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Shaw Centre for the Arts in Baton Rouge

Best Places To Tour In Baton Rouge With Your ‘Girl Gang’ (2023)

Baton Rouge, the capital city of Louisiana, is chock full of life, delicious food and culture. The name Baton Rouge comes from France and means “Red Stick”. The town has abundant French-Creole charm and is incredibly welcoming to tourists. It is situated along the banks of the mighty and picturesque Mississippi River. If you are planning on going for a trip with your girl gang, Baton Rouge is an excellent destination. Baton Rouge attracts hundreds of tourists annually because of its gorgeous weather and warm temperatures that last around the year. It is the second largest city in its state, Louisiana. You will not require much planning if you go to Baton Rouge. There are many museums, galleries, restaurants, clubs, and fun things to do in Baton Rouge with your girlfriends.

Best Cultural Places to Visit In Baton Rouge With Your ‘Girl Gang’

You can go through this article to find some of the best places you must visit with your girl gang to have the most fun stay in Baton Rouge.

1. Shaw Centre for the Arts

Restaurants, music, art, rooftop terraces, and more are all available at the Shaw Centre for the Arts. You must visit here with your girl gang if you are a fan of art and want to experience the city’s culture thoroughly. You should try and check the events at the Shaw Centre for the Arts before booking your flight tickets and hotel rooms for your girl’s trip to Baton Rouge, so you don’t miss out on any of the mind-blowing events and musicians performing at the Shaw Centre for the Arts.

2. Louisiana State University

The Louisiana State University is where you must visit if you are visiting Baton Rouge. The Louisiana State University campus is immaculate and beautiful. The University is known for organising many sports events, performances and concerts throughout the year.

3. Festivals

Since Baton Rouge is a popular tourist destination, there are numerous festivals taking place in the city for tourists and locals alike throughout the year. You can visit these free festivals and enjoy your vacation with your girl gang. They usually offer local food, art and music. You can soak up the city’s culture by mixing with locals during these festivals. You can stroll down the city and observe its beauty if you want a more low-key and laid-back vacation with your friends. You can relax beside the great Mississippi River.

4. Live After Five

Live After Five is a free concert series in the fall and spring months. It is a fun, free event which offers the perfect way you can wind down a Friday afternoon with your girl gang. You should plan your trip around the fall or spring months so you can catch these free concerts. You don’t have to pay large sums of money for concert tickets if you attend the Love After Five shows.

Best Places to Dine With Your Girl Gang in Baton Rouge

1. Breakfast: Magpie Café

For breakfast, you must visit Magpie Cafe in Baton Rouge. They provide quick and fresh farm-to-table breakfast and delicious coffee. They have a wide variety of dishes daily and offer many gluten-free paleo and vegan selections.

2. Brunch: Bistro Byronz

Brunches are generally where you get together with your girl gang. The Bistro Byronz is the perfect place for you to have a fun-filled brunch with your girl gang. They offer delicious brunch selections along with frozen mimosas. They are known for their french toast.

3. Lunch: City Pork Brasserie & Bar

You can visit the City Pork Brasserie and bar with your friends while on a girl’s trip in Baton Rouge. They provide delicious charcuterie boards which you can split with your girlfriends. It would be best if you tried their signature cocktail or a bottle of wine from their vast wine collection. The City Pork Brasserie and Bar offers savoury appetisers and salads you can share with your friends.

4. Dinner: Kalurah Street Grill

The Kalurah Street Grill is located under the Perkins Overpass. It is a hidden gem in Baton Rouge for a delicious dinner. This restaurant was remodelled recently and was called Chelsea’s before. It offers live music and karaoke sometimes and is a great bar area to visit with your girl gang. The food is top-notch and prepared by skilled chefs.

Best Places to Shop With Your Girl Gang In Baton Rouge

1. The Royal Standard

The Royal Standard has two branches and provides many great treasures to beautify your home and the latest fashion trends. You can get gifts for everyone back home from The Royal Standard. They offer a wide assortment of unique things where you will be tempted to buy something.

