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6 Best Honeymoon Destinations and Couple Things To Do In Los Angeles

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations and Couple Things To Do In Los Angeles (2022)

The City of Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, has it all. Before an extravagant appreciation, Los Angeles is simply a beautiful city. It is a city where several dreams get fulfilled amidst the ineffable charm and glittery glory. Whatever desire a traveler carries in his/ her soul, every little to big thing gets fulfilled here in Los Angeles.

Even if you are here for a family vacation, a bachelor’s trip, a weekend getaway, or your HONEYMOON, this incredible city of Los Angeles will never send you back disheartened.

The fabulous city of Los Angeles is one rich, famous and diverse honeymoon destination in California. The Californian residents, Los Angeles locals, visitors from all across the United States, and even for the global travelers this is one of the dream cities amongst couples who want to make their trip together, a memory for a lifetime. If you are also the one and looking for some finest choices here in the city.

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations and Couple Things To Do In Los Angeles

Have a look at our list of Best Honeymoon Destinations and Couple things to do in Los Angeles.

1. Catalina Island

Catalina Island or Santa Catalina is one rocky island located on the southwest of Los Angeles city. It is 22 miles long and 8 miles wide and is notedly a part of the Californian archipelago’s Channel island. The locals of Los Angeles or the ones who have been here for their honeymoon simply denote it as the Island of Romance. Catalina Island is more like a mini-Mediterranean, an ideal space for newlywed couples with a perfect combination of romance and relaxation. The location around combines of Catalina picturesque landscapes, dramatic seascapes, and one of the most soothing climates you would generally find around the Californian cities. Santa Catalina is one of the famous talks all around Southern California, and you can find several honeymoon packages leading your way to this incredibly beautiful and tranquil place. Even you take an evening stroll or moonlight walk at Avalon waterfront or indulge in some exciting water activities (kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing), the endless options here contribute to a romantic honeymoon getaway in Los Angeles. Image Source

2. Marina Del Rey – Romantic Dinner Cruise

The city of Los Angeles in itself is one pristine honeymoon destination in the United States, and spending sometime around the city itself can give you and your partner some quality time. However, if you are near the Southeast of Los Angeles within its unincorporated county, then do not miss the chance to hop into the Marina Del Rey – Romantic Dinner Cruise. Marina Del Rey is a water adventure destination, and the views around the location are more splendid than what could be explained. Couples who are here for their honeymoon often rent dinner cruises and spend time with their partner over water level and under a star-filled sky extremely romantically. If not cruise, one can also rent a private skippered yacht here or an electric Duffy boat rental or theme-party cruise to have a fulfilled night experience with their loved ones.

3. Sunset Champagne Flight Over the City- Air tours of Los Angeles

Another spectacular experience in Los Angeles that you can try as a couple and increase the fun and romantic atmosphere of your honeymoon is taking a romantic flight over the city. You can either rent a 60 minutes evening sunset tour that will take you over Huntington Beach & Pier, Hollywood sign, Downtown LA Skyscrapers, Dodger Stadium, and several other LA wonders while overlooking the red and orangey sunset from up above the sky. The drastically colorful sunset changing swiftly into glittery LA night is one of the city’s most spectacular experiences. You will be served with Sparkling Champagne, and the rider can even decide of whichever site over from where they want to see the sunset. There are also some mini 40 minutes night time tours that take the rider over the most famous spots of LA, and the view from above is unforgettable.

4. Visit the High Rooftop Lounge at Venice Hotel

After the glittery Los Angeles view from the helicopter, if there’s any other sight that can provides you the best and romantic view of the city, it is the High Rooftop Lounge at Venice Hotel. Located in Los Angeles County, about 30 minutes away from the heart of the city, is the luxurious Venice hotel. However, what draws the romantic hearts here is the High Rooftop Lounge of the hotel from where one can capture a clear and beautiful view of the South Bay and LAX, Santa Monica Pier, Malibu, Cataline Island, Getty Museum, and more. The lounge is extremely popular amongst locals and especially couples as the staff provides the guest with comfortable blankets over banquettes seating where they can snuggle around after the colorful sunset as it gets really cold up there. However, one has to be at least 21 to be here. The food and cocktails are also absolutely divine.

5. Grab a meal at the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant

Dinning a lip-smacking meal along with your partner, overlooking the expansive stretch of ocean and sand, what’s better and relaxing than that? The Carbon Beach Club Restaurant located at the Malibu Beach Inn serves all-day dining while watching the waves crash along the shoreline. Not like the other regular beach-facing restaurants, it is one high-end luxurious place with tasteful coastal cuisine, decent drinks, right at one practically private beach where your couple time would not get disturbed by the crowd all around. If you are lucky enough during the migration season, you can view the humpback whale breaching along the shoreline or birds making their way over your head, chirping, blessing your ears. It is one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles, and if you are a seeker for stars-stud skies, do plan a couple-dinner here.

6. Venice

On the Westside of Los Angeles lies one popular city, Venice, which is often romanticized amongst couples of LA. While you are visiting LA for your honeymoon, it is one of the finest places you can head towards and spend an entire week’s holiday. The city has quite a lot of Honeymoon suites, including the Hilton Garden, Villa Brasil, Shutters on the Beach, The Ritz Carlton, and several others. Venice is comparatively less crowded than several other cities in Los Angeles, which adds in more flavor here to plan a romantic couple trip. The city is adjacent to the ocean, and exploring the Venice Ocean Front Walk, also known as the boardwalk, is one of the experiences that you cannot miss when here with your partner. Explore the canals of its beachfront neighborhood and dine at the posh and lavish Abbot Kinney.

Best Time To Visit Los Angeles For Honeymoon

The City of Angeles experiences a hot and dry climate most of the months annually and being here from mid of May until August can be a little harsh on the temperature front. Also, it is one of the peak holiday seasons in Los Angeles, and prices are sky-high during this time.

For planning your Los Angeles Honeymoon, the best time of the year is during Spring and autumn. It is the time when most of the flowers blossom, the crowd is less, it is comfortable to explore the outdoors (from a weather perspective), and you can grab a great hotel and booking deals. Winters as well are peaceful and calming with sunny days all throughout.

Your Los Angeles honeymoon will take you towards a perfect setting for the most memorable journey of your life. Everything you have ever romanticized, just wish for it, and you will find it somewhere in LA.

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