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Jahangir Palace or Jahangiri Mahal in Agra Travel Guide

Jahangir Palace or Jahangiri Mahal in Agra Travel Guide (2024)

An Introduction to Jahangir Palace

Agra used to be the capital city when some of the most famous dynasties in Indian history were ruling over their province. Under the regime of Mughals, Agra prospered to another level, which led to the building and establishment of the major tourist attractions which are currently present at Agra. From gardens to mausoleums and from prayer halls to palaces, Agra qualified as a major city in the whole northern province. Even though the capital was later moved to Delhi, Agra continued to grow and made its place in the whole nation. We are now going to take a look at one of the most loved tourist attractions in Agra – The Jahangir Palace. Jahangir Palace or Jahangiri Mahal in Agra Travel GuideImage Source

An Overview of Jahangir Palace

The Jahangir Palace is also popularly known in the name of Jahangiri Mahal in the locality. The palace of Jahangir is often referred to as one of the best and remarkable parts of the great Agra fort. Yes, Jahangir Palace is also a part of the great Agra fort, the face of Agra. Even though it has a mention of the great Mughal emperor Jahangir, the palace of Jahangir at Agra fort was mostly used by the women of the royal household. The Mughals had a lot of wives from the Rajputana empire. They used to reside in this beautiful palace of Jahangir. The Jahangir Palace even has a lot of deities and idols to worship inside as the ladies from the Rajput empire preferred to host ceremonies for their blessing.

An Overview of Jahangir Palace or  Jahangiri Mahal in Agra
Image Source
Moreover, there are a lot of Islamic quotes from the Quran on the walls of the Jahangir Palace.

The Story Behind Jahangir Palace

The Jahangir Palace was built during the regime of one of the greatest Mughal emperors, Akbar. It is also believed to be one of the first and foremost buildings constructed under his rule. Jahangir, his son’s name, was used in every mention of the palace, and Akbar didn’t even care to come up with his name at least once. This huge and spectacular palace of Akbar was used in the early periods by Nur Jahan to stay here for a long period of time. One of the major attractions of the Jahangir Palace includes the Hauz I Jahangiri, a huge bowl that is made out of a single stone in a mind-blowing manner. Fragrant rose water was stored in the Hauz I Jahangiri, a major part of the Jahangir Palace.

The Story Behind Jahangir PalaceImage Source

How to Reach Jahangir Palace?

By Road: One of the best advantages for the tourists who are traveling via roadways to reach Agra and visit the palace of Jahangir is that it is situated in the heart of the city. Agra Fort bis without any doubt, the pride of Agra and being a part of the Agra Fort, the Jahangir Palace, too get all the advantages and benefits.

By Rail: The major railway station of Agra is just 6 km away from the Jahangir Palace. Both of these destinations are also well connected through the Gwalior road. The railway station of Agra is also one of the most important railway stations of North India.

By Air: Pandit Deen Dhayal Upadhyay airport of Agra is located nearly 11.6 km away from the palace of Jahangir. This domestic airport already has some good connectivity with all the major airports of the country. The tourists can also easily avail of any cab or taxi service from the airport.


The Jahangir Palace of Agra is undoubtedly a marvel, which will stand tall for a long time. It has spectacular views of the city and above all, a great place of leisure for the tourists, all day. So book your tickets and plan your journey when it’s safe to travel again.

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