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8 Museums In Louisiana That Are Worth Traveling For

8 Museums In Louisiana That Are Worth Traveling For (2024)

Louisiana is a weirdly pleasant American state. It is worth learning about, from holding eight different nicknames to getting known for the silliest things. The State of Louisiana has museums that exhibit history, stories, art, culture, talent, engineering, science, technology, medical, and whatnot. As a Museum enthusiast, you can travel around the State and find a new stop after every 5 miles. Every next Museum will either match your expectation or blow your mind with its presentation. For whatever it will present, one thing is assured, “Entertainment.”

Museums and Galleries in Louisiana go for a long list or probably more than a hundred. Be it in the form of popular tourist attractions or Louisiana’s hidden gems, museums here are visit-worthy.

8 Museums In Louisiana That Are Worth Traveling For

And with that said, let’s not waste time and prepare the finest itinerary for must-visit museums in Louisiana.

1. Old State Capitol

A former statehouse, a National historical landmark, and a popular museum of Louisiana, Old state capitol holds a lot. Fulfilling several responsibilities through time, the state capitol building now serves as an architectural and historical museum. It is located in downtown Baton Rouge attracting tourists all throughout the world. While its first glimpse opens up a beautiful castle-like view, steeping forward, you will observe Gothic architectural treasure. Along with the permanent exhibits, visitors can also attend rotating art and photography exhibitions here.

2. Angola Museum, Angola

Located in the State Penitentiary, Angola Museum is a must-visit museum when in Louisiana. The Museum aims to preserve the past of rehabilitation, criminal justice, and crime in Louisiana. It is the only Museum that operates within an active maximum-security prison. Angola in the past was known as “America’s Bloodiest Prison.” This today leads enthusiasts to seek one of the best experiences of Museums in the State. If you happen to visit here early morning, you can also enjoy lunch, which is the same as served to prisoners. The 130 years of prison life at Angola is worth knowing about.

3. LSU Museum of Art – Baton Rouge

LSU Museum of Art is the only Art Museum in Baton Rouge. While visiting the capital city, you can spend some time here admiring historic to contemporary art. The exhibition takes place on the 5th floor, and as you walk inside, a beautiful view of the Mississippi river awaits you. Although the Museum of art is small, ample rooms and multiple exhibits make for it all. From Asian art to Latino exhibits, local mixed media, portrait gallery, and every addition are admirable. Visitors who have a special love for silver will find some mind-blowing additions here. When done with the Museum, there are some restaurants to try nearby.

4. Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu, Lake Charles

The Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu is a local history museum in Lake Charles. One can reach the Museum at the Historic Central School Arts and Humanities building. It is home to the largest display of History and Mardi Gras Costumes. For everything you look around here, it is all about colors, extravagance, and celebration. The Museum has six rooms, of which the very first explains how Mardi Gras came to life. Further second is Captain’s Den, the third for costume designing, the fourth about history, the fifth for Ballroom costumes, and the sixth dedicated to the parade. Touring such a great museum just for $10 is one great deal.

5. The National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is one of the most popular museums to visit when in Louisiana. It is located in New Orleans and is dedicated to the military history of both State and Nation. The Museum offers immersive exhibits, multimedia experiences, and a plethora of historical stories. Everything that is and about the Museum tells how WWII changed the world. It has answers to every question from Why and how the war was fought and what it meant then and today. Along with walking through the galleries, you can ride on an authentically restored PT boat. Also, do not miss their 4D movie, as it is worth even some extra dollars.

6. National Hansen’s Disease Museum, Carville

It may not suit everyone’s interest, but the National Hansen’s Disease Museum is for you if you are keen on learning. The Museum aims at spreading the story of Carville, the only national leprosarium in the U.S. From 1894 to 2015, Leprosy patients have spent their quarantine and diagnosis period here. Patients who were quarantined here for life left their stories, photographs, and other memorabilia. The Museum is still looking forward to making all efforts of preserving and interpreting the medical and cultural artifacts. It is one of the very few museums in America that are not advertised but still are one of the greatest. Or in other words, the National Hansen’s Disease Museum is a hidden gem of Louisiana and the U.S. both.

7. Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Ogden Museum of Southern Art is one of the popular and must-visit museums in Louisiana. It is located in New Orleans and is home to the largest and most comprehensive collection of Southern art. One can reach here in the vibrant Warehouse Arts District, downtown New Orleans. The Museum is wonderfully designed, and if you are a fan of art, you must not miss being here. The best time to explore the site is on Thursdays, specifically during the early evening, after 4 pm. It is when the Ogden After Hours begins featuring local Jazz music shows, poetry reading sessions, and more.

8. Chennault Aviation & Military Museum, Monroe

Last but not least, the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum is a must-visit museum in our Louisiana Itinerary. The Museum aims to honor General Chennault, his flying tigers, and their amazing war technics. It is one of the largest remaining buildings from the times of World War II. The Museum offers admission for free. Here you can listen to personal stories from local veterans and observe over 11,000 artifacts (aviation and military). They have a huge collection of U.S military aircraft on the exterior grounds, which is still growing. For travelers with kids, this is one great place to stop at.

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