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Lucknow Shopping: Where to Shop & What to Buy When In Lucknow

Lucknow Shopping: Where to Shop & What to Buy When In Lucknow (2024)

If we go with the popular opinion of shopaholics, then Lucknow would be the shopping capital of India at some phase. Lucknow, is a big city with more than ten markets that could easily get into the list of top shopping places in India. Being the house of India’s one of the finest embroidery works, Chikan – Lucknow does show off its magnum opus with the help of a never-ending streak of markets all over the city. Most of the important marketplaces in Lucknow are more than 100 years old, but the way they are keeping the place lit up and breathing is just remarkable. The touch of tradition and authenticity has never left the city or its markets as you can feel that in the air you breathe in their marketplaces. So you shopaholics, whenever you’re visiting Lucknow, do try to visit all the 10 marketplaces we are going to discuss here, some highlighting features and the specialties of the markets.

Lucknow Shopping: Where to Shop & What to Buy When In Lucknow

#10 Janpath Market

This is undoubtedly, one of the most crowded marketplaces in the city of Lucknow. Janpath market welcomes you with open arms if you’re looking for the best clothing lines or perfume shops in Lucknow. It is very well known for its range of traditional ‘ittar’ perfumes and the big showroom of Sugandhco. Sugandhco is famous all over the city for its collection of perfumes and other products.

A lot of shopkeepers selling the never-ending varieties of Chikan dress is a common sight in Janpath Market. You can always Jump in for a bargain deal, and find greater varieties of traditional and modern Chikan designs. The idea of uniqueness and innovation has worked pretty well with the Chikan embroidery, which made even the latest designs equally good looking as the traditional ones.

Janpath market also has a variety of old bookstores at which the book worms might like to have a hit. The market is open, every day of the week from 11 am to 9 pm. There are other shops too, which makes it a complete marketplace for all your needs.

Janpath Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: Ittar, Perfumes, Chikan Dress, Books

#9 Kapoorthala Market

You can’t expect a better marketplace for all your fashion needs in Lucknow than the market located in the heart of the garments district. This place is literally filled with Z to A variety of fashion clothing. All types of traders, from the local ones to branded, cover the whole place with their best works being showcased. These bunch of craftsmen are capable of weaving some of the best pieces you may ever see in your lifetime.

You can witness this right in Kapoorthala Market where most of the shops are delivered with garments straight from the designers. It gives a classy outlook to the whole place but the designs are a perfect blend of modernity without losing the touch of tradition. Kurtis, Sarees, and even traditional men’s wear simply lights up the whole area. The market welcomes you at any time between 11 am to 10 pm, all days of the week.

Kapoorthala Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: Branded, Designer and Traditional Dresses

#8 Bhootnath Market

That was a bit too much of a fashion journey through Lucknow and here’s the next thing the city is famous for. The whole of Bhootnath Market of Lucknow is simply reserved for the foodies, who can never say no to a new dish. You can’t find a better place to outlive your desires in Lucknow than the Bhootnath Market. This place is also famous for the Bhootnath temple.

You can find some shops selling traditional and modern apparel but the sweets, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables – simply put, all the major Indian delicacies rule the entire marketplace. Some of the famous food joints to check out here include the Bikanerwala, the Punjabi Chulha, etc. From street stalls to hotshot restaurants, Bhootnath Market has all of it worth remembering some finger-licking moments of life.

The market opens at 11 in the morning and the lights stay up to 10 pm. You will end up in heartbreak if you visit the place on Wednesdays, as the market will be closed on that day. Do pay a visit to end up on the other side of the market with a full stomach and some mouthwatering experiences.

Bhootnath Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: Sweets, Spices, Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

#7 Latouche Road

If all the marketplaces in the city of Lucknow are all about a bunch of best food places and fashion destinations, where would the tech geeks go? Well certainly Lucknow is not the electronic capital of India, but Latouche Road is the electronic capital of Lucknow.

This place is nothing short of a paradise for the technological geeks who love gadgets more than anything. The whole market is completely taken over by them and the knowledge about these gadgets, devices, and appliances possessed by even a tiny shopkeeper will leave you stunned. Trying to put in a classic touch, From mobile phones to home appliances, this is a one-stop market for all your tech purchases. There are specialty stores, big shops dealing with all of the gadgets, a bunch of services, and repair centers that form a major part of the market. The market will make its first sale around 11 in the morning and closes it by 10 pm which will remain closed on Sundays.

Latouche Road Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: Computer peripherals, games, gadgets and other electronic items.

#6 Yahiyaganj Market

It’s not an exact category to classify markets but if there’s a list of best marketplaces in the country for interior designing and home decor, the name of Yahiyaganj Market of Lucknow will be among the names on the top. This is where the best decorative items, to furnish your houses with, giving it a nicer look are available at. The place will be usually flooded by 11 am when the market opens and maintains its decorum till the closing time of the day, 10 pm. It’s more of a family market, considering the visiting customers, and the interior designers, wedding and event planners roam around the market left clueless with innumerable choices to look and pick from.

