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Jazz Café - Best Place To Eat In Maldives

8 Best Places To Eat In Maldives (2024)

Maldives- the heaven on earth, the paradise of beaches, and the land of mouth-watering cuisine! The serenity of this place is undeniable, the breathing taking sunsets by the beach, surrounded by satisfying peace is sure to melt all your stress away. Another thing that will surely take your stress away is the delicious food varieties this place has to offer. Right from local to a blend of different cultures, they have it all. Maldives is a small island covered with beaches that lies to the southwest of Sri Lanka and India.

Maldives holds an extraordinary place in the hearts of people who fancy beaches, but also for people who love to indulge in the mouth-watering delicacies. The Maldivian cuisine is called Dhivehi Cuisine, which consists of three main items: fish, coconut, and starches.

And where there is good food and an outstanding view of the beach, there is nothing more satisfying to look forward to! So, let’s look at the best places to eat in Maldives, while you enjoy your vacation.

8 Best Places To Eat In Maldives:

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant:

The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is one of the most excellent restaurants in Maldives to dine at, and it is said to have exquisite cuisine specializing in contemporary European dishes of the most exceptional quality. This restaurant is like an escape from the world, and one can experience the finest of delicacies here. It is a dine below sea-level restaurant where people can enjoy a six-course dinner while they enjoy watching sharks, manta ray, and various other marine life sail past them. The cuisines here include the Yellowtail kingfish with champagne Risotto and Malossol Imperial Caviar. This restaurant is slightly higher in terms of expense, but it is sure to leave you speechless!

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant - Best Place To Eat In Maldives

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2. Iberry Café:

Iberry Cafe is a place if you want to run away from all the crowded tourist places and dine with the locals. Iberry café is a small café that is very famous in the Hulhumale village, with a vivacious and cheerful atmosphere. The cuisine here includes everything that the locals prefer, and it is recommended to try both the fish curry and shrimp fried rice together. They also serve lots of different varieties of freshly made juices. This place is a must-visit for people so that they enjoy with locals and experience the peace and vibe of the café.

Iberry Café - Best Place To Eat In Maldives

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3. Jazz Café:

Jazz Cafe in Maldives is one of the most famous restaurants among the locals, the tourists, also among young and old too. It has a low-key ambience, and this cafe holds various music gigs with talented local artists with great jazz, rock, and roll music to entertain the guests. The cuisine here includes the Yellow chicken curry, Roshi (Is like “chapati” or “Roti” in India, but Roshi is shallow fried and not roasted), Beef and onion stir fry and the Roast chicken with barbeque sauce. The menu in the café keeps on changing with different varieties to offer every time, which brings the guests here to enjoy something new.Jazz Café - Best Place To Eat In Maldives Image Source

4. Kitchen:

Kitchen is a modern bistro with Spa Retreat and round the clock dining. It also offers semi-buffet breakfast and lunch throughout the day and a highly reputed `a la carte dinner menu. Kitchen is one of the best places to dine in Maldives. Their specialty is the team of chefs who make the simplest of dishes, but make sure to add in their touch, making it unique and mouth-watering. Open cooking stations are also available, which enables the guests to have a look at what the chef is doing. The ambience and sitting arrangements are made so perfect so that the guests can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. It is a very romantic spot for dinner or brunch and is one of the best places to eat in Maldives.

Best Place To Eat In Maldives - Kitchen

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5. Muraka:

Muraka sits atop of the sea, where you have to take a jetty to reach, which is the most relaxing restaurant in Maldives as the ambience makes it a perfect spot to dine. The open floor section acts as a window, the sound of the waves and wooden arrangements gives away a luxurious experience to the guests. This restaurant specializes in fish cuisine, and the guests here usually ask for a whole fish delight, for its extravagant flavours and spices. The chef prepares this fish from the table, which is kept in front of the guests. Along with this, the Maldivian menu is also an indulging menu to look forward to having dinner at this beautiful place.

Muraka - Best Place To Eat In Maldives

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6. Palace Sichuan:

Palace Sichuan is a restaurant in Maldives that provides Cantonese cuisine. They have private areas for dinners that are named after various Chinese cities and a central communal dining room. These small rooms are available for hire for private or celebratory lunches. Their menu consists of exclusive dishes, including rice and noodle-based dishes. They also have choices in jumbo prawns, beef, and whole fish entrées from the Sichuan province of western China. Most of the spices and ingredients are imported from China, ensuring that the flavours are true to their origin.

Palace Sichuan - Best Place To Eat In Maldives

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7. Reethi:

Reethi provides a cuisine that is a fusion of Asia-Pacific and Mediterranean flavours with theme nights that show off the restaurant’s best cuisine. Reethi also has an open kitchen station that allows the guests to witness the magic that the chef creates. It has a fantastic view of the ocean with floor to glass ceilings. Every Monday their menu turns Italian, serving an elaborate spread of fine charcuterie, homemade pasta, gnocchi, risotto, and grilled treats and Fridays are Indian-themed, with live cooking stations, tandoors, and curries. They also have a walk-in wine room, where the guests can select their favourite bottle.

Best Place To Eat In Maldives - ReethiImage Source

8. Sala Thai:

Sala Thai is by far the most distinctive restaurant of Maldives. The chefs here make sure that they use the best quality products and go to great lengths to provide the guests with the best. They make sure to use only fresh and healthy ingredients in their cuisine. Every week a new batch from Asia is brought in so that the chefs can serve delicious Siamese dishes to the guests. This restaurant is a perfect relaxing spot that is situated away from the bustling streets of Male. The traditional Panang curry and shrimp marinated in the spicy fish sauce are one of their most exquisite delicacies. What makes Sala Thai one of the best places to eat in Maldives is the outdoor dining area, which offers a great view.

Sala Thai - Best Place To Eat In Maldives

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These are a few options that you can enjoy if you’re planning a trip to the land of beaches. There is nothing more serene than enjoying your favourite meal by the beach in Maldives with your loved ones, while you gaze at the sunset in front of your eyes. These restaurants in Maldives are sure to give an unforgettable experience not only in terms of their ambience but majorly in terms of the exclusive cuisine they have to offer. These are a few must-visit and best restaurants to eat in Maldives! If you visit Maldives, witness the magic of these places. And don’t just go, eat there! We hope you find this helpful and you enjoy the experience while you’re visiting Maldives.

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