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Sangchen Dorjee Monastery - Top Sightseeing Spot to See in Pedong, North Bengal

Visit Pedong in North Bengal: Top 8 Sightseeing Spots to See in Pedong (2024)

Visit Pedong in North Bengal

North Bengal is one of the most beautiful regions of West Bengal and India. Most of the popular tourist destinations in North Bengal are located in the Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts of West Bengal. Some of the more popular holiday spots in the said regions include Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Mirik, Kurseong, Lava and others. Apart from these gorgeous areas, some other smaller towns and villages located in North Bengal are exceptionally beautiful. Pedong is one of the most underrated places near Kalimpong that is gaining popularity among wanderlust travelers. As this tiny village is located only 20 km from Kalimpong, many people treat Pedong as a sightseeing spot from Kalimpong. Some people even visit there during the day from Lava. Even though you can see Pedong in a day, but you will be able to enjoy the region to its fullest if you stay there for a few days.

One of the main reasons behind Pedong’s beauty is its location. The picturesque view surrounding the village will stay in your mind even after returning to your home. As Pedong is located at an altitude of 3,970 feet, the surrounding view from there is breathtakingly beautiful. You will be surprised to know that a pine tree located in Pedong is over 200 years old. The village is named Pedong due to the presence of the same tree.

This tiny Himalayan village is not only well-known for its natural beauty, but Pedong is also quite historically significant. As Pedong used to be one of the major transit hubs on the silk route in the 1800s, it was quite famous at that time. People used to transfer their commodities from India to Lhasa through Pedong. The British government took control over Pedong after the Anglo-Bhutanese war in 1865.

Throughout Pedong village, you will see incredibly refreshing pine forests. From the town, you will get the magnificent views of Mount

Kanchenjungha and Mount Siniolchu quite vividly. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best places to visit in Pedong. Apart from seeing the following sites, you can also take part in trekking, fishing, nature walking and bird watching in Pedong. Even a few years ago, there were not many staying options available in Pedong. Still, now there are some hotels and homestays located over there that will allow you to spend a peaceful vacation. The region’s climate is pretty pleasant throughout the year, but if you visit there between October to March, you will get clearer weather. During the said times, you will have a crystal-clear view of the gorgeous mountains in Pedong. The nearest airport to Pedong is located in Bagdogra, and the distance between the two places is 98 km. If you plan to visit there by train, you will have to get on a train to New Jalpaiguri. The distance between New Jalpaiguri and Pedong is 92 km. You will not have any problem renting a car from Bagdogra and New Jalpaiguri.

Top 8 Sightseeing Spots to See in Pedong

The places mentioned in the following section of this blog are lovely and popular in Pedong.

1. Silent Valley

Silent Valley is such a site in Pedong that it makes everyone fall in love with Pedong. As the tall green Pine trees surround the entire spot, it looks impeccable. One of the main reasons why the place is called Silent Valley is that the green woods over there make the region completely serene. When you reach there, you will automatically stop making any noises due to the site’s immense beauty.

Top Sightseeing Spot to See in Pedong-Silent Valley

Photo Credit: silentvalley.gov.in Image Source

This site is located 5 km from the Pedong bus stand, and that is why many people visit there by trekking. If you want, you can have a nice picnic amid the immense natural view of the area. Many adventure seekers even set up camp at the site. You will be surprised to know that a lake named Siyal Pokhari is constructed every monsoon in the region. If you are a lover of bird watching, do not forget to bring your binocular with you as it is home to a wide range of exotic species of birds.

The distance between Pedong Bus Stand and Silent Valley: 5 km.

2. Tinchuley View Point

Located pretty close to Sillery Gaon, Tinchuley View Point is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Pedong. As this site is quite close to the aforementioned Silent Valley, most tourists visit it while visiting the Silent Valley in Pedong.

Tinchuley viewpoint is the most spectacular viewpoint in Pedong, but it is one of India’s best viewpoints. From the Tinchuley viewpoint, you will get a panoramic view of almost all the mountains located in Darjeeling and Sikkim.

Sightseeing Spot to See in Pedong-Tinchuley View Point
Image Source
The view from Tinchuley viewpoint is so captivating that you will not pay attention to anything else. If you visit Pedong between October to March, you will get a view of Jelep La pass and Nathula pass. From this point, you will also get a view of the mesmerizingly beautiful green paddy fields of the nearby Kashyem village. Before going to Tinchuley Viewpoint, you must know that you will have to hike for thirty minutes to get there. There are no modes of transportation available to the point.

The distance between Pedong Bus Stand and Tinchuley View Point: 6 km.

3. Damsung Fort

Founded in the year 1690, Damsung Fort is one of the most important places to see in Pedong. The Lepchas created this fort and it was the home to the last Lepcha king, Gyabo Achyok. During the 17th century, India was frequently attacked by Bhutan, and that is one of the main reasons why this fort was built. After Bhutan, this area was also attacked by the British East India company. Later the Damsung fort was captured by the British regime. Even now, Damsung fort is considered to be one of the few important forts left in West Bengal.

