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Trinity Treehouse in Stonecrest - Best Treehouse To Stay In Georgia

5 Best Treehouses To Stay In Georgia (2023)

Ever dreamt of staying in a treehouse during Childhood? Of course, you would have. As a child or as an adult, spending days in a treehouse is a dream for many. While homes and hotels make as comfortable accommodations, nothing can beat the fun of a treehouse. And when in Georgia, there are so many treehouses waiting for you to stay and enjoy your long-lost dream. Georgia has countless astounding places when it comes to accommodations. However, there is nothing better than renting a treehouse for a truly unique way to experience a new place.

Georgia or the Peachy State is home to an array of Airbnb or Vrbo treehouses to choose from. Staying at one of these comes with comfort right within the perfect secluded environment among trees in nature. You will spend the night up above the sky in a rustic setting within the most serene landscape. And unlike a hotel or resort stay, everything about treehouses is unique and exceptionally enjoyable.

5 Best Treehouses To Stay In Georgia

With that said, here are some of the most popular treehouses to stay in Georgia.

1. Treasure Hunt Tree House in Metro Atlanta

The Treasure Hunt Tree House is located in Kennesaw, nearly 20 minutes away from Atlanta City in Georgia. This three-floor tree house is unique and has an adventurous twist to it. Two treehouses are connected together with a rope bridge. And right underneath the treehouse, a bridge and a hammock run a cold stream. Dreamy enough? Besides that, an escape room-style treasure hunt hidden amongst the treehouses comes as an added bonus. Each room inside the treehouse is adorned with hand-done decoration, a comfortable memory foam bed, solar lights in mason jars, and more. On the other end of the rope bridge is a room with a desk and chairs. Guests get to use a full exclusive bathroom. Treasure Hunt Tree House is all-season fun, but its wooded setting makes it even more enjoyable during the snow season. A night’s stay here costs somewhere around $150 (room for two).

2. Abbie’s Waterfall Treehouse

One of the best treehouses in North Georgia, the Abbie’s Waterfall Treehouse is definitely a steal. This is completely secluded and sits on a hillside near a creek on Hemlock Farm. A stay here is ideal for couples and honeymooners who are looking to disconnect from the hustle of life. The complete set here includes 3 treehouses and the main cabin sitting on 5 acres of property. The hosting family resides right behind, ensuring personal and on-time facilities for guests. They even have a small passel of animals which adds to the excitement of the place. The rooms at the treehouse include a comfortable bed that one can even roll out for lying under the scenic views of the stars during the night. Other amenities include wifi in the main cabin, a functional kitchen, and an outdoor fire pit. The treehouse even offers a clear view of the creek and is within proximity to a beautiful waterfall. The property also provides access to hiking trails and serene mountain sections. A stay here costs $172 per night for two people.

3. Urban Glass Tree House, Atlanta

The Urban Glass Tree House in Atlanta is an adult-only treehouse. It is by far one of the most popular treehouses in Georgia. This architectural gem covers a 1,300-square-foot space featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a glass rail balcony, and a gourmet kitchen. In addition, some amenities here include internet, a TV, a fireplace, a laundry machine, interior glass walls, artisan coffee, and more. It can accommodate 6 to 7 people and is available at a price of $303 per night. The treehouse is just two blocks from Atlantic Station and the Georgia Tech campus, somewhere in West Midtown. So, while you are staying within proximity to the city, you still have a secluded aura all around. Since it is a glass-made treehouse, guests can get a star-studded sky view the whole night.

4. Trinity Treehouse in Stonecrest

Another best treehouse to stay in Georgia, the Trinity Treehouse, is built for nature lovers. This beautifully handcrafted escape is 25 minutes from Atlanta in a suburban neighborhood with nature all around. Renting this place will offer a comfy queen and two twins, sumptuous leather recliners, a full kitchen, and a bath, along with a huge balcony. Once it starts getting dark, the balcony starts glittering with the beautiful fairy light adorned all around. Some of the common amenities here include Roku TV, wifi, desk, heating and AC, iron, cloth storage, etc. Rooms here have a huge 6 feet window offering lovely nature views. Since it is within proximity to a 2,500-acre nature preserve, there are multiple hiking and biking trails and other modes of escape nearby. A cozy night’s stay here will cost $235.

5. Frog Call Retreat in Dahlonega

There is nothing more relaxing than the treehouse located in Frog Call Retreat, a 52-acre private nature preserve. It is basically a cabin treehouse with two bedrooms and two bathrooms that allow 6 individuals to stay. The treehouse is popular for its overlooking view of a large tranquil pond with rainbow trout and largemouth bass. Along with that, there are small waterfalls, a fire pit, and a rock dock seating area within the property. The indoor bathtub area here has glass walls that allow relaxing in hot water while enjoying the pristine views outside. Or sit along the pond and watch trout fish jumping and enjoying their time. A stay here at Frog Call Retreat calls for complete distraction from the outer world. Most mobiles don’t have good reception here, but there is an internet connection and a landline for those who want to connect with someone outdoor. The treehouse is within walking distance of 5 wineries.

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