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Top 10 Scariest Tourist Destinations in Los Angeles

Top 10 Scariest Tourist Destinations in Los Angeles (2023)

List of Top 10 Scariest Tourist Destinations in Los Angeles

Suicide Bridge in Pasadena

This bridge in Pasadena, located on Colorado street, is infamously known as the “Suicide Bridge”. The bridge is not only haunting but has a certain mystical aura to it as well.

The bridge was constructed in 1913. Soon after that, in the year 1919, a person took their own life on this bridge. Ever since that, this bridge has witnessed lots of untimely deaths under mysterious circumstances.

Lots of people have also claimed to have seen paranormal activity on this bridge. Even full-bodied apparitions are very common. A man once claimed he saw a man leaping off the bridge. But when he rushed to see what happened, there was no one below. There have also been reports of a woman appearing and vanishing into thin air right before everyone’s eyes. These stories have surely made this bridge a popular location among ghost enthusiasts.

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store, which is located on Sunset Strip, was a restaurant years before it became what it is today. Around the 1940s and 1950s, this became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after clubs. But the club had its own dark secrets.

This club became a hotspot for gangs and mob bosses. The entire area during that time had a lot of gun-fights and deaths. Circo’s club became the epicenter of all that. The basement of the club was used to kill people who went against their gang leaders.

So, it is really not surprising that even to this day, the basement of the place has some seriously creepy activities going on. People have reported hearing voices and crying noises. There have even been sounds of aggressive snarling. While the Comedy Store chose not to believe all this at first, they have not acknowledged the mysterious occurrences in their establishment and also offer tours for the same!

Hollywood Roosevelt

If you are a Hollywood fanatic and want to explore one of the scariest places in Los Angeles, Hollywood Roosevelt is for you. This establishment, which was once a trendy joint for the biggest names in Hollywood, still seems to have them in spiritual form.

One of the main spirits which are said to make an appearance here is the great Marilyn Monroe herself. There is a full-length mirror in the lobby of the hotel, which is where guests love taking their pictures. Guests claim Monroe often appeared on top of that mirror in their picture. Apart from this, you can also hear Montgomery Clift’s voice on the 9th floor. He stayed in this hotel when he was filming for “From Here to Eternity”.

Hence, you can imagine all the spooks you might be getting here!

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the center of one of the creepiest horror stories in America. It involves a woman by the name of Dona Petrenilla. The story goes that when Don Antonio Feliz, who was Dona’s uncle, died due to smallpox in the late 1800s. Soon after his death, Dona found out that she had been left out of his will. This angered her, and she put a curse on the land and anyone who owns it.

Ever since this, the land has witnessed some of the most mysterious deaths and even disappearances. The last known owner of this place was Griffith J. Griffith, who maimed his own wife, and was consequently taken to prison.

Lots of people have claimed to have seen Dona roaming around this land and also other inhabitants who died over the years. Most of the locals avoid Griffith Park after sunset, as it is believed to be truly sinister.

The Silent Movie Theatre

The Silent Movie Theatre has a history that is worth a blockbuster in itself. It was started by John Hampton in the year 1942 to show off his film collection. However, John died by succumbing to the toxic chemicals he used to preserve his film.

After John, his mentee Lawrence Austin took over the theatre. But he was murdered by a hitman in the lobby one night, exposing an elaborate scheme of his lover and his projectionist to take charge of the theatre. Austin’s spirit is still said to haunt the lobby of this theatre. People have claimed to see his apparition walking around the entrance and sometimes even smiling at them.

You would surely agree that this has got to be one of the most melodramatic origin stories for a spirit-filled with twists and turns!

The Culver Studios

Culver Studios has been the location for some of the most amazing films in the history of Hollywood, including ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Raging Bull’. But did you know that this place is also one of the most haunted locations in Los Angeles? The studio was built by Thomas Ince, who died on a cruise while celebrating his birthday.

However, most people believe that Ince was murdered and did not die of natural causes. And hence, his spirit still roams around the halls of the studio looking for revenge. Lots of studio technicians and directors have themselves witnessed Ince in several parts of the studio. Although he has never done anything malicious, people are still scared to stay in the studio after dark or alone.

Do you think you would be able to spend time in this haunted location alone?

The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign is symbolic of Los Angeles. But did you know that this, too, is a scary tourist destination in LA? The Hollywood Sign has been infamously used as a place for people to take their own lives.

One of the most notable cases of such sort was that of Broadway actress Peg Entwistle. She lost her parents early on, and even though she did receive amazing reviews for her performance, she could never really manage to get a big break in Hollywood. All this led to her killing herself. Locals say that she can still be seen near the Hollywood Sign. People have even witnessed her apparition jumping off the height several times.

Apart from Peg, many other apparitions are also seen here. Unfortunately, all these spirits are probably very restless and have not been able to find the peace which we all pray to get once we die.

The Del Monte Speakeasy

The Del Monte Speakeasy is a basement bar. It is located below the famous Townhouse restaurant in Los Angeles. The underground was earlier used as a tunnel to transfer alcohol. Now, it has been modified into a utility corridor.

As far as the legends go, it is said that the former owner by the name of Frank Bennett is still seen sitting in his favourite booth in the corner. He can sometimes even be seen walking around the bar and disappearing and appearing out of nowhere. Guests have sometimes felt sudden chills and dizziness for no apparent reason. But there has been no reporting of anything very sinister, ever.

If you do decide to visit this place, apart from getting amazing food and drinks, you will also probably get a spooky experience like never before!

Pantages Theatre

Pantages Theatre was conceptualized and brought to life by the businessman Howard Hughes. He was a workaholic and had a door directly connecting his office to one of the balconies in the theatre. He would often spend time there in the dark thinking about how to expand his business.

Since Hughes was such a workaholic, it is said that he still roams around the balconies and around his office area on the second floor. In fact, when restoration processes were underway, a worker saw a man coming out of Hughes’ office and standing behind him. When he asked the man what he wanted, the man disappeared. People believe that man was no one other than Howard himself.

Apart from that, an apparition of a lady is also seen roaming around the halls when they are empty. She is said to have died when a show was being projected in 1932.


This is a lovely Japanese restaurant located in the Sycamore area of Los Angeles. The place offers impressive Japanese food and is also a very common spot for weddings and other celebrations.

Since the restaurant is located at an elevated height, it offers a spectacular view of the entire city. Many people believe that is why it has attracted a lot of lost souls and spirits, who are just looking for peace. There has even been a phantom bartender around the bar, who has sometimes interacted with the guests. Sounds of plates crashing and unexplainable noises are prevalent too.

People have also seen a couple walking around in the residential area of the establishment. However, the couple seemed to disappear into thin air.

In a nutshell

So, this is a list of some of the scariest places in Los Angeles. Be sure to check out these locations, and you might spot a ghost or two!

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