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Angola Town in Indiana

5 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Indiana (2024)

While we mostly plan our vacations in a manner that takes us through the big and glitzy cities of a place, sometimes, when we feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of these big cities, our mind craves the charm and beauty of small towns. Well, if you want to visit some of the most charming small towns in the United States, you need to head off to the Midwestern State of Indiana.

Indiana is home to many charming and beautiful small towns that are ideal for planning a low-key weekend getaway or even a romantic trip. These small towns in Indiana are home to an abundance of nature where you can still hear the birds chirping, winds whispering through the lush greenery, breathe in the clean air, and just bask in the slower pace of life.

And not only this, but these small towns in Indiana are also home to some of the state’s most impressive and fascinating historical attractions. You can visit the capital of the erstwhile territory or explore the hometowns of famous authors. They are also home to many historic districts and the Amish communities of Indiana.

5 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Indiana

So if you are enchanted to hear about all this and can’t wait to visit some of these towns, here are the most beautiful small towns in Indiana.

1. Madison

Madison is a small town located along the beautiful Ohio River Scenic Byway. If you are traveling the route of the Ohio River Scenic Byway, you must make it a point to stop at Madison – it is simply not possible to miss this beautiful small town. This is a leafy little town that seems to be still in the 19th century. Surrounded by rolling hills and limestone bluffs, the small town of Madison is home to many historical attractions and museums.

One of the major historical attractions in Madison is the Lanier Mansion State Historic Site. This was constructed in 1844, and the actual house is the main draw of the Historic District of Madison. Another stunning architectural wonder is the Shrewsbury Windle House, which was built two years before the Lanier Mansion.

This doesn’t mean that Madison is all about history only. It goes much beyond history and old mansions. The town is enveloped by lush greenery and landscapes, and it is home to many top-quality wineries as well, making it a popular spot for those wanting to take part in some winery tours. This is the perfect spot to enjoy the warmth of the summer sun as you enjoy various wines at the Thomas Family or Lathier wineries.

If wine tours are not your cup of tea, you can always enjoy a simple walk in downtown Madison and browse through many gorgeous boutique stores, have a cup of coffee at one of the cozy cafes, or enjoy a chilled beer at one of the beer gardens. The city comes alive in the summer months, and you get to take in many free live music shows at the public parks of Madison.

2. Bourbon

You will be surprised to learn that the population of Bourbon is only 1800, truly making it a very small town. While there is nothing special about this town, but it is the simplicity of this town that makes it a lovely place to stay or visit. The town is famous for the many historic brick buildings it is home to, along with the grassy lawns of the town dwellers. There is also a large community park in the town, where people gather to chat, play, and just chill out. Life is indeed lived at a slower pace in the tiny town of Bourbon.

3. Angola

Located inside Steuben County, the enchanting small town of Angola looks right out of a fairy tale. You will find well-manicured central streets that are home to century-old buildings on both sides and then blend into the lush green countryside. Angola is the perfect romantic getaway and also a popular destination for holidays with the whole family.

A popular retreat in Angola is Lake James, where quite the crowd gathers on sunny days to spend a day at the beach and enjoy the soft golden sands. You can take a bath in the lake or even go out onto the lake, which is the fourth biggest natural lake in the state.

If you are looking for adventure, then also the town of Angola won’t disappoint. You can venture out to the Pokagon State Park and explore the many hiking and biking trails here. There are more beaches located here that you can check out, and you can even go tobogganing at the state park all year round.

This beautiful town is also home to many beautiful parks, impressive wineries, and a vibrant downtown where you will find many delicious home-style dishes to gorge on while enjoying live music. One thing is for sure that once you come to Angola, you will keep wanting to run back to this charming little town to escape the harsh city life.

4. French Lick

French Lick is a must-visit town when you are in Indiana. This is where you get the authentic flavor of the Old West. Full of color and one of the prettiest towns in Indiana, French Lick is a small town that suddenly found itself becoming famous due to the opening of the French Lick Resort and Casino, which opened its doors in the middle of the 19th century. With the opening of the casino and resort, people from all over the state and even out of Indiana began to flock to the town to enjoy a night of entertainment at the casino tables and also to take a dip in the many natural mineral springs of the town.

While you are here, don’t forget to take a ride down the stunning French Lick Scenic Railway, which is a 20-mile-long journey that takes you through the expanse of the beautiful Hoosier National Forest.

The town is home to a vibrant downtown, where you can see a wide variety of colorful buildings that will give you the feeling that you have traveled back in time.

5. Nashville

You might not necessarily think of Nashville as being a small town, but in front of the much bigger cities of Indiana, Nashville is indeed classified as a small town. This is the home of country music and the Brown County State Park. A visit to Nashville will truly let you know that you are in the Midwest of the US. It surprises many to learn that Nashville is the only incorporated town in the Brown County.

When in this beautiful town, you get some of the best access to the magnificent state park, where you can explore the many hiking trails and hike to the stunning viewpoints that provide picturesque views of the mesmerizing Lake Monroe. You can even explore the landscape on a mountain bike, which is available for rent at the park itself.

Nashville is especially famous for being an artists’ colony. If there’s an artist in you, don’t forget to check out the Brown County Art Colony, which is today called the T.C. Steele State Historic Site.

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