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Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Visit Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary: Most Prominent Bird Sanctuary of India in Agra (2023)

Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, which is located at the banks of lake Keetham situated in Agra, is one of India’s most prominent bird sanctuaries and a top-rated place of attraction and tourist destination in Agra. It is home to a variety of aquatic animals and other wildlife but, more importantly, an excellent abode of several resident domestic birds and seasonal migratory birds.

The artificially developed shallows, mini islands, woods, etc. on the banks of the lake are the specialty of Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. The location is one of the most significant advantages of the Bird Sanctuary as you can easily reach out to this place for a perfect getaway. The Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, located between two major cities of India, Agra, and Delhi, is the most preferred spot for short vacations and weekends.

Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

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There are more than 160 varieties of bird species that reside on the banks of Sur Sarovar or Keetham Lake. The lake has more than twenty types of aquatic birds, one of the highest numbers in Bird sanctuaries of India. Some of them include Paddy Bird, Purple, and Grey Heron, Indian Spot-Billed Duck, Black-Necked Stork, Eurasian Spoon Bill, Indian Reef Heron, etc.

Places or Activities of Interest in Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary of Sur Sarovar was set up in the year 1991, and the sanctuary is a home for not only birds but also bears, pythons, and other snakes. Let us take a look at some of the significant places of attraction and activities of interest at Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary.

1. Bird Watching

Let’s begin with the one engaging activity for which the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is known for- Bird watching. You can take a walk through the woods of the sanctuary through the banks of the lake, and all you will hear is the non-stop chirping of the birds. There is no better location near Agra or Delhi, which provides the bird lovers with this much pleasance and satisfaction. There are both varieties of aquatic birds and other ones, including the seasonal migratory ones and domestic residents. The location is ideal for brushing up your photography skills as this whole site is stuffed with greenery and great scenic beauty. The guides will show you the best sighting locations, too, where you can have a great leisure time.

2. Bear Sanctuary

Sur Sarovar is not officially a bear sanctuary, but it is home for many bears in this area where they are rescued and protected. At present more than 300 dancing bears are part of this bird sanctuary, saved and protected. Even though it is not a recognized bear sanctuary, it is still one of India’s most significant hubs for dancing bears where they are guarded. Bear Sanctuary is a great place to relax while visiting the Sur Sarovar bird sanctuary.

3. Snake Park

Once again, this abode of snakes, which is a part of the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, is not an officially recognized one, but it is a home for more than 300 snakes and especially pythons. It will be a little adventurous trip through the snake park after a soothing and relaxing visit to the bear sanctuary and bird watching activities. It is indeed a thrilling and enjoyable one, which will add some rewarding moments for you in the Sur Sarovar Bird sanctuary.

How to Reach Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary?

As said, the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary location is just perfect for a short trip or vacation due to its proximity to the major cities of India. It can be easily reached from anywhere in India through different means of transport. Moreover, the city of Agra is well connected to all prominent cities in India. Let’s peek at some of the commonly used means of transportation to reach the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary.

By Road: Our destination, Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, is just 19 km away from the city of Agra, which can be covered easily. You will find enough public transport facilities that connect Agra with Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. You can also find cabs and taxis from here or rent a car to reach the destination safe and sound, which is merely a 30 min journey on the road.

By Rail: The major railway central of Agra is well connected to all the prominent railway stations of India. Therefore it would be an effortless task for you to reach the Agra station first and hop on to any motor transport on the road that connects Agra to the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. It is one of the most affordable means of transportation, too, just 19.5 km away from the destination.

By Air: Once again, the airport of Agra, close to the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, is the quickest mode of transport you can visit the sanctuary. The airport lies just 23 km away from the sanctuary and connects to all the other prominent airports of India.

Food and Cuisine Around Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

The Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary provides its visitors with several food places within the vicinity of the sanctuary. Most of them are fast food outlets that serve many varieties, and some restaurants serve multiple cuisines. The atmosphere and the ambiance is the biggest perk of hitting the food places here as your dishes will be accompanied by the sweet chirping of birds and lush greenery everywhere around.

Shopping in Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

You will be able to find all kinds of necessary items or equipment needed for bird watching like Binoculars within the sanctuary’s compound. You can also find shops selling snacks and foods within the vicinity of the sanctuary.

If you are planning for some big shopping, you can hit the road and reach Agra in less than 30 minutes, where you have much bigger markets selling goods of all kinds and varieties.


Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is a small but significant place worth a visit when you are planning a trip to Agra or nearby destinations. Besides birds, you will also find bears, snakes and more wildlife here which promises a great leisure time. Plan a visit to this beautiful bird sanctuary when you visit Agra and when it is safe to travel again.

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