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Lukla Airport in Nepal

Visit Lukla in Nepal: Home To The Most Dangerous Airport In The World (2023)

In the past decade, Lukla has become one of the most visited Nepal towns in the world. Mostly famous for being the home to the nearest airport to Mount Everest, this town is unique in many ways. Even though tourists visit Lukla mostly because of its proximity to Mount Everest, there are many things to know about this town. Most people prefer to stay in Lukla for a day before starting their trekking expedition to Namche Bazaar or other Nepal places. This site is located in the country’s Solukhumbu district and is situated at the height of 9383 feet. So, you will well imagine its climate throughout the year.

Due to the famous (or notorious) Tenzing Hillary Airport, Lukla gets many visitors from across the globe. That is why so many luxurious hotels have been built in this town. Tourists get to spend a few days in this area quite comfortably due to all the available amenities. The food in Lukla is also quite different from the other towns in Nepal. You could easily get Western meals while staying there. Even though the tourism sector of Lukla got a massive boost after the construction of the Tenzing Hillary airport in 1964, tourists are highly skeptical of it due to the large number of accidents that happened there over the years.

You will be shocked to know that several tourists have been killed due to Lukla airport’s short run-way. The poor weather of the region also hampers the pilot’s ability to fly comfortably. That is why tourists always prefer to take the early morning flights to Lukla. But now, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has made things pretty secure. Now, apart from highly experienced pilots, nobody else is allowed to take-off from Tenzing Hillary airport. One of the main reasons why so many tourists fly to Lukla despite so many risks is that it is the starting point of several treks in the Everest region.

In this blog, we will talk about every possible thing related to Lukla tourism in detail. If you have always dreamt of witnessing Mount Everest, continue reading this blog. This travel guide to Lukla will make your trip plan a lot more easy.

Top Things To Do In Lukla

There are many things to do in Lukla that will genuinely make you happy. Some of the most popular activities are provided below.

Hiking to Phakding

Phakding is the first stop on the way to Mount Everest. Most trekkers go to this site from Lukla to reach Mount Everest, but we would suggest you visit it even if you are not going on an Everest trek. The hike from Lukla to Phakding is quite easy. Usually, people get there within a day. As the trail from the town to Phakding is pretty comfortable, people love hiking to the spot. You will have to walk for 7.8 km to reach there. You can stay in a teahouse in Phakding and get to know the locals living there. Even if you are not an avid trekker, you will have no problem partaking in this activity.

Trekking to Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar is the second stop on your way to Mount Everest. People go there from Lukla by trekking. We have already discussed that you will first have to visit Phakding to hike to Namche Bazaar. After spending a night in Phakding, you can easily hike to Namche Bazaar on the second day. Unlike the prior hike, this hike is not easy.

It is one of the most difficult treks of the entire trip. With a steep elevation and challenging terrain, hiking to this spot is not a piece of cake. But the trek is certainly immensely beautiful. Throughout the journey, you will pass different tiny Nepal villages. You will get to know a lot about the lives of the local people living there by talking to them.

Visiting Tenzing Hillary Airport

The Tenzing Hillary airport is so much more than just an ordinary airport. It is a breathtakingly beautiful site that every tourist must know about. You might think what the point of exploring an airport that you have already seen is. By going to the airport while staying in Lukla, you will get to know a lot of important and intriguing facts about it. You will also get to see the notorious run-way that led to several accidents in the past.

Must-See Places Near Lukla

The places to see near Lukla can mostly be visited by hiking. As no vehicles are allowed there, you will have to trek for several days to see them. Some of the most famous places near Lukla are provided below.

Tengboche Monastery

Tengboche Monastery is one of the oldest religious institutions in the entirety of Nepal. This monastery is famous for its serene ambiance amid the vast expanse of the Himalayas. When you reach the site, you get bewildered by the mesmerizing beauty of its surrounding. From this monastery, the majestic Mount Ama Dablam can be seen quite clearly. Tengboche monastery is a stop at the trek to Mount Everest. From Lukla, you will have to hike for more than nine days. Some advanced trekkers can reach there within lesser days. If you visit this site during October, you will participate in the famous Mani Rimdu. This colorful festival makes the site even more beautiful.


Thamserku is one of Nepal’s most beautiful mountain ranges that can be reached by trekking from Lukla. You will reach this site on the sixth day of your trek to Mount Everest. It is considered that the Thamserku trek is one of the most challenging treks from Lukla. This site is only for those who are visiting Lukla to take part in mountaineering. The altitude of Mount Thamserku is more than 12000 feet. Many tourists choose Thamserku to be the base camp before starting the final stage of their journey towards Mount Everest. That is why they prefer to stay there for at least two days to acclimatize themselves to the region before starting the most challenging part of the entire hike.

Kongde Ri

Commonly known as the Holy Mountain, Kongde Ri is one of the most beautiful mountains in Nepal’s Khumbu Valley. Reaching this peak is quite difficult as it is tremendously steep. That is why it is one of the least hiked regions in Nepal. Usually, trekkers get there on the fourth day of their trek from Lukla. The view of this spectacular mountain in front of your eyes will make you forget all the discomfort that would happen to you during the trek. This site is genuinely a paradise on earth. Apart from the surrounding views of the Himalayas, you will get to see the 360-degree view of the Khumbu valley quite easily from Kongde Ri.

