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Colony Pumpkin Patch

5 Awesome Corn Mazes In Iowa You Have To Do This Fall (2023)

As the temperature starts to cool, leaves begin changing color; it comes the magical time of the year all again. Yes, we are talking about the FALL season. Fall, when the door knock for winter, is the most beautiful season of the year. It is when the moderate temperature hits the chart that spending time outdoors becomes a more pleasurable experience. And when you are in Iowa, the fall season means ultimate and unique outdoor fun. Falls in Iowa means Corn Mazes all around. Supporting the pre-assumed notion, Iowa is world popular for its cornfields. And these fields during the fall turn into corn mazes inviting and attracting individuals from all across the state.

The variety of corn mazes in Iowa knows no end. From family-friendly mazes to the haunted ones and the kids’ appropriate setup, the options here are truly endless. Whether you get the kick upon getting lost in the center or passing the exit satisfies you, navigating an intricately designed corn maze in Iowa is always a fun experience. And if you, too, are looking for something fun and exciting this fall season, then explore these awesome corn mazes in Iowa.

5 Awesome Corn Mazes In Iowa You Have To Do This Fall

Have a look at the choicest options below:

1. Colony Pumpkin Patch, North Liberty

Colony Pumpkin Patch is one of the most awesome corn mazes in Iowa. It is an impressive 10 acres of corn maze with labyrinth construction and many misleading turns. Not just during the light hours, the Colony Pumpkin Patch also offers individuals to explore during the night hours with only flashlights on. Every year the patch is themed with different fundraising programs. An entry here costs $5 per person, and the patch operates from 4 pm till dark from Monday through Friday and from 10 am to dark on the weekend. During Saturdays and Sundays, the organizers also offer a night maze for $6 per person from 7 pm to 10 pm. Beyond the corn maze fun, the facility also organizes annual fall festivals and invites people to pick their own Halloween pumpkins. They have a nice selection of pumpkins and sunflowers to choose from.

2. Bloomsbury Farm, Atkins

The Bloomsbury Farm in Atkins is also described as “little Disneyland in the Heartland. It is a premier fall destination that has hosted several seasonal activities for years. The farm is home to 10 acres of a corn maze that operates with a different theme every year. While days here are fun, night hours with just flashlights to navigate are a different level of adventure altogether. For young visitors who can’t make it through the 10 acres extravagant setup, they also have a 4-acre kid’s maze. The Bloomsbury Farm operates every single day during the months of September and October. Besides that, falls here at the farm in Atkins also attract individuals for pumpkin festival and sunflower festival. Along with that, visitors can also enjoy additional activities, including a 1,200-foot zip line, pumpkin cannons, hayrack rides, bunny bash, and much more.

3. Harvestville Farm, Donnellson

Located in the southeast part of the state, the Harvestville Farm offers the best corn maze in Iowa. Its 10 acres of grand corn maze sprouts up on the property, inviting visitors of all age groups. The entire maze is full of twists, turns, and challenges that even the smartest of the individuals will get lost. Each entry costs $6 per person for unlimited hours. However, with kids under 12, an accompanying adult is compulsory. Though, if the kids don’t want to attempt the entire 10 acres maze adventure, there is a small kiddie section as well. For added adult adventure, Harvestville Farm also invites flashlight mazes. For any Braveheart who is interested in the same can visit Harvestville after dark on the first four Saturdays of October. Besides that, the farm also allows visitors to enjoy seasonal festivals and wagon rides, pick their own pumpkins and run through the sunflower fields during the fall season.

4. Schuster’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze, Dubuque

The Schuster’s Corn Maze in Dubuque comes up with a new and unique design every single year. They plan unique geometrical strategies ensuring to provide the best corn maze experience to all the visitors. Its 5 acres maze setup, though, is comparatively small, but it is definitely the most challenging and adventurous puzzle. For the long-hour corn maze, the entry fee goes like $4 for adults and $2 for kids. Visitors under 5 years of age can explore the maze for free, though only under adult supervision. Beyond that, Schuster’s also offer other activities, including wagon rides and bouncy rides. Visitors also enjoy pumpkin picking for Halloween here. The farm also has cows on-site, busy with their dairy schedule. Operating for two decades now, Schuster’s definitely hosts the most popular and awesome corn maze in Iowa.

5. Pumpkinville and Corn Maze, Mitchellville

Pumpkinville and Corn Maze is a small family farm located in Mitchellville. The farm is home to two different mazes, including a mini maze and a big maze. The mini corn maze is designed especially for kids and adults who do not want to get into heavy adventures. One can complete it in an average of 15 minutes and still enjoy the maze vibes. In contrast, the big maze is spread over 20 acres and is one of the biggest corn mazes in Iowa. It is highly challenging, and considering the size, coming out of the maze can take several hours. Exploring the big maze isn’t a cakewalk but kind of a scavenger hunt on its own. The mini-maze is $1 per person, whereas the big maze is $7 per person. The facility operates during the months of September and October from 10 am to 8 pm daily.

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