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Winner Creek Falls, Girdwood - Best Waterfalls in Alaska

7 Beautiful Waterfalls In Alaska Which Will Woo You (2024)

A whole rush of water flowing above you and the calm is restored! Is that how you picture yourself while on a holiday? The imagination itself is so lucrative that you will be left wanting more! While you are looking around, and as the title of the write-up suggests, the majestic waterfalls could be your source of the ultimate blissful experience while on your trip to Alaska! And if you are wondering why Alaska, and why is it being implored, then well you need to sit back and read this article about all the beauty that awaits you in Alaska!

The American city of Alaska is one natural haven to behold, with its share of creeps, ravines, forests and exquisite waterfalls that will make you wonder if it is all for real! The definitive can’t be fixed when it comes to unravelling these beauties, and here is a list of 7 of such divine waterfalls in Alaska that can give you your own version of nirvana, err, without the possible risk, of course!

7 Beautiful Waterfalls In Alaska Which Will Woo You

Beautiful Waterfalls In Alaska:

1. Horsetail Waterfall- Whittier

The Horsetail Waterfall of Alaska is known for its deep diving gorge and the absolutely breath-taking view that will take you by surprise when you reach the top of the trail that leads to the falls. The area is frequented by professional hikers, but it is a good point for beginners too and you can expect a great hike that is memorable and worth a lifetime.
Beautiful Waterfall In Alaska-Horsetail Waterfall, WhittierImage Source

Horsetail Falls is replenished by snow and ice melt and hence the best time to visit the waterfalls would be early spring and winter months. The best part of this waterfall is the central point from where you can view a chain of waterfalls that surround the area.

The fall is almost 176 feet down and is actually side-lined by a roadside which makes it very accessible and the perfect stopover for an exhaustive journey!

2. Thunderbird Falls- Anchorage

Thunderbird Falls is listed as one of the best waterfalls for a family day out in Anchorage, Alaska. It is conveniently located near a trail, called the Chugiak trail and is about 1.8 miles long. The whole trail is dotted by handrails and boardwalks to lead you to the viewpoint of the waterfall which is the ultimate bliss for the little hike. Especially during the winters, the falls freeze and the clear blue ice spikes scream ‘Frozen’ all throughout.
Amazing Waterfall In Alaska-Thunderbird Falls, AnchorageImage Source

The falls is also notorious for its slipping hazard and hence it is advisable to stay close to the trails, as since past few years the tourist footfall to this year has increased significantly and you better be equipped with anti-slippery hiking equipment, but as you reach the place it will be all worthwhile the efforts, we assure you that!

3. Winner Creek Falls- Girdwood

A scenic gorge is what hosts this small fall which even though you might doubt that what power does a miniature fall hold, well you will be largely mistaken when you visit the place! This waterfall in Alaska is very interesting as it has a cage pulley system which is used to ferry tourists from one point of the gorge to another. If you are somebody who is not a big fan of heights can take this ride, and who knows you might be able to conquer your fears alone!Winner Creek Falls, Girdwood - Best Waterfalls in Alaska

Image Source

On a closer inspection it can be realized that the Winner Creek gives out the illusion of a big fall which is flowing in two directions but it is rather considered as more of a roaring river rather than a tall fall. Visit this place to experience the thrill first hand.

4. Liberty Falls- Chitina

Best Waterfall In Alaska-Liberty Falls, Chitina

Photo By Design Pics Image Source

Do you remember the nostalgic times of camping and going out for picnics along with family and later friends? Chitina is a similar place dotted with mountains and spectacular views of rocky slopes. The place is illuminated with the magical Liberty Falls and you will find yourself entranced by this place.

The trail is something about 1.7 miles and the scenery that surrounds the trail is beyond picturesque with the landscape all strewn by shrubberies and trees. The fall can be viewed from the parking lot of the trail. The sound that is created by the falling stream is known for its healing properties and can lull anybody to a sound sleep.

5. Brooks Falls- Katmai National Park

A place that is world-renowned for its large populace of brown bears, and is a favorite spot for wildlife enthusiasts. The National Park is thronged throughout the year by people and professional wildlife photographers who compete with each other to capture that perfect shots of these beasts.
Nice Waterfall In Alaska-Brooks Falls, Katmai National ParkImage Source

The spring months of July, August and September are the best to visit the waterfalls and see the place come to life with the scenes of bears hunting for salmon and the nature is all colourful and lively with undernotes of different natural hues. Visit this place and be ready to be left all mesmerized!

6. Russian River Falls- Kenai Peninsula

Incredible Waterfall In Alaska-Russian River Falls, Kenai Peninsula

Credit: Eric Soderquist Image Source

Streams of thousands of salmons flowing down, and that is what greets your eyes when you come by to visit this beautiful waterfalls in Alaska! The Russian River waterfall originates above a stunning riparian canyon, which gives it it’s illusive foamy texture and you can easily be confused if it is a waterfall or a Jacuzzi!

Those who visit this place, are there to view the unending currents that carry all these salmons and the unnerving but thrilling expectation, that bears might throng the place as well (a little bit of trivia, bears love eating salmons!) and besides there is a two-mile-long trail that runs along, bejewelled with gravel and slopes at a very smooth elevation. It is also to keep in mind that since you might catch a glimpse of either a black or brown bear, so obviously it’s advisable to not venture beyond the viewing trail.

7. Lower Reid Waterfall- Skagway

The location that is Skagway is a popular destination in Alaska and is frequented by people from all around. The waterfall is a beautiful day hike spot and is a great point to start your further exploration of nearby tourist hotspots ! Besides exploring the waterfall, you can go around the Klondike highway which is near the Gold miner Graveyard and believe us the view that will grant you will be unbelievably beautiful!

The falls has another jewel to its crown, which is the presence of a secret water cave at the mouth of the river, which will act as the perfect background for your aesthetic holiday pictures!

These places will make you believe in magic again, and you will be left astounded with awe as you go on unraveling these beauties. While travelling it is always a nice break to come by a place that makes your soul just too happy, and these waterfalls just do their job to perfection at the same time! We hope that you have an exhilarating experience while you visit Alaska and that these waterfalls do end up in your travel itinerary.

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