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Visit Temecula: 4 Things To Do and 4 Best Places To Visit In Temecula

Visit Temecula: 4 Things To Do and 4 Best Places To Visit In Temecula (2024)

Temecula is one of the finest tourists and resort city in California that has earned some good reputation in the last couple of decades. Though Temecula is vividly known for being a premier wine tasting destination, there are many other adventures and surprises this city holds for vacationers and travel enthusiast. The city of Temecula is home to some award-winning vineries that are also classified as the best Wineries in California. Being here and not tasting the local wines, is one unsaid sin that you must not commit.

When done with the Vineyard tours, the gorgeous city of Temecula has a lot other things to do and places to visit. Only be aware of the weather as it may surprise you. Sitting between beaches and deserts, the climate of Temecula tends to be warmer and drier, but equally colder as well during the peak of winters. There are endless site seeing locations in the city, but besides exploring these tourism worthy sites, Temecula also offers some of the finest shopping experiences. To know more and get the best out of your trips, have a look at our top picks for Things to do and Places to visit in Temecula below:

Things To Do In Temecula

The city of Temecula offers endless activities that will keep you hold and would not let you get bored even for a second. Here are the few things you must try when in your trip to Temecula.

1. Wine Tasting

Wine production and Vineyards are part of the Gem crown that brighten up Temecula, and when here you can surely not afford to miss it. This fabulous city has over 40 wineries and is expected to grow even more in the few coming years. Temecula’s soil and climate, makes it a perfect location to grow several varieties and thus when you sip some wine here, your taste buds will explode like never before. Out of the finest vineries in Temecula, consider visiting Callaway Vineyard & Winery, South Coast Winery, Ponte Family Estate Winery, Wiens Family Cellars, and Vindemia Estate Winery. Not just for a sip of several wine varieties, but the well grown, manicured and serene vinery locations are one experience in themselves. Companies like Grapeline Wine Tours, Destination Temecula Wine Tours, and other organizes well managed tours with several amenities included and are functioning from a few decades now.
Things To Do In Temecula-Wine TastingImage Source

2. Gem Mining

The craze of Wine production in Temecula, overpowers other fun, of which one of the finest is “Gem Mining”. Gem Mining in personal is indeed one out of the world experience and no one would want to miss it if given a chance. California though is well known for gold mining, but there are plenty of gem deposits here in the state and if you want to try your hand on some, do visit Temecula for that experience. Companies like Ocean view Mine offers personalized mining opportunities to both locals and tourists. And the best part about it is, you can dig, find and keep whichever gem your hands land upon during the mining process.
Best Things To Do In Temecula-Gem MiningImage Source

3. Walk Down the Old Town Temecula

Old Town Temecula is a hub for shopping, dining, art galleries, and historic additions. A simple walk down on the lane of this Old Town is enough to capture a lot of authentic Temecula glimpse. While you explore the streets here, you would find rustic western-era buildings, unique wooden sidewalks, horseshoe-shaped old fashioned town square with some art festivals, parades, and live music throughout the year. You can shop here from the antique store, speciality boutiques, and the local shops for some pure Temecula souvenirs, designed in wine themes specially. Further, the American, Mexican, Italian and other international plus locals’ eateries here are to dive upon. Food enthusiast who are looking for some choicest dining experience in the city must visit the Old Town Temecula.

4. View the Valley from Hot Air Balloons

If you want to view Temecula in the most majestic ways, consider exploring the valley from a Hot Air Balloon. Hot Air balloons are the finest transports that takes you over the lush green vineyards and rolling hills providing a bird-eye view of the Temecula valley. Up above there with balloon adventures you can see the magnificent tropology of Southern California like never before in a matter of 40 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the wind. For un upgraded experience, consider opting for the California Dreamin’s sunrise balloon tour and enjoy your complimentary European-style breakfast in a private rose garden at Vindemia after the ride is over.
Most Amazing Things To Do In Temecula-View the Valley from Hot Air BalloonsImage Source

4 Best Places to Visit in Temecula

Attractions in the Wine city of California have their own charm and when done with experiencing the fun, do visit some of the best sight-seeing tourist spots in Temecula.

1. Lake Skinner

Just 10 miles from the city of Temecula lies the beautiful Lake Skinner, also a reservoir. Though not very huge, but the time and experience here in the Lake Skinner recreational area is surely to try your hands upon. Lake Skinner sits in the rolling hills of Winchester surrounded with invigorating recreational opportunities and expansive panoramic scenery, alluring enough to capture with both eyes and camera. The location is ideal for day trip as the area has quiet useful amenities including picnic benches, campgrounds, barbecues, and two shaded shelters, spread well around the site. Almost, every camping needs are available right near the location thus would not make you feel isolated, still constituting a refreshing and rejuvenating environment. When here, visitors often indulge themselves into opportunities like horse riding, splash pad, fishing, sailing, and hiking. A day or two of tranquillity around Lake Skinner is all worth it.
Best Place to Visit in Temecula-Lake SkinnerImage Source

2. The Alpaca Hacienda

When in America, why miss seeing the Alpacas. Alpacas are a species of camelid mammals and at times confused with the llama but are way smaller than them. The white fluffy Alpacas are beautiful animals to have near and for this experience, one has to visit the Alpaca Hacienda in Temecula. The Alpaca Hacienda is an existing location where you can come close to these captivating animals and know more about their delightful personalities. The site offers opportunities to sit down and know about all the quirky and exciting things Alpacas do. Not just that, visitors are also allowed to feed the Alpacas, and don’t fear them as they do not have the top front teeth to bite you. Visitors can also become a part of several seminars and know about some of the things which they might have not known for years. The location has a souvenir shop as well from where you can find luxurious alpaca fleece, alpaca-themed decorative, toys and giftable.
Top Place to Visit in Temecula-The Alpaca HaciendaImage Source

3. Santa Rosa Plateau

A location that is stated as the most popular tourist spot in Temecula, is the Santa Rosa Plateau. The plateau is spread over 9,000 acres and is surrounded by cities of Murrieta and Temecula from northeast and southeast respectively. Santa Rosa Plateau attracts hikers and adventure hearts the most, who want to explore the vast land filled with preservation of local’s animals, plants, and endless hiking trails. Climbing up on the way one can find more than 60 species of rare and endangered flora and fauna along with some adobes and vernal pools as well. The hiking trails are well maintained and are ideal for taking a bike along or exploring through horseback rides. The entire pathway provides a serene view of natural beauty of all the lush greens around.
Must Visit Place in Temecula-Santa Rosa PlateauImage Source

4. Temecula Valley Museum

The Temecula Valley Museum is located in the heart of the Temecula city. A visit to the museum will take you along the history of Temecula Valley where you can know about the Luiseno Indian era, the Mission San Luis Rey period, coming of the railroads, establishment of the ranches, old farming equipment, and view some of the handcrafted artifacts, historical photographs, and other belongings of the past. There is a wonderful interactive kids’ area in case you want to visit along with family and small kids. A little gift shop alongside has quite a nice range for visitors to shop and take along as a memory of their trip. Temecula Valley Museum is covered best during the walk to the Temecula old downtown. The admission to this museum is quite reasonable and is asked only as a token of donation on the honour of the system.
Popular Place to Visit in Temecula-Temecula Valley MuseumImage Source

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