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Abandoned Menlo Castle

10 Best Places to Visit in Georgia (2023)

Georgia, the crown of the South, is an utterly beautiful and exciting state. Individuals from States and across choose Georgia as their go-to summer, fall, and winter vacation destination. Wondering why? Because one can reach some of the world’s best tourist attractions in Georgia. There are some spectacular places across the state, from the sandy southeast beaches to the Blue Ridge Mountains and spectacular historic architecture. Georgia offers a unique set of tourist attractions; all you have to know is where to look upon.

A trip to Georgia allows tourists to explore places of incredible cultural significance and experience stunning natural views, pristine wilderness, and fun stops. No matter which season it is, Georgia has endless beautiful and exciting places to see and experience. So why wait? Here are the 10 most popular places to visit in Georgia. We hope the list below will help you make some choicest decisions.

10 Best Places To Visit In Georgia

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1. Amicalola Falls

Popularly known as the highest/tallest waterfall in Georgia, the Amicalola Falls are 729 feet high. The waterfall is the centerpiece of Amicalola Falls State Park and is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. Individuals who aren’t into hiking and want an easy way can drive all the way up to the hill. Here Park in the parking lot and observe the waterfall from above. Though for adventure seekers, there are a few short hikes that go all the way to the base of the fall and grant some astounding views. There are two vantage points and immense natural beauty that make visiting Amicalola Falls one of the most beautiful experiences.

2. Macon

Known for housing the architectural splendor of the Old South. It is home to the most beautiful and biggest collection of antebellum churches and homes in the South. Macon has always been known for its hospitability, which is why thousands of visitors walk its way every year. Its settlement around the Ocmulgee River and nearby Lake Tobesofkee allow visitors to live the outdoor life in the best possible way. Though if one has an interest in indoor attractions, places like Tubman Museum, Cannonball House, Black Theaters, Hay House, and the Allman Brothers Museum. The Ocmulgee National Monument, within proximity to the city, is also one of Georgia’s top-rated tourist attractions. And for individuals who prefer paths that are offbeat, the Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon awaits them.

3. Abundant Nuclear lab in Georgia woods

Becoming a true local in Georgia is no less than an honor, and you can gain that by visiting the Secret Air Force Plant in Dawson Forest. The remnants of a once sprawling nuclear testing facility are deep inside the forest. It was in the early 1950s and continued to function till the 1970s. The information of what went inside is still not public, obviously, but the idea of what might have functioned couldn’t be left unknown to the locals. Today while you walk deep inside the forest, you can still find foundations and concrete grids that look like ghostly ruins. Though there are no more radiations left now (as people claim), entering these deep tunnels isn’t what we would recommend. There is no specific address on GPS or the internet which will help you find the exact location. However, enthusiasts choose to get deep into the forest just to look at those remains. For someone who is keen on unusual things, this is definitely the best place to visit in Georgia for them.

4. Beach Paradise at Jonesboro

Georgia no doubt has some of the best beaches in the South. However, the state has one unique beach that offers experiences that too are different from others. The Beach Paradise at Jonesboro is located in Clayton County International Park and is an exclusive human-made spot. Right in the middle of the beach is 6 acres of a spring-fed lake. With an entry fee of $9 and $11, the beach offers endless activities and fun to do. One separate section of the place is adorned with water slides, whereas others are open for beach volleyball and picnic. And since the site was once open for 1996 Olympic competitions, individuals can actually play on courts where the ’96 Olympic athletes once competed. Individuals who are into fishing and hiking can find several spots nearby.

5. Lake Thurmond’s Ghost town

Today’s huge and beautiful Lake Thurmond was once a dry land where a huge population lived. Though after the Army Corps of Engineers flooded more than 72,000 acres, the abandoned town became Georgia’s one of the biggest lakes. However, it is nearly impossible to drown and visit the old town today. However, visitors can take a boat tour out on the lake, explore the water and imagine what the old town once looked like. Individuals can also visit the Bobby Brown State Park during the low water days. Though otherwise, climb the Lake Thurmond drone flyover and wonder about the heritage by looking at the waters.

6. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

If you have any dreams of visiting India but aren’t able to fulfil them, you can still get a glimpse of it here in Georgia. Lilburn, a town just outside Atlanta, is home to one of the most magical places known as the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. Mandir, which translates to Temple in English, is spread over a huge space and is exclusively made up of sculpted limestone, Italian marble, and sandstone. The sheer white classic Indian architecture here might remind you of the Taj Mahal, though, in reality, it is the base of Hindu culture and beliefs. Visitors from all across Georgia come attracted to the architecture, and thus the Mandir invites all regardless of their caste, colour, and religion. Visitors can attend daily darshan (a glimpse of god) and aarti (a form of Hindu prayer) daily. Or attend the weekly Satsang sabhas on Sundays and listen to devotional hymns and spiritual discourses on Hindu scriptures. There is no better place than Shri Swaminarayan Mandir for those who are looking for some spiritual and internal peace.

7. Abandoned Menlo Castle

Menlo Castle is a historic castle and one of Georgia’s most beautiful places to visit. This huge unfinished castle has the classic European touch; however, it is filled with mysteries instead of being luxurious. Today’s mysterious abandoned castle is overgrown with vegetation, and from far away, it appears like a grass castle. Though upon getting close, one can observe the real king style remains that are still left in the most beautiful manner. Anyone passing through the route chooses to Stop off Highway 157 and spend time exploring the place. One can walk inside this Disney-like stuff or sit outside picnicking and admiring this wonderful structure. To fascinate visitors more, the Menlo Castle even has a dungeon.

8. Crypt of Civilization

Crypt of Civilization is something that will surprise, shock, and leave you with curiosity. Crypt of Civilization is an impenetrable airtight chamber and a hidden underground world for the ones in the future. The place was built between 1937 and 1940 and welded shut on May 25, 1940. This 2,000-cubic-foot crypt will not be opened before May 28, 8113. Crypt is located in Phoebe Hearst Hall at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and is perhaps known as the modern time capsule. The visionary of the Crypt was Oglethorpe University president Dr Thornwell Jacobs who designed it to store records for the next 6,000 years. The sealed things aren’t gold and diamonds but papers and other valuable items. Although no force one can get inside, you can still visit the sealed stainless steel door and get a glimpse.

9. The Sasquatch Museum

The Sasquatch Museum, which is also known as Big Foot Museum, is among the best places to visit in Georgia. The museum is along Highway 515, just minutes outside of Blue Ridge, and is truly a unique attraction. Spread over 4,000 square feet, it is home to multiple artfully displayed artifacts, folklore, and memorabilia. Here exist hundreds of documented Bigfoot encounters, videos, sound recordings, and other belongings. The museum operates daily from 10 am to 5 pm, with admission from $6 to $8. The museum also offers an expansive assortment of Bigfoot t-shirts, books, videos, and other souvenirs. It is definitely one of the most unique and must-visit places in North Georgia.

10. Radium Springs Gardens

The largest natural spring in Georgia, the Radium Springs Gardens, is one of the must-visit in the state. The attraction is a part of Georgia’s seven natural wonders as well. It is an absolutely magical place with native and exotic flowers and plants, restored terraces and sidewalks, gazebos, and several beautiful views. The garden also pumps 70,000 gallons of clear, 68-degree water from the underground cave spring every minute. Though there is nothing much to do here, individuals still choose to visit here to enjoy the views and vibes. Close by is an observation deck near the picnic tables for visitors to relax or spot some native wildlife around. Radium Springs Gardens is free to visit and remains less crowded often.

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