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Natchitoches - Small Town in Louisiana

5 Must-See Small Towns When You Are In Louisiana (2024)

Small towns and villages support like a backbone to any state. While the world talks about metropolitans, the actual tourism peace lies in those raw and real small towns. The small towns of Louisiana are the foundation of Cajun heritage and sleepy swamp fishing communities. Despite their limited land, villages and towns in Louisiana offer experiences that stay within for a lifetime. While small towns rejuvenate the hustle of life in the simplest way, they also keep you near the roots of reality. They make ideal for a quick day escape and even better for a relaxing weekend getaway.

When we talk about small towns in Louisiana, there are hundreds of options to look upon. These sprawling lands are rich in agriculture, offers a clean environment, and introduce you to a vibrant culture. Here you can cross paths with alligators, dance with the friendliest locals, and get lost in the serene surroundings. No matter what, the small towns of Louisiana will fill you with memories of a lifetime.

5 Must-See Small Towns When You Are In Louisiana

And with that said, come and add these popular small towns of Louisiana into your Itinerary.

1. Natchitoches

Movie lovers can surely recognize the beautiful town of Natchitoches from several Hollywood film backdrops. Despite visiting the town or not, you may have seen it multiple times on screen. Natchitoches is one of the oldest towns in Louisiana, located in its west-central region. It overlooks the gorgeous Cane River Lake and the long flowing Red river. It is slightly big for a small town, and that means that tourism attractions here are surely many. The best time to visit here is in December. It is because they say, ‘no other small town in Louisiana celebrates Christmas like Natchitoches’.

Places To Visit And Things To Do In Natchitoches

  • The Minor Basilica of The Immaculate Conception
  • Los Adaes State Historic Site
  • Kaffie-Frederick General Mercantile Store (Oldest continuously running general store in Louisiana.)
  • Grand Ecore Visitor Center (For spectacular Red river views)
  • Visit the Christmas festival
  • Fort St. Jean Baptiste

2. St. Francisville

St. Francisville is exactly what the world has ever picturized about small towns. It is laid back and exceptionally beautiful with a small population of nearly 1500 residents. While St. Francisville has a lot to see, it is especially ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and history lovers. Though the temperature here is nice all year round, the best time to plan a visit is during Springs. It is when the entire town turns into a beautiful painting of nature. Louisiana locals often choose it as their ultimate weekend getaway whenever they are in search of peace and tranquillity.

Places To Visit And Things To Do In St. Francisville

  • The Myrtles Plantation (also referred to as one of the most haunted places in America).
  • Audubon State Historic Site
  • Rosedown Plantation State Historic Site
  • Oakley Plantation
  • Audubon State Historic Site
  • West Feliciana Historical Society Museum
  • Hemingbough (Centre for spiritual awareness)
  • Downtown walk on the Cane River

3. Breaux Bridge

Also known as the Crawfish capital of the world, Breaux Bridge is a must-visit small town in Louisiana. Breaux Bridge is an ideal mix of serenity, tranquility, and outdoor recreation. After your months-long diet, this town will offer some great food options. Especially their Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival and the walking tours can never go wrong. Also, one of the choicest offerings here is Cajun music and Cajun food, a must-try. The town also makes for great swamp tours and other eco-tourism. Or, photography enthusiasts can capture wildlife and views while walking along the paths on Lake Martin.

Places To Visit and Things To Do In Breaux Bridge

  • Visit the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival (Every year in the month of May)
  • Visit the Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant (For Cajun music and food)
  • Lake Martin (For bird watching)
  • Swamp Tours of Acadiana
  • Visit the La Poussiere dance hall
  • Eat at Cochon Cannery and Glenda’s Creole Kitchen

4. Donaldsonville

A laid-back historic town, Donaldsonville is a must-visit when in Louisiana. The town sits along the Mississippi River. For lovers of fine architecture, it is one of the best towns to explore in the State. On a quiet evening, one can sit along the Mississippi River and watch the gorgeous sunset. Your view will also include ships cruise in and out of the river. Anyone who visits here does not go back without shopping antiques and marvels from the 18th century.

Places To Visit And Things To Do In Donaldsonville

  • New Orleans style cemetery
  • Ascension Catholic Cemetery
  • Eat at the Grapevine Café
  • Fort Butler (Architectural marvel from Civil war era)
  • Landry Tomb

5. Abita Springs

Abita Springs, true to its name, is known for its medicinal springs. More likely a village, it supplies the well-known Abita beer to the entire State of Louisiana. Located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Abita Springs is an hour’s drive from the popular city of New Orleans. This small town is home to thousands of years of Native American history, and it proudly preserves it. Along with that, the culinary experience here, too, is top-notch. Before you bind your trip and go back, trying the locally made beer is a must to do.

Places To Visit And Things To Do In Abita Springs

  • Attend Opry shows and performances (Every year during spring and fall seasons)
  • Abita Mystery House (One of a kind museum known for housing Bizarre items)
  • Abita Springs Art & Farmers Market (Experience local culinary)
  • Milicevic Family Vineyard
  • Abita Springs Brewery
  • Children’s Museum of St. Tammany
  • Picnic at Abita Springs Park
  • Explore the Tammany Trace Bike Trail

Best Time To Visit Louisiana: From mid-February to early May and from October to December is the best time to explore Louisiana. It is when weather is at its best making it ideal to walk outdoors.

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