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Laknavaram Lake Travel Guide

Exploring The Mighty Laknavaram Lake In A Glimpse (2024)

Laknavaram Lake Travel Guide: The Mesmerizing Destination of Telangana

Spread over a huge area of approximately 10,000 acres, Laknavaram lake is undoubtedly one of the most serene tourist places in Telangana. Its serene water sets a soothing and calm environment which proves perfect for a tiny break away from the chaos and noise of the fast – paced city life. Surrounded by lush green forests and captivating hillocks, the place is just like a cocoon where you can actually spend some quality time amidst the serenity of nature. The twisty roads with forest sprawling over both the sides and the mesmerising lake, make the already great journey even more memorable. The hanging bridge and the numerous small islands that are scattered around further add charm to the scenic beauty. There are about 13 tiny pieces of land that can be seen surrounded by lake water, especially if you go during the monsoon season.

Laknavaram Lake Travel Guide

If you are a history buff or a curious soul, then you would be pleased to know that apart from being a natural beauty, the lake holds historical significance as well. A fine example of engineering excellence during the Kakatiya reign, Laknawaram lake is a perfect blend of history with nature. The travellers interested in photography or those who have the eye to appreciate beauty would love the stunning view during morning at the time of sunrise when the lake water shimmers as the sun rays fall through the trees. The view is magical and a capture of it will leave you a beautiful memory forever.

History of Laknavaram:

The story of Laknavaram Lake goes back to the Kakatiya reign in the history. Also known by the name of Laknavaram Cheruvu, this beautiful lake lying amid flourishing hills was first discovered by the Kakatiya rulers. It was then that the rulers of Kakatiya reign built a small sluice gate and thanks to that, it transformed into a vast lake that now is able to serve as a water reservoir. You should also know that till date Laknavaram Lake serves as a source of irrational water for an area as vast as around 3,500 acres of land which accommodates approximately six nearby villages. This gorgeous lake has the capacity to hold around 2.135 tmc ft. of water.

History of Laknavaram LakeBest Time To Visit Laknavaram:

Although this tourist place in Telangana can be visited anytime throughout the year, but if you are looking forward to enjoy its glory when it is at its peak, then you must visit during either the monsoon or winter season. During the peak monsoon months, due to heavy rains the lake is filled with water to the brim and the surrounding area is flourishing as well. You can see a lot of freshly grown variety of flora. Many tourists plan a Warangal tour and visit this lake during monsoon season.

Best Time To Visit LaknavaramThings That You Can Do At Laknavaram:

If you are planning to visit Laknavaram lake, then you would be pleased to know that apart from its unparalleled beauty, the place offers its visitors a wide array of fun activities to do to ensure that they remain entertained and engaged. Some of the fun things you can do when here are:

  1. Go For A Boat Ride: One of the most popular activities at this lake is boating. Sitting in a boat and admiring the natural beauty from up close is something which appeals every visitor, despite their age group or interests. If you are a person who likes the feeling of thrill, then instead of riding a normal boat, you can even choose to go speed boating or even take a motor boat ride.
    Go For A Boat Ride in Laknaravam Lake
    The charges of boating at Laknavaram lake are:

    1. Approximate charges for normal boating (for adults): Rs. 50 per person
    2. Approximate charges for normal boating (for children): Rs. 30 per person
    3. Approximate charges for speed boat (Maximum 4 people are allowed): Rs. 300
  2. Stay Amidst The Natural Beauty: If you want to take a break from living in posh hotels or regular homes, then you would be pleased to know that accommodation facilities are also offered here by the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation (TSTDC). The Haritha Hotel Laknavaram offers the visitors to have a luxurious stay in these mesmerising surroundings with basic facilities. So, if you have some extra time on hand and want a relaxed tour, then you can plan a stay at the lake and bask in its scenic magic without any hurry or restrictions for as long as you wish. Sit back around the lake, relax and admire the tranquil environment.
  3. Visit The Hanging Bridge: Another key attraction in Laknaravam which makes this one of the popular tourist places in Telangana, is the suspension bridge. With a length of 160 metres, this hanging bridge starts from the entrance and lasts till the island. Offering you an experience that is worth remembering, this bridge will surely leave you feeling overwhelmed.
    Visit The Hanging Bridge in Laknaravam Lake

Entry Fee of Laknavaram:

If you were thinking that being one of the most serene tourist places in Telangana, you will have to pay a heavy entry fee for visiting Laknavaram, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. The entry fee at the lake is pretty much affordable. For adults, the approximate fee is Rs. 10 per person, while for children the approximate entry cost comes down to Rs. 5 per person.

Entry Fee of LaknavaramOpening Hours of Laknavaram:

The Laknavaram lake is open to visitors from right early in the morning till late evening hours, so you have a lot of time. The precise timings are from 8 AM till 5.30 PM.

Watch Laknavaram Lake Video – Amazing Boating & Tourist Spot in Telangana

Distance from Hyderabad:

Laknavaram Lake is approximate 150 km away from Hyderabad.

Location of Laknavaram:

80 km from Warangal, Govindaraopet mandal, Telangana 506347, India

Since Laknavaram is located quite close to the popular Ramappa Temples with a distance of 29 km in between, you can easily combine both of these tourist places in Telangana in a single trip. The mesmerising natural beauty with a tinge of religion, will definitely create a memorable experience for you.

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