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Sarva Pindi - Tasty Telangana Dishe to Try

8 Tasty Telangana Dishes to Try (2024)

No matter which place you go to for a vacation but if you get to relish good food there, the overall experience automatically tends to improve thousands of times. As far as Telangana is concerned, this Telugu speaking Indian state is gradually catching the attention of a huge number of travellers. Some visit the place because of its plethora of tourist attractions, some for its rapid development and some for its delicious cuisine. You may not be aware but Telangana boasts of a wide variety cuisine. It is said that Telangana cuisine is typically spicy.

State of Telangana is also widely popular for its biryanis and Karachi biscuits. In short, if you are travelling to Telangana, then you are in for one delicious ride. There is a wide variety of food dishes for you to explore from. Do you wish to know some of the popular Telangana dishes to try? If yes, then you have arrived at just the right place. In this article, we have already made a list of some of the most loved dishes of the state for you. Continue reading to know more!

8 Tasty Telangana Dishes to Try

  1. Sarva Pindi: If you are a health – conscious person and prefer to have a delicious but light and healthy breakfast choice, then in Telangana nothing could be better for you than Sarva Pindi. Even if you will ask the locals for breakfast recommendations, you will get the same answer from almost anyone. Cooked with at least one component of each stage of the food pyramid, this healthy dish is loved by all and hence is considered as the staple food of the state. Sarva Pindi is basically a savoury pancake. The prime ingredients of the dish are chana dal, chili, flour and peanuts. Owing to its preparation and culinary style, the dish is also known by the name of Ginne Appa. Sarva Pindi - Tasty Telangana Dishe to Try Image Source
  2. Sakinalu: Are you also someone who often gets hungry but not for a complete meal and craves something crunchy to munch? If your answer is yes, then this crispy and deep – fried snack is just perfect. It is one of the grubs that have been perfecting in various parts of India over years. It is known by names such as chakli, murkku, etc. throughout the country. The two prime ingredients of Sakinalu are rice and sesame seeds. Since it is devoid of spices, it is suitable for people of almost all age groups. Moreover, the best part is that it is easy to prepare as well. You will find that this popular Telangana dish is often cooked during the festival of Sankranti and special occasions.
    Tasty Telangana Dish to Try-Sakinalu
    Image Source
  3. Pachi Pulusu: Did you get sick while visiting Telangana? Don’t worry, with Pachi Pulusu there, you have nothing to worry about. It is one of the popular Telangana dishes that acts as a quick fix for those mornings when you are sick, too lazy or are craving for Rasam but can’t carry out the entire cooking process. The main difference between Rasam and Pachi Pulusu is that this dish has very little cooking involved. The ingredients for both are the same, and the difference is just in the cooking style. Though simple and light but it is owing to its simple and healthy attributes only that people of Telangana love this dish dearly.
    Telangana Dish to Try-Pachi Pulusu
    Image Source
  4. Hyderabadi Biryani: The shared capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Hyderabad is a popular tourist hub. Your visit to Telangana will remain incomplete if you come without trying the Hyderabadi biryani. Owing to the major influence of the Nizams in the state, the Hyderabadi biryani available here is so delicious that it has become well – known throughout the world. There are mainly two types of biryani – kacchi gosht ki biryani and pakki biryani. Though there are two varieties and they have two different cooking methods but the end results of the two are the same. You get to enjoy mouth – watering dishes. Over the years the biryani taste has undergone several modifications to suit the preferences of the modern generation. Now, a vegetarian option is also available in Biryani.
    Popular Telangana Dish to Try-Hyderabadi Biryani
    Image Source
  5. Polelu: Are you that person whose meal is incomplete without relishing a parantha or an Indian bread? If your answer is yes and if you are craving for something sweet, then Polelu is the perfect Telangana dish to try for you. It is basically an ultra – thin flattened Indian bread. It is stuffed with a mixture consisting of jaggery, cardamom powder, ghee and chana dal. If you are visiting the Telangana state during any special festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, then you will find this popular dish almost anywhere around the state. Even if you are going during an off – time, you can easily find Polelu in any of the sweet shops. It is available packed in sealed plastic packets. If you don’t want to buy it from the market, then you can easily make it at home too.
    Best Telangana Dish-Polelu
    Image Source
  6. Malidalu: Made some extra chapatis but now nobody is eating them? Don’t worry, with Malidalu you don’t have to throw them away or reuse them the next day. This popular Telangana dish allows you to make something healthy, sweet and delicious with leftover chapatis. For making this dish, one uses the leftover chapatis and combines them with a mixture of cashews, jaggery, pista and ghee. Then the batter is shaped in the form of small balls. Moreover, the best part about Malidalu is that it is completely healthy and packed with a plethora of beneficial nutrients. Hence, if you are craving for something sweet after a meal, you can relish a Malidalu without feeling even a tad bit guilty.
    Best Dish in Telangana-Malidalu
    Image Source
  7. Garijalu: Craving for something sweet, Garijalu is a popular Telangana dish to try for you. Boasting of a crispy exterior has a sweet soft stuffing inside which creates such a perfect combination in your mouth that you will be left wanting for more. The stuffing inside consists of dry grated coconut, a bit of cardamom and sugar. Made up of maida, it is rolled into circles and then after filling the stuffing, it is folded in the shape of a half moon. Ultimately it is deep – fried to get the crispy shell. Also known by the name of Kajjikaya, this dish resembles Karanji which is a popular sweet dish of Maharashtra. The people of Telangana have been relishing, making and enjoying this delicacy for over many generations now.
    Amazing Dish in Telangana-Garijalu
    Image Source
  8. Golichina Mamsam: Roughly translated to ‘fry’ in Telugu language, golichina mamsam is one of the popular Telangana dishes. The wide variety of spices that the dish accommodates gives fair justice to the spicy reputation of Telangana cuisine. Golichina mamsam basically comprises succulent mutton pieces coated into a thick gravy which is flooded with a variety of locally grown spices. It is cooked for hours over low flame so that the true essence of the curry is absorbed by the meat pieces and the dish acquires its unique taste. Served along with chapatis, dosa or rice, it is a must – try dish for every non – vegetarian.
    Top Dish in Telangana-Golichina Mamsam
    Image Source

Offering a plethora of options in both vegetarian as well as non – vegetarian dishes, almost everyone falls in love with Telangana cuisine as soon as they taste it.

FAQ’s About Telangana and Its Cuisine

Q1. What is Telangana Famous For?

Ans. The Indian state of Telangana is considered as a cultural spot. It is well known for housing a plethora of rich and renowned historical structures.

Q2. How Is The Reputation Of Telangana Cuisines?

Ans. Telangana cuisines are well reputed throughout the country for their rich, spicy and authentic taste.

Q3. What Is The Staple Food Of The People Of Telangana?

Ans. While Andhra Pradesh people mainly prefer rice but it is said that in Telangana, millet bread or roti is one of the staple food items.

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