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6 Popular Places To Visit For Nightlife In Anaheim (2024)

The fun and entertainment in Anaheim know no end. Everything about this city is incredible, and it is what makes Anaheim one of the most desirable tourism cities in the world. Located amidst San Diego and Los Angeles, this South Californian city can take all hearts away, may it with its well-known tourism attractions, natural wonders, bars, and clubs, award-winning local craft, or anything that counts.

There’s always a lot happening in Disneyland city, and Nightlife here is all happening and interesting. Be it about enjoying some special shows, exploring the Disneyland park, or sipping some fine wine at the bar, there’s something special about the Nightlife in Anaheim that keeps attracting people once and ever again.

6 Popular Places To Visit For Nightlife In Anaheim

To make sure that you do not miss out on something really happening, have a quick look at our list of “Popular places to visit for Nightlife in Anaheim.”

1. Visit the Rumba Room Live Nightclub

The city of Anaheim is home to quite a lot of amazing nightclubs, and the Rumba Room Live Nightclub is one magnificence amongst them. It is located right across the street from Disneyland and is an upscale Latin-themed nightclub spread over 10,000 square feet. It can host nearly 1000 guests at a time, keeping all of the audience entertained with the quality dose of Latin culture, the best in town Latin music, and amazing salsa performances (where one can choose a partner from some talented dancers out there). The audio and lighting inside the nightclubs give it no less feel than an amphitheater where you can also view some of your favorite artists and Latin bands playing live. It is an ideal place for couples and friends in Anaheim, only if you are willing to spend some extra dollars around. 

2. The Pump Room

An adult-specific place and a popular nightlife spot in Anaheim, the Pump Room is surely not worth a miss. It is one of those desirable spots where you can find scantily-clad bartenders pouring cocktails & beers right at your table and providing you the most amazing hosting. It isn’t dedicatedly a restaurant, but a bar (dive bar or a sports bar) with amazing pool service, LED playing ball games, and a jukebox playing great tunes transforming your night into a party-appropriate vibe. The beverage collection here is great and huge to select from. The crowd here is usually good and friendly, and you would find visitors both young and old from all genders. Despite being an adult-specific place, it is stated extremely safe, and this is counted as one of the top-rated bars in Anaheim. Hands down, it is also noted as one of the best gay-friendly bars in Anaheim and Sol Cal, and being here won’t affect your finances much.

3. Tanner’s Treehouse Lounge

For individuals who prefer less noisy bars and are willing to travel down a little, the Tanner’s Treehouse Lounge is one great place for them to visit. Located somewhere near Huntington Beach, the Tanner’s Treehouse Lounge is only a quick 30 minutes’ drive away from Anaheim and is quite peaceful for what one would generally expect from a bar or a nightclub. The lounge has one of the most beautiful outdoor seating where you can sip on some of the unique cocktails and munch on some contemporary coastal cuisine. Their uniquely eclectic menu, international flavors, and innovative culinary techniques take the dining and drinking experience here to completely next level. However, the element that adds in most fun here is the breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean, the mild sound of waves, and the cold breeze soothing down the night hours.

4. Blu SkyBar at Radisson Blue Anaheim

If it the richness and luxury you are looking for the night, then the Blu SkyBar at Radisson Blue Anaheim can be your destination in the city. It is a rooftop bar located right on the 12th floor of Radisson Blue, serving the most executive menu of the city. The rooftop setting offers a spectacular view of the glorious Sol Cal sunset, the nightly fireworks of the Disneyland Resort and the glittery view of Anaheim, and some glimpses of Disneyland. If this does not fulfill the charm for you, then its Spanish and Southeast Asian menu, Spanish-influenced beverages, traditional gin and tonics, cool craft cocktail, and imported wine from Spain, California, and other parts of the globe will surely do the job. The bar also features 20 taps from where you can easily refill local craft beer from California and enjoy your night. Though slightly pricey, the ambiance, food, and drink affair justify every penny paid.

5. Anaheim Night Market

If you are done with the bar and club-influenced Nightlife of the city, then what you can choose for your next stop is the Anaheim Night Market. The Night market is a local festival/ event organized at the Anaheim Packing District, offering free admission to one and all. It is an annual event, basically, an Asian-style night market featuring local vendors, great music, street shows, live dance performances, Californian art and culture, and some great street food to gulp on. The venue, though, is a little small, but the event is mostly jam-packed with visitors, of which most of the ones you will encounter would either be local Californians or foreign tourists (specifically Asians). The loud music, party-like lightning, talented artists and live bands (both locals and international), and budgeted shopping options make it one of the most lively and fun places in Anaheim to be visited during the nighttime.

6. Disneyland Nightlife

Out of all the fun at night, the most entertainment you can grab is at the Disneyland park in Anaheim. When the sun sets and the brightness begins to dim, it is when the streets of Disneyland start to glitter and a plethora of nighttime activities come alive. There are several bars, nightclubs, and restaurants (preferably for adults) within the park that are in their full glory all through the evening and night hours. The Disneyland park also hosts several theatrical performances, shows like Fantasmic,

“Remember…Dreams Come True”, musical events and Karaoke, and themed dining during the night hours. However, the most spectacular night event here is the world-famous firework show, specifically the one organized during the summers and around the Christmas holidays. The best viewing location for the firework includes in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Jolly Holiday Bakery Café, Near Partners Statue, Main Street Train Station, Main Street, U.S.A., along the Rivers of America in Frontierland, and in front of “it’s a small world.”

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