Best Sightseeing Spot to See in Pedong-Damsung Fort
Image Source

The local Lepcha community maintains the fort. Apart from the historical importance, the location of Damsung fort is also immensely splendid. The mesmerizing views of Pedong surround the entire area. If you visit Pedong in April, you will get to witness the famous “Chaitey Fair” over there. You will be surprised to know that Damsung fort is the only fort in the Darjeeling district.

The distance between Pedong Bus Stand and Damsung Fort: 7 km.

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm.

4. Ramitey Viewpoint

Ramitey Viewpoint is not an ordinary viewpoint in Kalimpong district. It is the only viewpoint in the section that allows tourists to get the most comprehensive view of the river Teesta. If you do not know, you should know that the Teesta river is the largest river in Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Best Spot to See in Pedong-Ramitey Viewpoint

Credit: Offbeat Hamlet  Image Source

From this viewpoint, you will get to witness the fourteen bends of the river. If you get there on a more straightforward day, you will get to see the entire region ranging from Teesta Bazar to Majhitar. Moreover, while visiting this viewpoint, you can also explore Sillery Gaon, another gorgeous place near Pedong.

As the altitude of Ramitey viewpoint is 6400 feet, the climate over there is quite chilly, but when you reach there, you will know that everything was worth the view. Apart from the above views, this Ramitey viewpoint will allow you to witness a clear view of Mount Kanchenjungha.

The distance between the Pedong Bus Stand and Ramitey Viewpoint: 17 km.

5. Cross Hill

Located at the heart of Pedong, Cross Hill is one of the most-visited sites over there. This site is tremendously popular among tourists because it allows tourists to get a vivid view of Mount Kanchenjungha. The reason why this spot is named Cross Hill is that in 1882 a cross was erected by Father Augustine over there. He was going to Tibet, and on his way, he planted the said cross. After that, many Christian devotees started visiting the site, and that is why a statue of Jesus Christ was also constructed over there.

Amazing Spot to See in Pedong-Cross Hill
Image Source
Later the only chapel of Pedong was also constructed in the said spot. If you visit there, you will even notice the border of Tibet and China from there. To genuinely enjoy the surrounding views offered by Cross hill, it will be better for you if you go there at dusk at the time of sunset.

The distance between Pedong Bus Stand and Cross Hill: 1.5 km.

6. Sangchen Dorjee Monastery

Sangchen Dorjee Monastery was constructed in 1700, and it is one of the most beautiful places in Pedong in the Kalimpong district. This site is a Bhutanese monastery, and it is located in the town of Pedong. Earlier, this monastery was popularly known as Pedong monastery. If you want to know about the culture and history of Pedong, this monastery is an excellent place for you to visit. Over there, you will get to learn a lot about the Anglo-Bhutanese war that took place in 1864. Different pieces of evidence from the war are stored in the monastery.

Sangchen Dorjee Monastery - Top Sightseeing Spot to See in Pedong, North Bengal

Credit: arunavabose  Image Source

You will also get to see the mummified body of the last Shabdrung Rinpoche when you go there. Throughout the monastery’s inner walls, you will get to see pictures depicting different rituals of Tantric Buddhism. If you got there between April and May, you would get to witness the Cham dance.

The distance between Pedong Bus Stand and Sangchen Dorjee Monastery: 2 km.

7. Rikisum

Located at the height of 6000 feet, Rikisum is the best place in Kalimpong district to get a panoramic view of Mount Kanchenjungha. From this viewpoint, you will get to see crystal-clear pictures of widely popular Himalayan towns. Some of the cities you will see from this point are Pedong, Gangtok, Kalimpong, Darjeeling, and others.

Top Spot to See in Pedong-Rikisum
Image Source
Not only will you get to see the majestic views of the surrounding region, but you will also get to see the ruins of the British bungalow built-in 1902 from there. The said bungalow was used as a halting point by the British travelers during that time. As this spot is right in the middle of Lava and Pedong, many people visit Lava from there.

The distance between the Pedong Bus Stand and Rikisum: 10 km.

8. Sillery Gaon

Sillery Gaon has become one of the most popular hill stations in North Bengal in the past few years. This village is located not that far away from Pedong. It is situated at the height of 6000 feet, and pine trees surround it. Even though not many people live in this village, it is visited by tourists from all over the world. In the earlier days, the village residents only depended on farming, but now they actively take part in eco-tourism.

Best Spot to See in Pedong-Sillery Gaon
Image Source
If you want to stay in Sillery Gaon, you can do that by visiting one of the homestays located over there. Sillery Gaon is a beautiful place to enjoy the true beauty of North Bengal genuinely. The highest point of Sillery Gaon is located at Jhandi Dara. You can get a panoramic view of the entire region quite quickly from there.

The distance between Pedong Bus Stand and Sillery Gaon: 8 km.

Pedong in Kalimpong district is one of the most underrated places in India. When you go there for the first time, you will understand the extent of its beauty. Moreover, as this site is not that popular among travelers, you will get to spend a peaceful vacation over there. The residents of the village maintain the homestays in Pedong. You will be genuinely pleased with their hospitality. We have mentioned all the important places located in and around Pedong. We hope you have time to visit all of them during your trip.

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