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ISKCON Temple - Top Must-Visit Place in Ghaziabad

Top 5 Must-Visit Places in Ghaziabad , Uttar-Pradesh (2024)

About Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Ghaziabad is a city that forms the western borders of Uttar Pradesh, separating it from the national capital of New Delhi. This is indeed one of the primary reasons behind its popularity and prominence as a major city in the Uttar Pradesh territory. Ghaziabad, as a nickname, is also known as the gateway of Uttar Pradesh. Being a major industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh at one side and a wonderful tourist destination at the other forms the two equal faces of Ghaziabad. Being one of the biggest cities of Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad has quite a number of good and wonderful places to visit for a weekend getaway or even a short vacation. So let us get on with some of these handpicked spectacular tourist destinations you can visit during your trip to Ghaziabad – The Gateway of Uttar Pradesh.

Top 5 Must-Visit Places in Ghaziabad, Uttar-Pradesh

1. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON is one of the largest organizations in the world committed to the service of humanity by spreading the teachings and messages of Lord Krishna, also worshipping the deity and his acts towards the welfare of humanity. ISKCON has a huge number of trusts and places of worship all over the world, and they are completely dedicated to this. The ISKCON temple of Ghaziabad is one of the most important temples established by the ISKCON organization in North India. The temple witnesses a huge influx of devotees and tourists all the time of the year and especially during the occasions of Shree Krishna Janmashtami, Holi, Deepavali, etc. Regardless of the crowd, these festivals are one of the best times to visit the ISKCON temple of Ghaziabad, which forms a primary tourist attraction of the place.  ISKCON Temple - Top Must-Visit Place in Ghaziabad Image Source

2. Shipra Mall

Shipra Mall is undoubtedly one of the biggest marketplaces of the Ghaziabad region. The biggest shopping mall of Ghaziabad is a major shopping hub for the residents as well as the tourists as they provide everything, which is on-demand. From domestic to international brands, Shipra mall has a huge collection of stores and outlets, leaving with the option of an ultimate shopping experience in Ghaziabad. Moreover, the mall is equipped with all the facilities to make your visit a completely comfortable and convenient one.

Top Must-Visit Place in Ghaziabad, Uttar-Pradesh-Shipra MallImage Source

3. City Forest

Parks are indeed one of the best spots to take a stroll, relax, breathe some fresh air, enjoy the surroundings, and, most importantly, cherish the moments after a long tiring journey of the day. The City Forest is one of the major parks of Ghaziabad, which offers all of these and that too at the heart of the city. The greenery and landscape of the city forest add to the pleasant ambiance around, away from the rush and busy hours of the city.

Must-Visit Place in Ghaziabad, Uttar-Pradesh-City Forest

Credit- Rahul Oberoi Vlogs  Image Source

Moreover, the city forest is well-known for its water and fountain shows, which is one of the major reasons why you should visit the city forest in the evenings. It is a wonderful hangout place where you can simply relax for a while, taking a break from the day. There are also other amenities like Kids play area, garden, etc., which spreads over nearly 175 acres of land.

4. Drizzling Land – Water and Amusement Park

If you are taking a break and want to take the adventure and relaxation to a whole new level, Drizzling Land – Water and Amusement Park is the best available location for you to make them possible. You can find this extreme level of amusement at the highway connecting Delhi and Meerut, passing through the outskirts of Ghaziabad. In a slightly larger industrial area, an amusement park is quite a break with a wonderful range of rides and activities. The park is also an ideal spot for hosting parties, and it is appropriately suitable for all ages.

Amazing Place to Visit in Ghaziabad, Uttar-Drizzling Land - Water and Amusement Park

Credit- SOURÁV SINGH  Image Source

5. Indirapuram Habitat Center

To all the shopaholic residents and the tourists, Indirapuram Habitat Center is one of the best open markets that Ghaziabad offers. You can find a number of stalls, ranging from local to international brands here, at affordable prices. Moreover, many live stage shows of a variety of types take place here, completely lighting up the whole surroundings. The late evenings and nights are the best times to visit the Indirapuram habitat center as you will find a number of food stalls here, from local cuisines to a variety of food ranges.

Best Place to Visit in Ghaziabad, Uttar-Indirapuram Habitat Center

Credit- Newway Journey  Image Source

How to Reach Ghaziabad?

  • By Road: The rush and busy hours on-road may possess a headache for the tourists, but the renovation of roads has contributed to this in a beneficial manner. The road networks of Ghaziabad are simply excellent as it has equally good connectivity to the national capital of New Delhi and to all major cities and parts of Uttar Pradesh. The services of public transportation is also a noteworthy one, which is ideal for tourists as well.
  • By Rail: Ghaziabad Junction is one of the oldest railway junctions of India, which is a major part of the eastern railway system of India. All of the major cities and parts of Uttar Pradesh are very well connected to the Ghaziabad railhead, which makes the train journey convenient and affordable at the same time. The New Delhi railway station is also a preferable option if you are planning for a long journey since the rail services from Ghaziabad to all parts of the country are limited.
  • By Air: Since Ghaziabad doesn’t have its own airport, the tourists would have to take the nearest airport, which is located in New Delhi. Furthermore, the airport of New Delhi is just 45 km away from Ghaziabad, which is merely an hour’s drive.

FAQs For Tourists Planning to Visit Ghaziabad

What Are Some Other Popular Tourist Destinations Nearby Ghaziabad?

The national capital of New Delhi is indeed the best tourist destination nearby Ghaziabad, which is just an hour’s drive away. New Delhi is known for a bunch of attractive tourist destinations, which makes it the next best place to visit when you are visiting Ghaziabad.

What is Ghaziabad Famous For?

Ghaziabad is known as an industrial area, but the tourist attractions here are no less than any other city. The places of worship, parks, shopping hubs, and places of historical interest are some of the things which make Ghaziabad famous.


Undoubtedly Ghaziabad is a wonderful place to visit in the northern borders of Uttar Pradesh. The places listed here are handpicked ones that provide the best experience you can have in the city. So plan your journey, book your tickets to explore the city of Ghaziabad whenever you are ready for a break.

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