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Suntalekhola - Place in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical

Chalsa Travel Guide: 7 Places in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical (2024)

Chalsa is a tiny town of Western Dooars that is located in the magical area of West Bengal. You might have already known that the Northern part of West Bengal is one of the naturally most affluent areas with flora and fauna in India. This region of the country is so captivating that it receives tourists from all around the world. People are so much in love with this region because it is not only visually appealing but also, it is a paradise for wild animals. Even though Chalsa is not that popular as the other parts of Dooars, it is not less beautiful than them. Many people call this town the “Queen of Dooars” because it is stunning.

The Malbazar subdivision governs the town of Chalsa, and many organically gorgeous spots in Jalpaiguri surround this area. Even though Chalsa itself is a fantastic tourist spot, it is more known for the surrounding regions. One of the unique features of Chalsa is its tea plantations. While exploring this region, you will be able to notice these lush green gardens. Although there are many tea gardens located in the Northern part of West Bengal and Assam, the tea plantations in Chalsa are more beautiful than them. As these plantations are located amid the vast wilderness of the surrounding Chalsa forests, the extent of the area’s beauty is also magnified.

Many people consider Chalsa as the base for their trip to North-East India and North Bengal. Some of the most significant sites located near Chalsa include Samsing, Sultanekhola, Bindu, Jhalong, and others to name a few. In this blog, we are going to learn about the most beautiful places located near Chalsa. You will be pretty happy to know most of the areas you will learn in this blog are located quite close to the main city center of Chalsa. That is why it will be relatively easy for you to explore them while staying at Chalsa. When you visit Chalsa, you will notice that it has a lot of high-quality hotels and homestays. One of the main reasons for this town’s accommodations is the significant number of travelers that treat it like a base for their vacation. If you are thinking about visiting this enchanting town of West Bengal, we suggest you go there from November to April. During the said time, the climate of Chalsa will be entirely transparent, and you will face no hindrance while exploring the surroundings sites. Although the environment will be much more agreeable from November to February, many people go there between March and April, as the chance to witness the wild animals in their natural habitats is more in the said two months.

Reaching Chalsa is not that difficult. As there is a railway station in the town, many people prefer to go there by train. You can take a train to Malbazar to reach Chalsa as it is more popular than the former’s railway station. If you plan on visiting there by flight, you will have to go there from Bagdogra airport as it is the nearest airport from Chalsa. The distance between Bagdogra airport and Chalsa is 60 km approximately. So, without much ado, let us start exploring the mystical sites near Chalsa.

7 Places in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical

The places mentioned in the following parts of this blog are quite popular among nature-loving travelers. As the demand for hotel rooms at Chalsa is quite great throughout the year, it is always a better idea to book your rooms in advance for a comfortable trip.

1. Suntalekhola

Located at half an hour-drive from Chalsa, Suntalekhola is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in West Bengal. This site is a tiny hamlet situated amid the vast greenery of the dense forests of Dooars. The name Suntalekhola means “Orange Stream” as Suntale in the local tribal language means “Orange,” and Khola means “Stream.” When you get there, you will understand the significance of this name. Throughout the village, you will notice orange orchards that are exemplifying the beauty of the area. Also, you will notice many streams flowing all across the region. As the village’s altitude is around 3110 feet, you will get to see the surrounding area from its topmost point. Suntalekhola is such a welcome change from the busy city life that your mind will be instantly rejuvenated after visiting there. Suntalekhola - Place in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical

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If you go there, you will also get to see Bhutan hills from any village point. Apart from natural beauty, many people again go there to take part in trekking and camping. One of the most famous trekking routes from Suntalekhola is the Rachela pass trek. The area is also a paradise for bird watchers. Over there, you might be lucky enough to see exotic species of birds like Hill Partridge, Pond Heron, Red-Vented Bulbul, Black Eagle, and others.

The distance between Chalsa and Suntanekhola is- 20 km.

2. Samsing

Another famous sightseeing spot from Chalsa is Samsing. This region is one of the most beautiful areas in West Bengal as it is surrounded by majestic tea gardens, glorious hills, and picturesque views. As this site is located very close to Chalsa, you will get there within twenty minutes from the town. One of the most notable things about Samsing is its tranquility. You will witness so many beautiful sites throughout the entire region that you will be pretty bewildered after visiting there. One of the most important reasons Samsing is so famous is that it is the gateway to Neora Valley National park. If you do not know, you should know that Neora Valley national park is one of India’s most important wildlife conservation centers. Apart from the said fact, Samsing is also famous for its tea gardens. While traveling towards Samsing, you will come across some of India’s most notable tea gardens, including the Zurantee tea garden, Chalsa tea garden, and others.

The lush greenery of the tea plantations will make you feel genuinely pleased. While exploring Samsing, you will also find some rare breeds of birds, including grey nightjar, black-chinned Yuhinas, greater racket-tailed drongo, and others. The mesmerizing Murti river flows through this site.

Place in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical-Samsing, Neora Valley National Park
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Many people prefer to enjoy the area by sitting by the bank of the gorgeous river. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can go to trekking trails from Samsing as well. While visiting Samsing, it will be better for you to see the beautiful Khasmahal village. It is quite well known for its production of oranges. The site of this hamlet will make you satisfied.

The distance between Chalsa and Samsing is- 16 km.

3. Bindu

Bindu is one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful sites near Chalsa that will make you fall in love with West Bengal. Located at the height of 2000 feet, Bindu is a tiny hamlet surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful views in Dooars. Even though this village is relatively unknown to many tourists, real nature lovers love it immensely. As this hamlet lies quite close to the Indo-Bhutan border, the culture and tradition are pretty mixed. This hill station is quite famous for the production of cardamon. Not only the hamlet but also the path to the destination is enchanting.

