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Best Place to Shop in Maldives - Island Bazar

10 Best Places to Shop in Maldives (2024)

Maldives is a dream destination for many, with its serene and attractive beaches. The tranquil of sparkling waters and sandy beaches can lift your spirit. This tropical paradise is an excellent choice for a perfect beach getaway. Though Maldives does not boast about its shopping centers, it has a lot to look forward to with its locally made accessories and apparel and handicrafts to carry as souvenirs back home to immortalize your trip. You can find flower vases, quirky footwear, and even decorative pieces made of seashells in the local markets. You can have an incredible shopping experience with a limited budget in the Maldives.

Maldives also has some high-end boutiques and vast shopping malls to spend some time when you’re not basking in the sun on the beach. Shopping in Maldives can also help you interact with Maldivian people and get a dapper understanding of the local culture. And who knows you might hear a tale or two about this serene island. And if you are an excessive shopper, there are many places to discover where you’ll find something for everybody.

10 Best Places to Shop in Maldives

Here we have compiled a list of places to shop in Maldives to make it easier for you to decide your itinerary and make plans accordingly:

1. Majeedhee Magu

It is one of the most famous roads in Male and gives pure joy to shopaholics. The street is filled with various kinds of shops and is a delight for everybody and truly a one-stop-shopping destination in the Maldives.

Majeedhee Magu Best Place to Shop in Maldives

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This authentic Maldivian shopping market is open every day and has a fantastic collection of traditional dress.

  • You can find anything from accessories to electronic merchandise.
  • You can quickly get a cab or a taxi to reach the market from anywhere on the island.
  • It would be best if you tried fish chips and smoked fish, which are a specialty in this market in Maldives.
  • There are many jewelry and cosmetic items at cheap rates, but you always keep in mind that you can get it cheaper if you bargain right.

2. Male Local Market

Male Local Market is the most common in the most vibrant street market in the Maldives. Also known as the fabulous flea market. It is the best alternative for a last-minute shopping spree located near the waterfront.

Best Place to Shop in Maldives - Male Local Market

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It has a perfect blend of locals and foreigners shopping all day long.

  • You can also find the unique wooden flower vases, an essential item to buy from the Maldives.
  • You can find a diverse range of products to take as souvenirs like a miniature of boats, gift items, and home décor.
  • This market also boasts of having the best street food in the Maldives, so if you want to try some lip-smacking local food.

3. Centro Mall

Centro Mall is the first-ever shopping complex on the island of Maldives. This place is full of life with people roaming around some shopping, while others are chatting with the locals and enjoying their coffee.

Best Place to Shop in Maldives - Centro Mall

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Located in Hulhumale, Centro Mall has all the luxury brands you could ask for!

  • It is undoubtedly the best luxury shopping option in the Maldives with classy spas and salons.
  • It also has game-zones and provides a variety of dining options ranging from stalls to fine-dine restaurants.
  • It has got all the services that you’d need in town, from clinics to value-added amenities like F&B stores.
  • You could buy apparel or home appliances, look for souvenirs, or even regular household items. You can also relax and have a chat with the locals drinking coffee near the pier.

4. Le Cute

Probably the most enchanting name on the list. This place is a paradise for shopping for beauty products in Male, Maldives.

Best Place to Shop in Maldives - Le Cute

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It is merely the most prominent beauty shop in the Maldives, especially for perfumes.

  • Perfumes are on the best thing to buy when in the Maldives, it fills your rooms with a heavenly aroma which fuses with you.
  • Herbal products’, health products and cosmetics are usually sold out here because of the duty-free tag.
  • This fancy shop is worth going to and should be on your list to visit.

5. STO Trade Centre

This trade center is the most bustling shopping complex in the Maldives. The locals frequently visit this place for purchasing daily items. The first level is a hub of household items, but the next two are filled with stalls for the tourists.

Best Place to Shop in Maldives - STO Trade Centre

Image Source

The most affordable market in Male boasting of the highest footfall daily.

