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5 Top-Rated Things to Do in Fairfield (2023)

The beautiful city of Fairfield is located on Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Home to five fabulous beaches, this quaint little town is all about the New England charm. From the ancient burial grounds to colonial homes and historic greens, visitors to Fairfield can catch glimpses of the town’s glorious past at every corner they turn.

You will find downtown Fairfield peppered with eclectic boutiques, branded shops, concert venues, performance centers, and sweet shops. You get to take a step back in time as you visit the incredible Fairfield Museum and History Center and see the abundance of lush green nature as you hike along the sparkling Lake Mohegan.

5 Top-Rated Things to Do in Fairfield

No matter what type of activities you love to indulge in, there is something for everyone in Fairfield. Here are some of the top-rated things to do in Fairfield to enjoy your vacation.

1. Enjoy the Sun at the Penfield Beach

Located beside the Fairfield Beach Road, this is a vast sandy expanse that spreads across three and a half acres of space. There is no shortage of space for you to set up your chair or unfurl your towel and just relax and rejuvenate under your beach umbrella.

A large pavilion surrounds the beach, and you will immediately get a 60s summer beach holiday vibe here. You will find plenty of sunbathing adults, kids running around enjoying themselves, charcoal grills, and the smell of delicious foods wafting from the many picnic tables that are set up on the grounds. There are also sailboats and kayak racks here.

Penfield Beach

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If you don’t want to get sand in your food, you can seek a shaded area in the pavilion or choose to have your lunch at one of the picnic tables. There are all facilities for visitors here, including rental lockers, restrooms, on-site showers, and even a concession stand, making it easy to spend an enjoyable day here.

For kids, there is a small playground located near the entrance of the beach. This playground was made in memorial to Jessica Rekos, who was a Sandy Hook victim, and it is one of the 26 play areas that were created as part of The Sandy Ground: Where Angels Play Project, which honors the victims of Sandy Hook throughout the state of Connecticut.

If you are not a resident of Fairfield, you need to purchase a daily pass to visit this beach. Residents can buy the beach sticker, which is required to visit the beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

2. Enjoy Yourself By The Serene Squantz Pond

Even though it’s called a pond, this is a recreational lake that is located in the heart of the Squantz Pond State Park. The lake features a beach that is surrounded by a mountain-type setting, making it a beautiful spot to have a picnic or spend a day.

The Squantz Pond is located in New Fairfield towards the western side of Connecticut, close to New York. The lake remains open all year round, though it is most popular during the warm summer months. Swimming, fishing, boating, and scuba diving are some of the popular activities you can indulge in while here.

At the same time, you can also explore the beautiful Squantz Pond State Park, which is known to be very popular with photographers due to its stunning setting. The park is also a favorite spot for outdoor lovers, who flock here to explore the many trails.

3. Step Back In Time At The Fairfield Museum And History Center

Even though Fairfield is a small city, it is home to one of the most impressive history museums in all of Connecticut. Sitting in the heart of the historical Town Green, this massive and beautiful building houses a great wealth of exhibitions, some of which keep changing regularly. This is the place to head to if you want to find out about Fairfield’s past. The museum opened its doors to the public in 2007 through many diverse exhibits, some of which keep changing regularly.

Not only does the museum educate visitors about the town’s history, but it also celebrates the shared heritage of Fairfield. There are several hands-on areas that are ideal for children of all ages, including taking an up close look at the insides of a wigwam and learning about the city’s history as a charming summer resort.

There is also a vast research library here where you get to find out even more about the history of Fairfield County from 1639 through the present day. If you visit the museum on a Friday, you can enjoy one of the free Jazz Friday concerts in August. There are several guided walking tours that take place, including the East Cemetery, Town Green, or Old Post Road tours.

4. Take A Tour Of The Old Post Road Historic District In Fairfield

As mentioned above, even though it is a small town, Fairfield has a rich history. The city is home to three historic districts, and one of the most charming districts is located just beside the Old Post Road. This is a beautiful spot that provides a great dose of history in an appealing manner, so keep your cameras ready to capture it all.

You can find the Old Town Hall, Sun Tavern (circa 1780), and the Kids’ Cottage here. There is a remarkably well-preserved Victorian Cottage and Barn on the Town green that dates back to 1888.

You will find many informative signs posted throughout the Town Green and Museum Commons, which are a part of the self-guided sightseeing tour of this area. This area is also home to the Fairfield Honor Roll, which is a monument built in memory of those who served in both the World Wars, the Korean Warm Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf area.

5. Enjoy Bird Watching At The Connecticut Audubon Society Birdcraft Museum And Sanctuary

Founded by Mabel Osgood Wright in 1898, the Connecticut Audubon Society is the best place in Connecticut for the conservation of the state’s birds and their habitats. In 1914, the society was expanded as ten acres of land was donated by Annie Burr Jennings. This newly added area was used to create the first private songbird refuge in the United States, known as Birdcraft Sanctuary.

The sanctuary was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1993. Spread over six acres of land, you will find many beautifully designed gardens here that attract birds and butterflies. There is also a large pond, a museum, and a cottage for the caretaker of the garden.

There is a charming wooden walkway that takes you around the edge of the pond, and there is even a quaint little lookout that offers you a closer look at all the wildlife present in this area. The museum houses many displays that educate visitors about the natural beauty and wildlife of this area, along with their natural habitats. You will also find many rescued birds like raptors, hawks, and owls kept in a special area located just behind the museum.

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