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Langtang Valley Trek - Trek that everyone Loves in Nepal

Langtang Trek Guide (2023)

Langtang Valley is one of the most majestic places in Nepal. Located in the Bagmati province of the country, this region is famous for the Langtang National Park and its mesmerizing beauty. Even though the entire area suffered severe damages due to the devastating 2015-earthquake, it returned to its past glorious self by receiving aid from Nepal Government. Now, tourists across the globe visit Langtang mainly for trekking. Usually, it takes them around eight days to complete the trip. The vastness of Langtang’s beauty attracts several tourists from all over the world.

One of the main reasons behind Langtang hike’s popularity is its breathtakingly beautiful natural expanse and the warm hospitality of its locals. By partaking in this trek, you will get to gain knowledge regarding its local culture and tradition. Its proximity to Kathmandu is also a major reason behind its popularity. The hike starts from Syabru Besi and ends at Kyangjin Ri. On average, the trip will have an average altitude of 9000 feet. The highest point of the Langtang trek is located at an altitude of around 16000 feet. So, you can guess that the route will not be extremely easy. But do not panic; it will not be impeccably difficult as well.

The Langtang trek can be attained by beginners. As you will have to hire a licensed guide, you will not face much difficulty completing the trip. Even though we have mentioned that the trek’s highest point is located at Kyangjin Ri, if you want, you can finish it at Kyangjin Gompa. Most trekkers end their treks at the monastery only.

Throughout the hike, you will get to stay in tea houses. These lodges are great for spending a night or two. You will get hearty meals on these sites as well. You will stay at Syabru Besi, Lama Hotel, Mundu, Kyangjin, and Kathmandu throughout your Langtang trek.

The entire trail of Langtang trek is around 77 km long. If you are ready to take up this challenge of completing the 77 km hike, this blog is for you. Here, you will find all the important information required for completing the mighty Langtang trek.

What are the Best Ways to Reach the Starting Point of the Trek?

The only way to reach Syabru Besi, the starting point of the Langtang trek, is by availing of a vehicle from Kathmandu. As the distance from Syabru Besi to Kathmandu is around 50 km and the terrain is quite challenging, it would take you seven hours to reach the destination. If you plan to get there via bus, you will have to go to the New Bus Station in Kathmandu.

Otherwise, you can go there by renting a jeep. The entire journey would be shortened by an hour by taking a jeep. The cost of a bus ticket from Kathmandu to Syabru Besi is around INR 400, and renting an entire jeep would cost you around INR 6000.

What is the Perfect Time for Lantang Trek?

Langtang Trek-like other treks in Nepal, is best experienced between March to April and October to November. But among these months, it would be best for you if you for there in March. The entire region remains quite secluded during March. Also, the roads throughout the trek remain quite clean and dry during the said month. The overall climate in Langtang is quite agreeable in March.

But October is also quite great for trekking in Langtang. The clear skyline of the area allows you to view the Langtang Himal peaks quite easily during October. Moreover, the dry pathways help you navigate the route more easily during this time.

The worst time to visit Langtang is in the monsoons between June to August. Going on a trekking expedition in Nepal during the monsoon season is extremely dangerous. If you are an experienced hiker, you can partake Langtang trek in the winters but remember the snow-filled roads will be quite difficult to hike during this time. Moreover, many guest houses and teahouses will also be closed between December to February. If you are determined to go there in the winter season, beware of the risk of avalanches in the area.

What is the Best Itinerary for Experiencing Langtang Trek?

As we have already mentioned, the Langtang Trek starts from Syabru Besi. Now to get there; first, you will have to reach Kathmandu. It is always better to stay in Kathmandu for a day or two. As it is the country’s capital, you will find a lot of amusing things to do and see over there. Then the following day will be the first day of your expedition.

Day 1: Arriving at

Syabru Besi

Syabru Besi is a beautiful village located at an altitude of approximately 4800 feet. You will have to ride a bus or a jeep for more than seven hours to get there from Kathmandu. Throughout the journey, you will see a wide number of Himalaya ranges. From the Annapurna to Manaslu, from Ganesh Himal to Langtang Himal, the mountain ranges that you will get to see during the trip from Kathmandu to Syabru Besi will stay with you forever.

On the way, you will come across beautiful Nepali towns like Trisuli and Dunche. Soon, after crossing these sites, you will get to Syabru Besi. The village has different teahouses where you could have a good night’s sleep and a delicious meal.

