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Maldives Travel | Maldives Country Profile

Maldives Travel | Maldives Country Profile (2024)

About Maldives:

The Maldives, officially named as the Republic of Maldives, is the tropical paradise for its jaw-dropping and scenic views. This island nation of South Asia is edged in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. It comprises about 1,200 small coral islands and some 200 uninhabited sandbanks grouped into clusters. The 26 atolls stretch from Ihavandhippolhu atoll in the North to Addu atoll in the south. The islands disperse for more than 510 miles from north to south and 80 miles from east to west. The Maldives lies in the southwest of Asia and India, about 1000 kilometers from Asia. The Maldives is the smallest Asian country based on land, population, and area and is the world’s geographically most dispersed state. This sovereign country has “Male” as its capital, which is also known as the “King’s Island” and is the most populated city, where the ancient royal dynasties ruled due to its favorable central location. The sea covers 99 percent of the area of Maldives due to which it has a ravishing, serene and alluring view of the corals and fishes.


The Maldives islands are built up from the upper heads of the submerged volcanic rocks, which are all low lying, not rising more than 6 feet. The southwest Monsoon winds bring the rainy season in these islands from May to August. The Maldives is saved from the destructive effect of the Monsoon by the barrier reefs. The Northeast Monsoon winds bring the dry and mild winds from December to March. The average annual temperature of this charming place varies from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius, making this place the finest site to visit the beaches. The average yearly rainfall is about 84 inches.

Land About Maldives

The arresting view of the white sand beaches and the coconut palms will leave you enthralled by its prepossessing charisma. The atolls have many beaches, luxuriant frondescence, lagoons, and tropical fishes as well. Many fishes are owing to the presence of lagoons, reefs, and seas. The sea turtle is also caught for its oil, which is regarded as traditional medicine.

Economy of Maldives

The Arabs called the Maldives as the “Money Isles” in the 2nd century AD. Being one of the poorest countries of the world now, Maldives has one of the lowest Gross National Product (GNP) amongst the nations of the world. The economy of Maldives is flourishing only because of its breathtaking and hair-raising beauty, which gives rise to a great scope of tourism, boat building, fishing, and boat repairing. Due to the less area of land as well as a shortage of labor, agriculture and manufacturing units are not much developed here. Most of the population dwells on coconut collecting, fishing, and the growing of melons and vegetables. Owing to the small area of the place, most of the important staple food items are imported. Fishing, owing to the presence of 99 percent water, is the primary occupation based on which the isles are surviving. They employ one-fourth of the labor force and account for the nation’s maximum export, thereby earning a good proportion of the income. Fish- dried, or canned Tuna is exported majorly.

Economy of Maldives

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Maldives Tourism

It was only in the early 1970s that Tourism in Maldives was discovered as a sector to earn revenue for the state. But now, Tourism is a fast-growing and flourishing sector of Maldives, constituting 28 percent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Tourism also contributes 60 percent of the Maldives’ Foreign Exchange receipts. The shocking data also reveals that about 90 percent of the government taxes constitute the taxes and import duties related to tourism in Maldives. The flabbergasting and the eye-opening beauty of Maldives makes it the finest place for a great vacation with family, taking a break from the hard-pressed lives or even a honeymoon trip with your loved ones.

Maldives Tourism

Owing to its breathtaking beauty, Tourism is flourishing in Maldives. The six cultural and ethereal Maldivian mosques of the country have also been listed as the UNESCO tentative sites. Also, the presence of sandy white and serene beaches with warm and pleasurable weather and great herbage makes sure to leave no stone unturned to make this place a haven for nature aficionados.

People of Maldives

Most people have gradually settled in the country during the past time, and thus, the people here are the traditional Maldivian ethnic group. But it is generally believed that the first settlers were the Tamils from India and the Sinhalese people from Sri Lanka. Most of the people here are the local rural, except those living in the capital of the country, Male. According to the data, the Southern isles are more populated than the northern islands, and only 20 of the islands have more than 1000 people. More than one-fifth of the population of Maldives is less than 15 years old because the birth rate is more than the death rate in these islands. The traders from Arab countries, China and Indonesia also visit this place.

People of Maldives

Games and Activities In The Maldives

The culture and the style of Maldives circumscribe different cultures with a whisk of the original culture with an idiosyncratic style. Many indoor, as well as outdoor activities and games, are played here to spend time with the near and dear ones. Some of the games to take an escape from the daily monotonous and frenetic life are as follows:

  • Thin Hama: Thin Hama, a strategic board game, is played on a wooden square, and players use the shells, also called the “boli” and a red seed, also known as madhoshi” madhoshi gas found in the Maldives. It is an ancient and historic game that has existed for several generations. Two players are required for this game.
  • Dance Steps For Bodu Beru: The meaning of the game Bodu Beru is big drums. Bodu means big, and Beru stands for drums. The Bodu Beru songs are sung by drummers and singers with great vocal skills as well. But the chief thing is the performance of the dance on these songs. Though no hard and fast rules exist for the performance, a basic pattern exists for all types of games. The Bodu Beru performance is usually performed by 5 to 7 individuals.
  • Gan’du filla: It is a historical game of the place being played for many years. This indoor game requires some household items like bed, blanket, and pillows, and the words sang have also not been much changed from the past. The game needs more than three players.

Government and Lifestyle in Maldives

The Maldives adopted its Constitution in 2008, and since then, it has its head as the President, assisted by a Vice president and a cabinet. The cabinet comprises of the Vice President, ministers, and the Attorney General. The members of the cabinet except for the Vice President, are appointed by the President. The President and the Vice President are elected directly by universal suffrage for a term of a maximum of 2 five years. The official religion of the state, as declared in its Constitution, is Islam. Hence, non-Muslims cannot become citizens in this nation.

The civil rights and human rights commissions are also available in the city. The highest legal authority is the Supreme court, and various high courts and the trial courts are also available. Maldives has got three kinds of formal education. First are the traditional schools that teach the readings and recitations of the Quran; the second is the Dhivehi language schools, and the main is the English language primary and secondary schools, which provide a standard curriculum and secondary teaching. For higher education, students need to go abroad.

Thus, Maldives enthralls and captivates the guests with its ravishing beauty. The captivating views of the beaches and the tranquil and pleasurable weather make it a place to be worth breaking your bank for and will unequivocally leave you jaw dropped!

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