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8 Must-Visit Places in Denver (2024)

Denver, the capital city of Colorado in the USA, has been a charming place for tourists since the early centuries. Also called the Mile High City, Denver is located almost a mile above sea level. There are a host of places to visit in Denver, and you can have a short trip to this hilly region with your family and loved ones.

While planning on a trip to Denver, you need to keep certain things in mind. The place features a semi-arid climate with minimal humidity. As it has the Rocky Mountains covering it from the sides, you need to be careful that the climate will be pleasantly cold. Plan your Denver trip accordingly, and have a gala time with your family there. The following are some of the major places to visit in Denver:

1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science:

Located at Colorado Boulevard, this place has the city’s most amazing exhibitions held on a regular basis. Most famous among them are the remains of ancient Ice Age animals, dinosaur skeletons, the Coors family mineral collection, and so on. You will get to see a host of exciting programs as and when you reach this place. The Planetarium and Imax theatre is specially built to serve the purpose. The Space Odyssey and City Club are major attractions near this area, where you get to relax amidst nature’s bounties and feel the warmth of this place.List of Top 5 Places to Visit in Denver and the Best Time to Visit in Denver

2. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater:

Located around fifteen miles away from the main city, this place holds major attractions. The Red park is acquired by Denver authorities, and it acts as a live music venue. The place got its name from the red sandstone formations that cover this area. It is also present along the walls of the Amphitheatre. You can visit this place by shuttle, and its mesmerizing effect will leave you spellbound. The Amphitheater resonates with the city’s popular music talents, with a special focus on acoustics. The overall charm of the park is sure to soothe your body and soul in all its essence.

3. Denver Botanic Gardens:

This place is located at York Street and features one of the largest botanic gardens in the USA. This is one of the best tourist places to visit in Denver that you must visit for family entertainment. It encompasses an enormous space including as many as 43 different gardens, notably the Japanese garden, Boettcher Memorial Conservatory, Marnie’s Pavilion, among others. The place has heart-throbbing waterfalls, plants, and natural elements, which are sure to entice you for the whole time that you spent here. Both native, as well as international botanical elements are present here, and you will get to know a lot about ancient as well as modern theories of plant life by viewing some of them right in front of your eyes. The whole area is well guarded and presents an unparalleled view of natural beauty.

4. Denver Art Museum:

This place had its origin in the North Building, but later on in 2006, it moved to the enormous Hamilton Building, with its construction inspired by the huge peaks of the Rocky Mountain. The museum features a host of unique and ancient works of art from different regions of the world like Asia, Africa, America and presents unique models of the American Indian as well as the Oceanic forms of art. The Native American museum galleries show an impressive collection of ancient and modern sculptures and fine art. A visit to this place while in Denver will not only uplift your mood but also make you knowledgeable about a host of facts and ideas.

5. Denver Zoo:

Located at 23rd Avenue in Denver, this place forms a major part of sightseeing in Denver along with your near and dear ones. This 80-acre zoological park is the most popular tourist attraction in City Park, and it is home to a number of popular species like the African tiger, Banded mongoose, Grizzly bears, and Amur tigers (from Siberia). You can have an actual safari here, beginning from monkey island to the polar bear’s den, and it will be a memory etched in your lives forever. If you have your child with you, he or she will be totally amazed to see such giant creatures crawling their way out for a good sleep, or sunbathing, or even entertaining the audience in various ways.

6. Larimer Square:

Larimar is a district in Denver that is of great historical importance. The place has ancient buildings from the Civil War period, with features of modern civilizations coming up in great force. It is among the most famous tourist places in Denver, and you must visit it if you are a true history freak. The place has also evolved considerably, with numerous shopping centers, dining restaurants, and art galleries coming up every now and then. You surely need to visit this area to see how ancient and modern civilization is growing almost equally here.

7. United States Mint:

Located at West Colfax Avenue, this place is one among the USA’s six facilities where American currency is processed, and gold reserves are kept within high security. You need to reserve a tour for this place, so you need to keep this place on your list of sightseeing in Denver on an early basis. You can visit this area to see how currencies are actually made here, and you can get commemorative coins and souvenirs from the gift shop within the premises.

8. Cherry Creek North:

This is one of the best shopping places to visit in Denver, with numerous art galleries, boutique shops, and antique areas to visit. The place also has numerous well-known restaurants and dining places which you must visit for delicious food and a warm ambiance. It also hosts the Cherry Creek Art Festival every year around July, where you can witness famous national as well as international artists bringing together every other model of fine art. Overall, this place holds the charm of being one of the best tourist places in Denver around the year, with special emphasis on the art festivals and exhibitions going on.

There are a host of other places to visit in Denver, keeping in mind the city’s aesthetics and welcoming ambiance. You can plan a trip here and visit the above-mentioned places, which will definitely make your vacation worth all the time, money, and energy that went into it. You will have a fulfilling experience that will be etched in your memory forever. There are numerous places to visit in Denver that you can plan to visit with your family around, and also benefit a lot from the tour in general. So, pack your bags and plan your Denver trip accordingly to have one of the best experiences in your whole life.

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