some exciting pictures. This dam is surrounded by lush green beauty that makes it one of the favorite places for nature lovers and photographers. Maravakandy dam is the primary water resource for the hydroelectric powerhouse that is built nearby.

4. Theppakadu Elephant Camp

Theppakadu Elephant Camp is another significant attraction of Masinagudi. This is the home to numerous pachyderms and thus invites wildlife lovers. This Elephant Camp was a training ground for tuskers since its establishment in 1972. With an excellent scope of safari on elephants, this place will surely bring a unique experience in your life that would remain with you forever. So, do not skip this place when you are in Masinagudi.

5. Nilgiri Tea Plantation

Masinagudi is also famous for its lush green tea plantation. You can find numerous regions here with tea plantations. The best part of visiting here is you get a chance to take a stroll amidst the fields with the aroma of tea around. This would be a fun and exciting experience for you as you can also learn about the working process of tea production.

Things To Do In Masinagudi

You can get involved with lots of things in Masinagudi. Some of the best activities that can be done here are listed below.

1. Go On A Wildlife Safari

Your trip to Masinagudi is not worth it without a wildlife safari. You can explore the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and the Bandipur National Park with a wildlife safari. You can find jeeps and van safaris organized by the Government that can be taken to explore the wildlife.

2. Enjoy Bird Watching

One of the best things that can be done in Masinagudi is bird watching. You will spot numerous beautiful birds here. Some of the notable bird species that can be found here are Yellow-Crowned woodpecker, Hawk Eagle, etc.

3. Tour Through The Beautiful Hamlets

You can take a tour through innumerable hamlets in Masinagudi that are scattered all around. Moyar village, and the village of Bokkapuram, are some of the villages that you should explore.

4. Spend Time Strolling Amidst Nature

Who does not love nature walk? And, when you are in Masinagudi, you have a great scope to enjoy strolling amidst nature and spending some peaceful time.

5. Shop The Little Things

You can shop different homemade chocolates, dry fruits, local tea, medicated oils, and also winterwear from this small hill town. Moreover, you can also take home some bamboo wood art, calendars, and local wild honey from the market close to the National Park in Bandipur.

Where To Stay In Masinagudi?

Masinagudi is a nature-blessed hill town in Tamil Nadu and is an ideal destination for families, friends, and couples in general. Accommodation will not be a problem in Masinagudi. There are several deluxe, medium, and budget hotels and resorts to stay in and around Masinagudi. Some of the best places where you can stay are listed below.

Deluxe Range Stay Places :

Jungle Hut ( Bokkapuram )

Address : Bokkapuram, Masinagudi, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu- 643223

Phone : 09787633433

Greenwoods Nature Camp ( Mollapalli )

Address : Greenwoods Nature Camp, 3/136, Molapally, Thorapally, Mudumalai, Nilgiris, Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu 643211

Phone : 09620401689

Bamboo Banks Farm ( Masinagudi )

Address : Masinagudi, Achakarai Road, Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu- 643223

Phone : 09443373201

Casa Deep Woods( Bokkapuram Village)

Address : Bokkapuram Village, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu-643223

Phone : 04232526391

Jungle Retreat ( Bokkapuram )

Address : Bokkapuram, Masinagudi, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu 643223

Phone : 09787633433

Medium To Budget Hotels in Masinagudi

Gauri Farms ( Thottamoola )

Address : GF4X+V62, Totamulla Road, Chembakolli, Tamil Nadu- 643212

Phone : 09488975311

Hotel GGT Grand ( Chevidipet )

Address : Mysore Road, Gudalur, Tamil Nady-643212

Phone : 04262261690

Places To Eat In Masinagudi

You can find a lot of places to eat in Masinagudi. Starting from tea stalls, and street food stalls, to some of the finest restaurants, are available here. Below are some of the restaurants where you can eat some good food in Masinagudi.

1. Navaruchi

Address : Masinagudi Road, Off. Mysore- Ooty Road, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 643223

2. Safari Garden Restaurant

Address :  HJ9P+MQH, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 643223

3. Dream Land Restaurant & Bakes

Address : Ooty Main Road, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 643223

4. Drive-In Café

Address : GMXF+HQ9, Ooty Main Road, Mavanalla, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 643223

How To Reach Masinagudi?

Masinagudi can be easily reached from nearby places like Ooty, Coimbatore, etc. Udagamandalam aka Ooty railway station is the nearest railway station, Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport, and the nearest major city from Masinagudi is Coimbatore.

Reaching Masinagudi Via Airway: The nearest airport to Masinagudi is the Coimbatore International Airport, located at a distance of 123 km from the place. You can hire a private cab from the airport to reach Masinagudi.

Reaching Masinagudi Via Railway: Udagamandalam is the closest railway station to this small town in Tamil Nadu, and the station is just 20 km away. However, only four trains are available. So, you can look for other options like traveling to Coimbatore Junction by train or to Mysore Junction and then hiring a cab to reach Masinagudi.

Reaching Masinagudi Via Roadway: Reaching Masinagudi via roadway is quite easy because it is well connected through TNSTC or Tamil Nadu State Road Transport Corporation and different private cab services. You can reach this hill town easily from Ooty( 29 km), Coonoor( 49 km), Mysore( 90 Km), and Bangalore (237 km) quite easily.

Some FAQs Related To Masinagudi

Is It Safe To Travel In Masinagudi?

Driving in Masinagudi is a difficult task and one needs to have good driving skills to ride or drive in this place. However, if we consider the destination just for travel, stay, and exploration, it is pretty safe and peaceful.

What Is Masinagudi Famous For?

Masinagudi is known for elephant safari, wildlife safari, and its rich flora and fauna. If you want to witness the beauty of nature and explore the best of wildlife in India then Masinagudi is an ideal place for you.

What Should You Eat In Masinagudi?

When you are in Masinagudi, try our local cuisine here. Try out cups of plantation tea, and taste Chicken Chettinad and Kozhi Varutharachu. You can also taste veggie stew and pastries from here. Masinagudi is also known for chocolates, pink coconut burfis, peaches, and strawberries.

What Can You Shop From Masinagudi?

You can take home some exotic spices, tea, and eucalyptus oil from Masinagudi. Moreover, you can also buy some handcrafted items from the tribal people of this town in Tamil Nadu. You can also purchase local mangoes and jackfruits from this place.

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