  • It is the best supermarket with a good selection of products for everybody
  • You could but local souvenirs and handicrafts or even gadgets and electronic devices.
  • STO Trade Centre is the place to be if you are planning to buy mementos for your friends and family back home,
  • If you are hoping to buy some imported goods for yourself, this supermarket has it all.

6. Island Bazar

Island Bazar is a unique place and impresses anybody who visits. This place will be carved in your memory as a classy European style market in Maldives. It has got a wide range of lifestyle products to choose from; this elegant market has a lot going on, so don’t mistake it yet another handicraft market.

Best Place to Shop in Maldives - Island Bazar

Image Source

  • It has the best range of handicrafts in the Maldives with colorful and attractive designs.
  • It promotes local designers and artisans and sells stock items made by them.
  • It offers a vivid collection of Elhabe, which is the local jewelry from the Maldives.
  • It also has unique macrame work designs to select from and a fantastic collection of handmade dishes.
  • The souvenirs are impeccably styled; you could pick from shoulder bags to a refrigerator magnet, which is equally beautiful.

7. Chaandhanee Magu

Chaandhanee Magu is yet another street market in this island country. It attracts tourist for its wide variety of gift items and imported products at reasonable prices. This market candidly reflects the true culture of Maldives.

Best Place to Shop in Maldives - Chaandhanee Magu

Image Source

  • It has a stunning selection of local Maldivian handiworks.
  • Because of the imported goods coming in from Singapore, it is also famously known as Singapore Bazaar.
  • Many tourists, but the miniature boats, are known as Dhonis as souvenirs and Thudu Kona, a geometrically designed mat.
  • It has an assortment of craft products that are pleasing to the eyes and must-buy to take them back home.
  • You could also buy Maldive styled t-shirts at reasonable rates.

8. Oevaali Art Shop

If you appreciate art and want to experience the culture of the Maldives displayed in different art forms like paintings or sculptures, Oevaali Art Shop is the best store. This recently opened Art Shop boasts of making people familiar with the rich culture of Maldives.

Oevaali Art Shop - Best Place to Shop in Maldives

Image Source

  • It is a premium and expensive brand for local lifestyle products.
  • It claims to sell a 100% authentic Maldivian products and hence is little pricey because of its quality.
  • It sells a lot of Maldives souvenirs for you to buy and if you’re thinking of gifting somebody it is worth every cent you spend.

9. Nala Boutique

Nala Boutique is a famous clothing shop in Kurumba Maldives Resort known for its elegant Maldiavian styled dresses.

Nala Boutique - Best Place to Shop in Maldives

Image Source

  • You could buy stylish beach clothing, toys for your kids, and small jewelry items for yourself.
  • This shop is a little expensive but has the best quality products you could find in all the 1192 islands of Maldives.
  • You could also grab the pure local coconut oil, which will be useful in your trip and even back home.

10. Angolo Souvenir Shop

It has become a tradition to take back souvenirs from your trip to the Maldives. This Artsy souvenir shop located in Maafushi Island near Mahe will help you find the best souvenirs to gift to friends and family and for yourself.

Best Place to Shop in Maldives - Angolo Souvenir Shop

Image Source

  • This artistic shop reflects on the Maldives’ identity and presents unique items to purchase for your loved ones.
  • You could buy the local tea or refrigerator magnets, keychains, or bags. Everything you buy here will be Maldivian themed.


Maldives has a lot to offer a lot to look forward to in terms of shopping. So we would suggest you make a list of items that you want to purchase or any particular souvenirs that you are looking to buy that will help you save time and energy going from island to island looking for items. Most of the things that you’ll need can be easily purchased in the capital city of Male. It has got a variety of places and shopping complexes. These shopping hubs will quench your thirst for shopping. Though there aren’t many markets in the island country, you don’t need much when you are enjoying the calm blue seas snorkeling and sea diving. These shopping complexes will satisfy all your needs and do remember to carry local currency whenever you are shopping in the Maldives.

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