Best Place in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical-Bindu Dam

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Throughout the entire route, you will witness the lush green Chapramari forest and faraway hills. There is a plantation located close to the site named Gairibas Diascorrea plantation that is a great place to know about the effects of medicinal plants.

When you visit Bindu, you will have a great time exploring other sites over there like the Bindu Dam, the bank of the river Jaldhaka. One of the most exciting things about this river is that it is created from three other rivers: Dudh Pokhri, Bindu Khola, and Jaldhaka. If you are an adventure-enthusiasts, you can trek 15 km from Bindu to reach Godak village. It is an excellent place to soak in the mysticism of North Bengal.

You will be surprised to know that you will get to see the snow-capped mountains from the region if you get there during the winter season. That site amid the backdrop of the lush green forest will captivate your mind like never. You will reach Bindu from Chalasa within two hours if you rent a car.

The distance between Chalsa and Bindu is- 20 km.

4. Jhalong

Located at a one and half hour-drive from Chalsa, Jhalong is yet another fantastic sightseeing site to see there. Mostly known for the West Bengal government-run river camp, Jhalong is an excellent place to connect with mother nature. There are some exciting places to see in Jhalong, including the Jaldhaka Hydel power station, Jaldhaka Dam, Tangta camp, and others. This site is mostly known for the Jaldhaka River.

Amazing Place in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical-Jaldhaka River
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The scenic view of this site amid the backdrop of the Himalayas is quite extraordinary. Many people visit Jhalong to explore its marketplace. As this site is also located at the Indo-Bhutan border, you will see that the market reflects the mixture of different cultures. Over there, you will see people from Marwari, Nepali, Bengali, Rajbansi, and Bhutanese communities visit there to fulfill their daily requirements. Like most surrounding places in Chalsa, Jhalong also offers an ample number of trekking routes.

From this village, you can trek towards Todey and Tanta villages. The picturesque view of the trekking path will make you forget your life in the metropolis. If you are serious about spending a night at the Jhalong river camp, it will be a better idea for you to visit there between October and December.

The distance between Chalsa and Jhalong is- 31 km.

5. Todey Tangta

As we have mentioned earlier in this blog, Todey and Tangta can be reached from Jhalong or Bindu by trekking, but we must also say this to you that they can be visited by cars. Many people prefer to visit Todey by car and trek towards Tanga from there. If you walk towards Tangta from Todey, it will take you around 3 km. The main reason these two tiny inconsequential villages in West Bengal are so famous among wanderlust travelers is that they were both relatively crucial for their cardamon production. Even though the spice’s output is not that much right now, it still has the plantations. Apart from that, these two hamlets’ scenic view is breathtakingly beautiful as they are located inside Neoara Valley national park, with gorgeous mountains and lush green forests surrounding them.

Many adventure seekers visit the Rachella peak from Tangta. To reach this peak, you will have to trek for six to eight hours. You might think that the journey time is quite long, but you will understand its worth after getting there. Rachella peak has one of the most picturesque sights in the entire West Bengal. On the path to Rachella, there is a hot spring named Dabai Khola located over there. If you want, you can bathe in the water of the spring and rejuvenate your body. Even though visiting Todey and Tangta might take up your entire day, we promise it is worth the hassle.

The distance between Chalsa and Todey is- 49 km.

6. Oodlabari

Located only an hour-drive from Chalsa, Oodlabari is a beautiful town situated over there. This site is mostly famous for its mesmerizingly beautiful tea gardens. Also, the site is located by the banks of two spectacular rivers named Chel and Ghis. Several tea estates surround the region. Some of the renowned ones are Gurjanjhora, Ranichera, Rungamatee, and others. You might have even tried the teas from any one of these estates. Located a bit far from the main city center of Oodlabari is Kathambari. This area is perfect for you if you love nature and wildlife. Kathambari is quite well-known for its dense forests and wild animals. Many tourists have been lucky enough to see leopards, wild Asiatic animals, and other beasts while exploring Kathambari.

Top Place in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical-Oodlabari
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Although Oodlabari is a proper town where many locals reside, it is one of the fascinating regions of Dooars. As it has the combination of tea estates with dense forests, the region’s beauty is off the charts.

The distance between Chalsa and Oodlabari is- 20 km.

7. Gajoldoba

Gajoldoba is a breathtakingly gorgeous village located an hour-drive from Chalsa. This site is pretty close to Siliguri and is famous for the Teesta basin reservoir. Even though it was constructed to help local farmers in irrigation and agriculture, it has become the most sought-after tourist spot in Dooars. As the Baikunthapur forest is located right beside this area, this site is home to many rare bird species. You can witness some of the birds in Gajoldoba are Mallard, Eurasian Wigeon, Indian Cormorant, Cotton Teal, Nothern Lapwing, Grey-Headed Lapwing, Ringed Plover, and others.

Famous Place in Chalsa That are Genuinely Mystical-Gajoldoba
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Most of these birds love to visit the reservoir at Gajoldoba. If you want you can take a boat rive on Teesta river to explore the area more closely. It will be a fantastic experience for you if you visit Gajoldoba during the winter season.

The distance between Chalsa and Gajoldoba is- 35 km.

All the sites around Chalsa in West Bengal that are mentioned in this blog are stunning. You might think that we are exaggerating, but we are not. These places might not be that popular in India like other destinations, but they are even more beautiful than many popular Indian tourist destinations. If you visit Chalsa, it will always be a better idea for you to keep at least a week in your hand because exploring all the aforementioned sites in a couple of days is impossible. We hope by reading this blog, you get enough knowledge to plan a Dooars trip for you and your family.

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