Ways to Reach Lukla

The most efficient way to reach Lukla is by flying. But the details of the trip are provided below.

By Airplane: There are several flights that you will get to catch from Kathmandu to reach Lukla. These flights will be available to you from the Tribhuvan airport in the Nepal capital. They will take you to the Tenzing Hillary airport within half an hour. Even though the Lukla airport’s run-way is dangerously short, accidents seldomly happen now due to strict restrictions. Whenever the airport authority of Nepal suspects worse weather conditions, they cancel the nonstop flights for a day or two. That is why it is the best idea to keep a few more days in your hand while visiting the town. You will not want to miss your international flight due to the cancellation of the Lukla flights. Nowadays, only early morning flights are allowed to take off from Lukla. 

By Helicopter: Many tourists prefer flying to Lukla by helicopter. Helicopters can be availed from the Kathmandu airport only, and the entire journey takes only an hour. Now, the trip from Kathmandu to Lukla by helicopter is perfectly splendid. You will get to witness the majestic beauty of the entire path through this journey. The views of the spectacular farms of Kathmandu, accompanied by the Himalayas’ grandeur, will make you immensely joyful as this trip is extremely costly, avail of it if you do not have a budget constraint.

By Road: The path to Lukly from Kathmandu by road is not possible entirely by riding a vehicle. You can get a car from Kathmandu to take you to towns like Phaplu or Jiri, but you will have to go on a three to five-day hike from there. Even though the trek is impeccable regarding natural beauty and adventure, seldom do people choose this. Most people prefer to fly there. If you choose to go to Jiri from Kathmandu, you will reach Lukla by walking for five days. Otherwise, if you start your hike from Phaplu, you will reach the destination in three days. The trek to Lukla might be exhausting, but it allows you to witness the crystal-clear view of Mount Everest for its entire duration.

Best Time to Visit Lukla

The climate of Lukla varies greatly throughout the year. If you go there between December to February, you will not at all be able to enjoy the surrounding. The weather will be too cold for easy traveling and trekking. In case you go there between June and August, you will get the best weather in Lukla. Even though precipitation happens during this time, many tourists prefer to go there during these months. That is why most of the lodges are booked between June and August in Lukla.

Even though June to August is quite popular for visiting Lukla, we suggest you go there between September and November. The weather is a lot cooler in these moths, but the lack of precipitation makes them perfect for exploration and trekking. This is the second most popular time to visit Lukla. The clarity of the atmosphere makes the visibility in the area quite perfect during this time as well.

The Spring season in Lukla is not great for trekking and exploring. Rainfall is quite frequent during this time. Moreover, the days are quite warm. That is why it is better to avoid these months to have a perfect trip to Lukla.

Best Places to Stay in Lukla

As we have mentioned earlier, Lukla has become a major tourist hub due to Tenzing Hillary airport’s presence over there. That is why there are quite a few good quality hotels located over there that trekkers and tourists love staying for a few days. Some of the highly-rated places to see in Lukla are given below.

Lama Hotel

Lama Hotel is a pretty affordable property located in Lukla. It is located in a location that allows you to get the Khumbu region’s beautiful mountain views quite easily. The restaurant inside the property allows you to have delicious Nepalese and Italian dishes. Despite being so affordable, the entire hotel has all the amenities of modern life.

Address: Chaurikharka 56010, Nepal.

Phone Number: +977 986-2864277.

Website: Not available.

Price of a room per night: INR 1500.

La Villa Sherpani Lukla

La Villa Sherpani Lukla is a beautiful property located amid the mesmerizing beauty of Lukla. The cottage itself is so beautifully designed that it complements its surroundings perfectly. If you stay there, you will get to barbeque in its garden. The hotel’s restaurant is quite popular for serving authentic continental cuisine. You can get amazed by the Himalayan ranges from the sun terrace of La Villa Sherpani Lukla.

Address: TENZING HILLARY AIRPORT, Chaurikharka 56000, Nepal.

Phone Number: +977 980-1076626.

Website: http://www.lavillasherpani.com/

Price of a room per night: INR 5600.

Himalayan Lodge

The Himalayan Lodge is one of the most affordable yet popular hotels located in Lukla. The location of the property allows tourists to get unhindered views of the surrounding mountains. This property comes with a restaurant, bar, and comfortable and well-maintained rooms. Despite having so many different amenities, the hotel is extremely affordable.

Address: Lukla – Everest Base Camp Trekking Route, Chaurikharka 56000, Nepal.

Phone Number: +977 38-550017.

Website: Not available.

Price of a room per night: INR 550.

Lukla might not be a highly intriguing tourist spot in itself, but it is certainly immensely popular due to its location. Even though most tourists tend to treat Lukla as a resting point before starting their trek, we would suggest you spend a couple of days over there. You will get to learn a lot about the daily life of the locals living there. We hope, by studying this blog, you get a clear idea about the site. So, good luck, and have a safe trip to Lukla!

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