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Kufri Hills in Shimla

Is Kufri Better Than Shimla? (2023)

The visit to Himachal Pradesh is sheer fun at an appropriate destination, so why not plan a visit to a cool hill station in and around Shimla? Why not visit Shimla or Kufri? The energetic town is full of activity and sightseers from India and all over the world. Let us see which out of the two you should go to this hot summer season?

Is Kufri Better Than Shimla?

Situated amongst the Chir Pine, Bamboo, spruce, oak, Kail, and Deodar trees, lie the two hill stations- Shimla and Kufri. Far away from the maddening crowds, and energetic hustle-bustle of a busy town, lies the quaint and laid-back Kufri, a sheer heaven for tired visitors.

Kufri is about 371 km from Delhi, and it takes about 7 hours to reach this quaint hill station in Himachal. The peace and quiet here cannot be described in words. Serene and beautiful, Kufri is the land of picnic spots and nature parks. Families, honeymooners, and holidaymakers often head here to escape the cacophony of the towns. 

Shimla is about 355 km from Delhi, and it takes about six and half hours to reach here. The energetic town is full of activity and sightseers from India and all over the world. Fun and frolic radiate from each nook and corner of Shimla. Whether it is a walk on the Mall road or a stroll at the Ridge, there is a lot to do here.

Kufri v/s Shimla A Broad Outlook:

Kufri is famous for its long and adventurous hiking and trekking trails in summer. In winter, people visiting here love to play around in the snow, ski, and toboggan, through the white snow-filled slopes. The snow fun here is incomparable. Take your family for a vacation and enjoy making snowmen and snowballs in the peak of the winter season. You will feel you have been transported into a country abroad.

Kufri Hills in Shimla

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Markets and Shopping:

For your shopping and market visits, you need to be in Shimla. Kufri is not meant for you if you want to shop around for brands and swanky stuff. Kufri is a laid back homely place in Himachal that is “silent and hushed”. People visit here to escape the noisiness of the cities and vehicles. Yes, you can enjoy plenty of nature walks and adventure activities to rejuvenate your senses, but you may not find plenty of shops to choose stuff from. But then, why not visit Shimla to pick a few knick-knacks for your home?

Stay Arrangement in Kufri and Shimla:

There are not too many resorts or hotels in Kufri, so you need to book your stay in advance. Last-minute decisions to stay in Kufri may backfire if you suddenly decide to stay the night. Normally, these are booked well in advance, so you need to plan your travel itinerary accordingly.

Shimla is a concrete jungle filled with hotels, resorts, rooms, B&B’s, and rest houses. You will definitely find something if you make a surprise visit here, though the crowd here is unpredictable. Booking a hotel in advance is always better because you can get a room of your choice with the desired amenities.


Kufri stands hidden amongst the thick trees staring at the mountains, whereas Shimla looks down on the landscape with its buildings and constructed structures. Kufri promises a peaceful visit far away from busy Shimla. It promises you an enthralling environment in the middle of the wilderness. To see Shimla, you can skip over anytime to grab lunch, dinner or tea. This is a great option, if you want to head to the hustle-bustle of a busy city for a short while.

But, if you prefer noisiness in Himachal too, then Shimla is where you should set base. In this way, you can visit Kufri for its enchanting scenic splendour for a few hours.

Many people prefer to make their home for a few days in Kufri because of its undisturbed calmness but many prefer Shimla. The choice is personal!

The beauty of Shimla is distinct and different. The Ridge and its Church are probably the most artistic spots to view. You can stand and gaze at this beautiful scene or enjoy a thrilling horse ride here.

Peaceful Kufri and Boisterous Shimla:

Kufri is peaceful, and many of us love it for what it is. You can start your morning explorations by taking a therapeutic walk through the tall trees and rocky terrain. Also, end the serene day by listening to the sounds of the jungle animals and crickets deep into the night. There is no better way to connect with nature. Visit Kufri to understand better!

Shimla can be loud and boisterous for the traveler. Furthermore, it is jammed with tourists and overpriced for sure. Youngsters and errant kids walk around the Mall, disturbing the peace. But, that is all that keeps them busy every day. Frankly, a walk up and down the Mall is what people do almost every evening in Shimla. Isn’t that similar to New Delhi streets? You may not find the quiet you are searching for here.

Kufri Is Tiny, Whereas Shimla Is Spread Out And Busy

Actually, Shimla may be busier than the capital of India, Delhi also. So, if you need to cut off from the noisy atmosphere, head for Kufri to reconnect with your soul and get the precious “Me time” you came searching for miles away from the towns!

But, on the other hand, many find Kufri disappointing because where the town begins, it ends almost there. Everything is small and limited. You get the same area to move about and the same sports to indulge in, day after day. Yes, sometimes the repeat pattern reduces the novelty of the scenic beauty. Kilometers and kilometers of a beautiful landscape are a reward for tired eyes, and this peaceful experience is bliss if you love nature!

Shimla – The Perfect Blend:

Shimla is a perfect blend, and there is something here for everyone. You can’t see Shimla in a few hours; you need a few days to explore this concrete jungle properly because it is wide-spread. The age-old architectural buildings and the walking trails add a strange beauty to this hill station. The tourist inflow is high, but there is a lot to do here. The town is, in fact, the highlight of many tourist program schedules. After all, it is the Capital of Himachal Pradesh in the summers, so it has to be special.

Shimla – The Concrete Hill Station:

Heavy construction work is always on in Shimla. In reality, this mars the beauty of the natural landscape and is a deterrent to tourism. Another uncomfortable situation is the acute water shortage every summer in Shimla. The construction activities have led to this water crisis in the town and this is the scenario every summer and winter.

Most people rely on nearby places such as Kali Ka tibba, Green Valley, Kufri, and Zero point to enjoy nature instead of Shimla.

Kufri For The Nature Enthusiasts:

If you compare the two hill stations, Kufri is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts because it has unexplored regions, plenty of greenery and under bush, and is not very crowded. There are plenty of nature trails and sports that you can indulge in. Stay calm in the peaceful corners and meditate in the serenity of the mountain ranges, you may not get this rejuvenating chance again.

Don’t miss your chance at experiencing the tranquil atmosphere. Take a walk along the backwoods to experience the real Himachal Pradesh here, or take a Yak ride to experience an electrifying thrill. Isn’t this why you grab days from your busy schedule?

Kufri is very near Shimla, and thus you can easily travel to Shimla and enjoy the fun there. If you are missing the excitement of the crowds, take a cab and go to Shimla.

Spend the day there and return to the serenity of Kufri by evening. The roads are not very wide, so try to make it back before nightfall.

Both Places, Kufri and Shimla are Unique and Charming:

Is Kufri Better Than Shimla? Well, both the places have an incomparable charm of their own, so satiate your senses either way you prefer. All depends on your personal choices and needs. But we have a way out for you.

Because of the close proximity, you can plan a few days in Shimla and Kufri to savor the uniqueness of both these interesting towns. Book and plan the last day at the place that intrigues you more. In this way you can end the trip with a bang and happiness in your heart. Moreover, you carry back a bagful of pleasant memories to take home and recharge your senses till the next visit.

We are not advising you to choose between the two hill stations because you can explore both easily. They are both within reach and can be your travel destination for a few days. Enjoy every day of your stay in these two beautiful towns of Himachal Pradesh because these places promise super fun and a blissful backdrop.

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