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Toledo Bend Reservoir - Top-Rated and Popular Lake For Tourists in Louisiana

9 Top-Rated and Popular Lakes For Tourists in Louisiana (2022)

The Bayou State is blessed with multiple natural and human-made lakes. From deltas, swamps, and marshes to wet savannahs and reservoirs, lake richness in Louisiana is unending. You can stand at any part of the state, and there will always be one or more lakes nearby. This feature also makes Louisiana a Sportsman’s Paradise, especially for those who are into water recreation and adventure. Be it fishing, canoeing, water skiing, swimming, or boating; recreational options here are endless and wonderful.

Lakes in Louisiana are commonly known for their unique and often fragile ecosystems. While going around, you will observe that most of them are covered in moss. Not only that, lakes here are home to southern cypress trees with their roots nearly 5 to 6 feet into the water. Another wonderful part is that a few of them even meet the Gulf of Mexico. In short, Lakes and reservoirs in Louisiana are packed with wonderful natural scenery and settlement.

9 Top-Rated and Popular Lakes For Tourists in Louisiana

To know more about them, quickly go through Louisiana’s lake itinerary.

1. Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend Reservoir is a huge 75,000-hectare lake located between Louisiana and Texas. It is sitting over the Sabine River and is known as the largest man-made Lake in the Southern USA. The Lake boasts nearly 1180 miles of shoreline, offering several recreational opportunities to the visitors. It is home to the best bass fishing in America, attracting anglers throughout the year. When here, visitors can explore south Toledo Bend State Park and North Toledo Bend State Park closely. This reservoir is home to endless fun opportunities from swimming, boating, hiking, to biking, and camping.

2. Caddo Lake

Another lake in Louisiana, Caddo shares its portion with neighboring state Texas. Caddo Lake is one of the popular tourist spots in Louisiana, especially for the diversity it offers. The fact that Caddo lake is home to the biggest Cypress Forest in the world is enough to describe its grandness. Caddo tribe claims that this humungous Lake was formed New Madrid earthquakes in the early 1800s. Today one can explore this nature’s blessing either through kayaks or flat-bottomed boats—anyone who is enthusiastic about lakes must visit Caddo at least once in their life.

3. Lake Pontchartrain

Located in the southeast part of the state, Lake Pontchartrain is a must-visit when in Louisiana. As claimed, the Lake formed over 2,600 to 4,000 years ago via the Mississippi River Delta’s alluvial deposits. It is also linked to the Gulf of Mexico and is one of the biggest wetlands on the North American Gulf Coast. When in Louisiana, one can access Pontchartrain through St. Tammany, Orleans, Jefferson, St. John the Baptist, St. Charles, and Tangipahoa parishes. Though if you have to choose one, New Orleans will provide you with the best access and experience. Here you can also access the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, the world’s longest continuous bridge over water.

4. Lake Martin

Lake Martin isn’t just a lake but a designated wildlife preserve and home to major swamplands in Louisiana. It is home to one of the most phenomenal ecosystems, and thus the area is well-preserved. Today visitors from all over the state visit here to see wildlife like alligators, bullfrogs, cottonmouths, ibis, and more. While the best way to explore the Lake is through kayaks and canoes, one can even drive close and observe the views. Stand at the edge of the water along the Rookery Road, and you will see multiple alligators from close. Or visit the Lake during the migration season and witness thousands of shorebirds and migratory songbirds.

5. False River

False River is a popular lake in Louisiana, nearly 35 miles from its capital Baton Rouge. It is basically a trophy lake, rich in nutrients and thus is more fertile. Here if one catches any small fish, they have to throw it back into the water for growing big again. It is home to a well-developed and popular shoreline encompassing residences, camps, restaurants, shops, and other businesses. If you haven’t been here any time before, see movie the Badge and it will clearly describe what beauty you are missing. Travelers from all across the state come here to enjoy numerous water activities. There’s a list of things to do, from sailing to water skiing, boating, angling, and whatnot. On the northern end of the Lake, one can plan for picnics and barbeques as well.

6. Cane River Lake

Cane River Lake is any day one of the most beautiful lakes in Louisiana. Movie enthusiasts may have seen its gorgeousness in the backdrop of Hollywood hit Steel Magnolias. While Cane is actually a river, one of its portions near Natchitoches makes for a narrow lake. Surrounded by trees and grasslands, this Lake is extremely popular amongst fishermen. To explore the waters here, one can use either kayak or canoe around. Its scenic forested area nearby also teams for housing rich wildlife and bird population. The best time to enjoy this beauty is during springs when both land and water picture multiple colors of nature.

7. Lake Bistineau

Lake Bistineau is a 15,550 acres beautiful reservoir located in north-western Louisiana. It is part of the Lake Bistineau state park and is also a popular recreational spot. One can access the Lake via the State Park only (from the west side). From fishing to boating, kayaking, and swimming, there’s a lot that the waters of Lake Bistineau offer. Along with that, visitors can indulge in hiking, biking and explore the beauty of the sight. If you are lucky enough, you may spot numerous wildlife around. The State Park also offers overnight camping facilities, both hook-up and non-hook-up campsites.

8. Lac Des Allemands

Lac des Allemands is a huge lake nearly 25 miles from the southwest of New Orleans. It is a natural lake that receives water from Bayou Chevreuil, Grand Bayou, and other Barataria Basin bayous. It isn’t really deep and thus is safe for enthusiasts who are looking for some lake swimming opportunities. Lac des Allemands is also ideal for fishing, and it won’t stand wrong if we claim it as the Catfish capital of Louisiana. One can find several fishing camps on the shoreline of this Lake. Along with marine, the wooded neighborhood here is also home to a number of observable wildlife. From raccoons, otters, egrets, frogs to bald eagles, herons, and alligators, you can spot quite a lot of them.

9. Lake Bruin

Another beautiful and popular lake to visit in Louisiana, Lake Bruin, deserves all praises. The Lake sits in north-eastern Louisiana and is home to 3000 acres of unusually clear water. In areas with lesser depth, one can actually see the land above the water level. With clear water, it also makes ideal for fishing and swimming opportunities. While the State Park owns part of the Lake, a lot of its area comes into the private hold. There are several luxurious homes and piers nearby. One can either book stay in these homes or choose to stay at one of the 25 campsites. And if not that, you can come to the park region near the Lake and enjoy an afternoon picnic.

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