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List of Boat Tours in San Diego To Enjoy Your Day

List of Boat Tours in San Diego To Enjoy Your Day (2024)

San Diego is a coastal city present in Southern California. The city is one of the most picturesque places on Earth and offers a wide range of tourist spots and activities for tourists. The atmosphere that San Diego has is truly incomparable to anything else on Earth. If you are planning to take a trip to San Diego, then some things must be on your checklist and one such thing is taking boat tours in San Diego.

List of Boat Tours in San Diego To Enjoy Your Day

Here is a compilation of the best boat tours in San Diego that you will be able to avail yourself of when you are in the city.

1. La Jolla Kayak

The Sunset Original Kayak Tour, which is presented by La Jolla Kayak, is the perfect opportunity for tourists to explore the La Jolla Underwater Park and also its ecological reserve. The entire tour is about an hour long and also has narrations provided by well-experienced guides. Most people enjoy these narrations and get to learn a lot about aquatic life as well.List of Boat Tours in San Diego To Enjoy Your Day Image Source

Single kayaks are priced at $54, while double kayaks are at $84. However, this price does keep changing based on the day and time. The tours include a detailed tour of the sea caves as well. People can also enjoy snorkeling.

2. Flagship Cruises and Events

This tour is known as the San Diego Harbor Full Bay Cruise and happens to be one of the most comprehensive boat tours in San Diego. The entire tour is two-hours long and takes the guests through a variety of exciting locations. If you opt for this tour, you will be able to see the Coronado Bridge, the Star of India ship, and also the famous Maritime Museum of San Diego.

Tickets cost $33 for adults and $16.5 for children who are aged between 4 to 12. Tourists also have the choice to choose an hour-long tour, in case they are in a hurry.

3. San Diego Sailing Tours

The Signature Daytime Sailing tour, which is organized by San Diego Sailing Tours, lasts for two hours and is carried out several times a day. The tour is done on a restored yacht, and the starting point is Harbor Island. You will not only get some of the best views of the ocean and the Coronado Bridge, but the San Diego skyline also looks pretty spectacular from here.

Tickets start from $99. The tour also includes a glass of wine or craft beer at that price. For a group, the maximum number of people allowed is six.

4. Hornblower Cruises and Events

If you are interested in the aquatic life in San Diego, then the Hornblower Cruises and Events would make the right choice for you, as they offer whale and dolphin watching cruise tours. If you can take this tour during the right season, you will be able to catch glimpses of blue, gray, pilot, or fin whales here. The entire tour is four hours long and certainly worth the duration. Naturalists from San Diego Natural History Museum come on this tour and provide valuable commentary, which is entertaining as well as informative.

Tickets cost $55 for adults and $27.5 for children. There are also snacks available onboard that you can purchase.

5. Adventure R.I.B Rides

The whale watching tour offered by Adventure R.I.B Rides is also a very trendy choice among tourists who are interested in catching sight of one of the most majestic species on the planet. Depending on the season, you can get to see gray, blue, humpback, mink, etc., whales. The captains on these boats are naturalists as well and provide plenty of amazing information and facts about each whale, which will certainly make you feel enriched.

Tour tickets cost $85 for adults and $70 for kids. The tours start every day at 9 am and 1 pm.

6. Sail San Diego

The boat tour organized by Sail San Diego is special because it gives the guests the option to choose whether their tour will be focused on the San Diego Bay area or they would like to head out to the Pacific Ocean. The tour is three hours long and covers a lot of interesting locations. The captions are tour guides and share a lot of interesting facts. Customer feedback has always been positive for this tour, making it one of the best in the city.

The ticket price is $95, and this covers the tour, parking fees, life jackets, and binoculars. The tour starts at 1 pm every day and also has complimentary snacks and beverages.

7. Speed Boat Adventures

If you are looking for some thrill, then the Speed Boat Adventures will probably be the perfect match for you. This tour allows you to ride a speedboat and get a guided tour of the wonderful San Diego city. You will first be provided with enough information about how to operate the boat. Then, you can start and ride the boat, while the guides give you information about what’s around you. This is surely one of the most popular boat tours in San Diego, attracting a lot of customers.

The tour lasts for an hour and a half and covers a distance of 13 miles. The tickets are priced at about $140. However, this could change depending on the number of people taking the tour.

8. Everyday California

Famous Everyday California has the La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour, which is not just taken by tourists but also by locals. Apart from being able to see the beauty of La Jolla Caves first-hand, visitors also get to see a variety of sea creatures like sea lions, whales, and sharks. You can also take a tour by combining both kayaking and snorkeling. This is a very popular choice among those who are visiting.

This is truly one of the loveliest boat tours in San Diego and only costs between $45 to $105, depending on the number of kayaks you take. This tour takes place more than once a day and can accommodate up to 20 visitors at a time.

Hopefully, this list of boat tours in San Diego has been helpful, and you will be able to have a much better experience in this alluring city with the help of an aesthetic boat tour.

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