The market also has a Gurdwara which gives a traditional outlook to the market. Since most of the goods are available at an affordable price as they are sold at wholesale rates, this makes the whole place even more attractive. You can find the best wood and glass finishings, utensils, other types of home decor to furnish your houses.

Yahiyaganj Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: Home Décor & Furnishings

#5 Nakhas Market

When you ever hear Lucknow is one of the best places to go shopping, never think twice. The presence of the Nakhas Market underlines the above-mentioned statement, as each and every marketplace in Lucknow is completely different in almost all aspects, each having its own specialties. When it comes to the Nakhas Market, located near Yahiyaganj, it is the best option of a huge market when you are a fan of second hand goods. It is the biggest and most popular flea market in the whole Lucknow city which is flooded with second-hand buyers and sellers, every single day of the week except Sundays.

The best thing about flea markets is that even with a short budget, you’ll be able to complete your entire purchasing list as there are no other markets cheaper than this. Obviously, you should have a knack to pick quality products out of every second hand goods traded in the Nakhas Market, and with a little bit of bargaining, you will end up making a great deal. You can even find some nice pet shops, jewelers, and wooden craftsmanship in Nakhas Market other than the flea market for electronics.

Nakhas Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: electronics, garments, kitchen and consumer items, zardozi garments, wooden handicrafts and jewellery.

#4 Alambagh Market

Alambagh Market of Lucknow is a perfect example of an all-rounder market which just excels at every type of commodity sold. The best thing about such markets is you can’t rule out the odds of what you’ll end up buying and that too at a great profit. It has got it all, ranging from street food stalls to branded showrooms. The market isn’t open on Mondays, but you can pay a visit anytime between 11 am and 10 pm on any other days of the week.

Alambagh marketplace in Lucknow is also a major tourist attraction for the beautiful garden of Alambagh. Being one of the finest markets in Lucknow where you can find almost anything at an affordable price, Alambagh is a hotshot commercial center.

Alambagh Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: From everyday necessities like fruits, vegetables to gold jewelry.

#3 Chowk Market

As a shopaholic, It’d be dishonor not to visit the Chowk Market of Lucknow which is famous for its marketplace painted with the shades of culture and ethnicity of the land. Lucknow had a long history of tradition and culture to speak of, especially under the reign of Nawabs. The Chowk Market is the best marketplace in Lucknow when you are looking for a touch of traditional Lucknow style in the products sold. The whole ambiance of the market gives an old market feel, which can be associated with the types of products sold there.

Bara Imambara, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Lucknow is situated just 3kms away from the Chowk Market.

Chowk Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: Other than the finest Chikan embroidery, you can find the authentic pieces of classic Zardozi embroidery and the style of Nagra footwear. There are a lot of dealers in the market who take personalized and affordable orders on these products, decors like wall hangings and paintings, and other handicrafts. Not forgetting the foodies in this market flooded with antique shopaholics, there are the best food places serving the classic Nawabi Cuisine in the Chowk Market. The market remains closed on Thursdays, and it is lively between 11 am and 10:30 pm.

#2 Aminabad Market

Aminabad is another such market that carries the pride of Nawabs by standing as the oldest marketplace in the city of Lucknow. This is another all-rounder market of Lucknow that serves all your shopping needs. You’ll always find what you are looking for but end up buying everything that you lay your eyes on. Apparently, the market remains flooded in daylight and late evenings. A 12 hour market, between 11 and 11, remains open on all days of the week. Some of the major food places like Wahid Biryani, Netram Kachori, Alamgir, Tunday Kebabi deserve a mention as we are ignoring the intimidation of foodies for a long time.

Aminabad Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: The market is nothing short of a fashion destination, where you can find designer garment pieces and locally made ones too. Aminabad Market is a great choice for wedding shopping and if your bargaining skills are really good, you can strike multiple good deals.

#1 Hazratganj Market

No wonder it is on your list of must-visit places in Lucknow, as the Hazratganj Market is the commercial face of the city of Lucknow.

The Hazratganj market that has been standing for more than 190 years, is the biggest marketplace in Lucknow. One can easily find the shades of an old, antique market selling authentic, traditional pieces of Lucknow fashion and crafts and the shades of a completely modern marketplace with the latest goods and shopping malls, movie screens, outlets of major brands, and etc. The market opens at 9:30 in the morning and stays up till 11 pm. It remains closed on Sundays and shopaholics flooding every inch of the market every other day of the week is a regular sight here.

Hazratganj Market Best Place to Shop In Lucknow

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What to Buy: Chikan works, Handicrafts, Antiques and more

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