Day 2: Trekking to Lama Hotel

On the second day of your Langtang trek, you will start hiking. On this day, you will cover a total distance of 15.7 km. Your destination for this day is Lama Hotel. As this spot is located at the height of 8100 feet, you will have to hike a steep trail of more than 3000 feet. The journey from Syabru Besi to Lama Hotel will certainly be tedious and tiring. Still, the mesmerizing views of the surrounding region will genuinely remove all of your exhaustion and keep you energized.

On the path from Syabru Besi to Lama Hotel, you will come across villages like Tiwasi, Pairo, Bamboo, and Rimche. In all of these places, you will get to spend some time taking a rest and appreciating their natural beauty. On this day’s trip, you will find com across a multitude of waterfalls, rivers, and lush green forests. The six hours that you will spend while hiking to Lama Hotel will be pretty spectacular and memorable.

Day 3: Trekking to Mundu

The third day of Langtang Trek usually took tourists to the Langtang village, but things pivoted after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Now, the trek takes trekkers to Mundu instead of the village as it does not exist anymore. More than 100 people were killed, and all the houses were destroyed during the earthquake.

The route from Lama Hotel to Mundu is around 14 km long, and you will reach there in approximately five hours. On this day’s trek, you will go through a lush green forest. While walking, you will notice glimpses of the Langtang Lirung mountain ranges. Even though Mundu’s altitude is around 11,640 feet, the journey from Lama Hotel to Mundu is relatively easier. When you come across Langtang village half an hour before arriving at Mundu, your heart will sink. The boulder-filled hamlet will give you a stark reminder of how small we are in front of nature. In Mundu, you will get to stay in a relatively modern lodge with all amenities.

Day 4: Trekking to Kyanjin Gompa

The distance between Mundu and Kyanjin Gompa is only 6 km. You will get there within two hours. On the way, you will come across the beautiful expanse of streams and greenery. Moreover, you will also get to see a government-run cheese factory in the region. If you want you can have your lunch over there.

When you reach the Gompa, you will genuinely be pleased by its surrounding beauty. The stupas amid the background of the Himalayas will make you calm. After reaching there, do not forget to have some time to yourself and enjoy the surrounding. You will spend the night in the area, and that is why it is better to explore Kyanjin for the rest of the day.

Day 5: Trekking to Kyanjin Ri

On the fifth day of your trek, you will reach its summit. Kyanjin Ri is located at an altitude of around 16000 feet, and it would require you around one and a half hours to reach there. The trail from Kyanjin Gompa to Kyanjin Ri is extremely steep. While hiking to the point, you will get tired and exhausted. But when you ultimately reach the spot, you will be genuinely mesmerized. Kyanjin Ri allows you to get views of the ethereal peaks. The snow-capped mountains amid the background of the turquoise blue sky will make your difficult trip worth it.

We would suggest you hike to Kyanjin Ri in the morning. Some tourists prefer to take this trip after lunch, but we would advise against it. The skyline is way clearer in the morning than in the afternoon. In case you are not planning on visiting Kyanjin Ri, it would be better to spend the day exploring Kyanjin. From this village to, the Langtang peaks are visible quite vividly. Remember to take a lot of photographs of the surrounding panoramic views.

Day 6: Trekking to Lama Hotel

On the sixth day of your trip, you will return to Lama Hotel. Now, as the entire trip from Kyangjin Gompa to Lama Hotel is descending, you will be able to cover the distance a lot faster. On the way, you will come across the previously visited sites, including Langtang Khola, Mundu village, Ghora Tabela, and others. Finally, you will reach Lama Hotel in the evening. After staying overnight in this village, you will start your resume trekking the upcoming day.

Day 7: Trekking to Syabru Besi

The seventh day of your trek is the last day you will be hiking in the Langtang trek. On this day, you will continue the descend from Lama Hotel to Syabru Besi. The entire trip will make you feel nostalgic as it will be the last time you will walk on these trails. The path is exceptionally scenic. You can make this trip interesting by taking the longer route from Rimche via Sherpa Gaon to Syabru Besi. Even though this deviation will take you longer to reach the destination, you will not regret taking it.

Day 8: Returning to Kathmandu

The eighth day of your Langtang trek will comprise traveling from Syabru Besi to Kathmandu. The journey will be of approximately seven to eight hours.

Many tourists book their flights from Kathmandu the next day after returning from the Langtang trek. We would advise you against it. Booking international flight tickets right after completing a trek is never a good idea. Rather, book the tickets two days after returning from the trip. You will get to spend a leisurely day in Kathmandu. After hiking for seven straight days, having the day to yourself is much needed.

Moreover, the hike can go haywire, and you might be stuck in some places a few hours longer than expected. In this blog, we have included the shortest possible itinerary for exploring the Langtang valley. There are many other hikes available in the region that will take much more of your time. We hope you got a lot of crucial info by studying this blog.

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