2. Simply Chic

You can go shopping with your girlfriends at Simply Chic for great outfits and accessories. The staff at Simply Chic is highly trained and helpful. They will help you find the perfect piece for you at the lowest price.

Best Places to Have Cocktails In Baton Rouge With Your ‘Girl Gang’

1. Ringside at Sullivan’s

You will get the best martinis in Baton Rouge here. They also provide live music, making a fun and lively environment to enjoy your cocktails. The Knockout Martini is a must-try.

2. Olive or Twist

You can get delicious cocktails at Olive or Twist in Baton Rouge. They have a fantastic selection of craft beers, and their cocktail menu keeps changing, so you will get to try something new here. You can enjoy happy hour specials here every day and all day on Mondays and Sundays. Even though Olive or Twist is a bar, you can have some delicious food here with your favourite cocktails.

3. Bin 77

It is located in Perkins Rowe and has an extensive collection of wine. You can have your wine outside in their beautiful courtyard or inside. They also have several food selections.

Best Lodging In Baton Rouge

1. Hilton Capital Centre

It is located in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge. Moreover, the Hilton Capital Centre is a great place to stay for a vacation since it is close to many top-rated bars, exciting nightlife, and fantastic restaurants. You can easily walk to any of these places from the Hilton Capital Centre. It is located along the mighty Mississippi river too. The Hilton Capital Centre provides a great view to its guests. It has a terrace pool where you can easily see the river and downtown Baton Rouge. It has a lively bar called the Kingfish Bar attached to the hotel, so you can easily enjoy yourself with your friends at this bat with various delicious cocktails.

2. L’Auberge Casino & Hotel

The L’Auberge Casino and Hotel is located along the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River. It offers a great view and plush accommodation to its guests. You can thoroughly enjoy yourselves with your friends at this hotel by going to the casino or enjoying fantastic live music at The Edge Bar. There are many top-rated in-house restaurants in the L’Auberge Casino and Hotel you can enjoy during your stay.

L’Auberge is also known for providing many great concerts, bands and comedians around the year. You must check out the event schedule at L’Auberge before you decide to book rooms so that you can catch your favourite comedian or band on your vacation in Baton Rouge. The hotel offers a seasonal pool to its guests during the warmer months. It is a pristine rooftop pool that overlooks the beautiful river and has an attached bar. The hotel also offers a cabana to reserve in advance to take full advantage of your vacation time.

3. Houmas House Plantation

The Houmas House Plantation is a little off the beaten path and is known for providing luxurious, well-appointed cottages for tourists. These gorgeous cottages are also located along the banks of the Mississippi River. It is a quiet place perfect for a relaxing getaway with your friends. You can tour the plantation homes and gardens to properly take in the beautiful and vast history of the property. They also have several top-rated restaurants attached to it so that you can have delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can take a short walk with your girlfriends across the street to reach a walking path atop the Mississippi River levee.

Best Places To Pamper Yourself In Baton Rouge With Your ‘Girl Gang’

1. Woodhouse Day Spa

You can have a relaxing day at The Woodhouse Day Spa with your girl gang by booking an appointment. They are incredibly professional, and you don’t have to worry about anything once you step in the door at this spa. If you arrive early for your appointment, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail in their famous “quiet room.”

2. Avant Tous Beauty Bar

Avant Tous Beauty Bar has a top rating, and you can get pampered with your friends at a reasonable price. You can destress here in the relaxing environment they provide and enjoy your time to yourself as you beautify.

3. Orchil Nails

You can book an appointment at Orchid Nails to get a wonderful pedicure and manicure. They provide excellent service and have amiable staff. The Orchid Nails has a very relaxing environment where you can destress and enjoy the manicure and pedicure.


Baton Rouge provides plenty of opportunities for you to have fun with your girlfriends. It is the perfect place for a girls’ getaway. They have abundant shops, restaurants and nightclubs where you can partake in fun group activities. You can visit for a relaxing weekend with your close friends or even a bachelorette. Baton Rouge has many things to offer to its tourists.

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