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Birla Mandir - Find Solace At This Temple in Telangana

Find Solace At These 9 Temples in Telangana (2024)

After being formed in 2014, Telangana has been attracting thousands of visitors from different parts of the country with its rich historical and cultural heritage. The legacy of the different dynasties that have ruled the state in the past is evident from the places of worship here. Being an exemplary exhibition of grandeur, the temples in the state are worth visiting during your trip to Telangana. Here is a list of the temples that you must visit during your stay in Telangana.

Find Solace At These 9 Temples in Telangana

1. Chilkur Balaji Temple

Popularly known as the Visa Balaji temple, Chilkur Balaji is one of the most popular temples in Telangana. Located approximately 25 km away from Hyderabad, this temple is dedicated to Lord Balaji and known for being one of the most influential temples here. It is called Visa Balaji Temple because many locals come here to seek blessings so that their visa for western countries get approved. During your visit here, you will get to hear many stories from the locals here. Many devotees believe that Lord Balaji here fulfills a wish once you make 11 successful pradakshanas or circumambulations. Constructed in the 14th century, it also enjoys the reputation of being one of the oldest temples in the region. Most of the devotees come here on Fridays and Saturdays.

Location: Chilkur Balaji Temple Rd, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075, India

Timing: 5 AM to 8 PM

2. Birla Mandir

Located on the Hill Fort Road in Hyderabad, Birla Mandir is one of the most visited temples in Telangana. Attracting devotees from the different parts of the country, this temple is known for being a true architectural marvel. Built with 2000 tonnes of white marble and spread across 13 acres, this temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. You will be able to see the Hussain Sagar Lake from the inside. Built by the Birla Group, this temple is located on a hilltop which makes your experience a memorable one. With no bell in it, this temple is a fantastic spot for those who want to meditate. As you climb the stairs, you will get to experience a gorgeous view of the surrounding landscape.Birla Mandir - Find Solace At This Temple in Telangana

Image Source

Location: Hill Fort Rd, Ambedkar Colony, Khairtabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004, India

Timings: 7 AM to Noon and 3 PM to 9 PM

3. Thousand Pillars Temple

Situated 144 km away from Hyderabad, Thousand Pillars Temple in Telangana is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Surya, and Vishnu. Being one of the most important temples in Warangal, this temple is believed to be constructed by Rudra Deva in the 1163 AD. Built in adherence to the Chalukya architectural style, this temple stands as a testament to the finest craftsmanship of the Kakatiyas. Also listed under the UNESCO heritage sites, this temple must not be missed. Embellished with motifs and scriptures, this temple also has a star-shaped architecture that will simply amaze you. Don’t miss the huge Nandi made with black basalt stone here.

Amazing Temple in Telangana-Thousand Pillars TempleImage Source

Location: Hyderabad – Warangal Hwy, Raganna Darwaja, Rd, Brahmanawada, Hanamkonda, Telangana 506001, India

Timings: 6 AM to 8 PM

4. Gnana Saraswathi Temple

Located at a distance of 6 km from the city center, Gnana Saraswathi Temple in Hyderabad is one of the topmost temples in Telangana that you simply can’t miss. This is the second most popular temple that has been dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. This temple in Basar village is believed to be closely associated with a history dating back to the time of Mahabharata. The holy trinity worshipped at this temple includes Goddess Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Since Goddess Saraswati is known as the Goddess of Learning, many children are brought here for the Akshara Abhyasam which is often considered as the first instance of writing for the children.

Best Temple in Telangana-Gnana Saraswathi TempleImage Source

Location: Basara Mandal, Nirmal District, Basar, Telangana 504101, India

Timings: 4 AM to 4 PM

5. Sanghi Temple

Located 30 km away from Hyderabad, Sanghi Temple is another famous temple that you must include in your temple tour in Telangana. Its location on the top of a hill called Paramanand Giri makes it even more attractive to the devotees. Dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, this temple adorns itself with amazing architecture and a spectacular view of the surroundings. Many believe the idol at this temple to be a replica of the Lord Venkateswara idol in the Tirumala Hills. The Chola-Chalukya architectural style of this temple makes this temple worth the visit. After completing your darshan, you can rejuvenated yourself amidst the lush greenery at the Holy garden.

Top Temple in Telangana-Sanghi TempleImage Source

Location: Omerkhan daira, Hyderabad, Telangana 501511, India

Timings: 8 AM to noon and 4 PM to 8 PM (Monday to Saturday), 8 AM to 8 PM (Sunday)

6. Surendrapuri Temple

Situated approximately 55 km away from Hyderabad, Surendrapuri Temple is one of the popular temples to visit in Telangana. This temple is quite popular because of being home to a 101 feet Shiva Linga which is also known as the Nagakoti. You’ll also find temples of Lord Venkateshwara and Hanuman here at the temple premises. The mythological theme park here is undoubtedly one of the best spots in Telangana to experience the art and culture of the land. The sculptures and paintings here unravel the best opportunity for you to learn from the mythological scenes of Hindu epics such as Mahabharat, Ramayana, and Bhagvat.

Best Temple in Telangana-Surendrapuri TempleImage Source

Location: Surendrapuri, Yadadri Road, Bhuvanagiri, Telangana 508115, India

Timings: 9 AM to 7 PM

7. Karmanghat Hanuman Temple

Located 9 km away from Hyderabad, the Karmanghat Hanuman temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Constructed in the 11th century AD, this temple is one of the oldest temples in the state. Adorning itself with breathtaking architecture, this temple is believed to cure life-taking diseases as well. All the temples in this region including this one adheres to the Vedic rules of worshipping.

Amazing Temple in Telangana-Karmanghat Hanuman TempleImage Source

Location: 8-2-61, Padma Nagar Colony, Champapet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500079, India

Timings: 5:30 AM to 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM

8. Bhadrachalam Temple

Located approximately 311 km away from Hyderabad, Bhadrachalam Temple in the town of Bhadrachalam is dedicated to Lord Rama. Known for being one of the Divya Kshetrams of the Godavari, this temple was built by Bhakta Ramadas in the domain of the 17th century. The village here has been named after Bhadra Maharshi who was saved by Lord Rama even after shedding his mortal coils. Devotees from different parts of the country come here during the Sri Sitarama Thirukalyana Mahotsavam.

Temple in Telangana-Bhadrachalam TempleImage Source

Location: Bhadrachalam, Telangana 9515186091, India

Timings: 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 3 PM to 6:30 PM

9. Yadagirigutta Temple

Located 63 km away from Hyderabad, Yadagirigutta Temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha. This temple in the Nalgonda district follows the Pancharata Agamam for worshipping the idol. The puja rituals followed here are believed to be prescribed by Late Sri Vangeepuram Narasimhacharyulu who also served as the Sthanacharya of the temple. The temple is believed to be named after a sage Yadarishi who got to witness Lord Narasimha in five different avatars i.e. Sri Jwala Narasimha, SriGandabherunda, Sri Yogananda, Sri Ugra and Sri Lakshminarasimha.

Amazing Temple in Telangana-Yadagirigutta TempleImage Source


Yadadri Temple Ghat Rd, Yadagiripally, Gandhi Nagar, Yadagirigutta, Telangana 508115, India

Timings: 5 AM to 9 PM

Filled with architectural marvels, Telangana attracts thousands of visitors every year. If you have a special place for religious sites in your heart, don’t miss these 9 temples during your stay in Telangana. Not only these temples provide you with tranquility but also help you find solace. You will able to witness natural beauty and architectural wonders at the same time.

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