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8 Amazing Places To Visit in Historic City of Bath, Maine (2024)

Bath is a city in Maine’s Sagadahoc County that has been drawing a crazy number of tourists for its 19th-century architecture. Also known as the city of ships, Bath and the Bath Shipyard is where the majority of sailing ships were made. It was a thriving shipbuilding center for over four centuries and has seen immense success in the business. Not very major like Portland or Augusta, but the city of Bath boasts a handful of tourist attractions that operate year-round. History runs in the veins and roots of Bath, and tourist often finds something or the other interesting here around.

Bath has very cozy weather, waterside sceneries, colonial homes, tranquility, and a laid-back ambiance. Maritime culture is a heritage that is still profoundly celebrated in Bath. Surprising visitors often overlook, but the surrounding of Bath also boasts a diverse set of natural features and an off-beaten track to explore. Just 40 minutes north of Portland and 20 minutes outside of Sebasco, Bath also makes an excellent dining place.

When In Historic Bath, Do Not Miss Visiting These Places

Come let’s find out some of the Popular Things to do in Bath, Maine. Have a look:

1. To begin with, check out the Maine Maritime Museum

Maine Maritime Museum is definitely the most popular tourist attraction in Bath. It was formerly known as Bath Marine Museum and had been operating since 1962. Initially, it had a small collection, but today, the museum exhibits a large part of Maine’s maritime heritage and culture. Not just that, but the museum also educated how and what role Maine played in the regional and global maritime activities throughout all these years. The diverse collection exhibited here consists of millions of documents, artifacts, and pieces of artwork and a large research library. Besides its extensive indoor exhibit, the Maine Maritime Museum also features a grand outdoor area. It is from where visitors can see the scenic views of the Kennebec River. Along with the museum building, there are several other entities, including the historic Percy and Small Shipyard with five original 19th-century buildings, a full-size representation of the largest wooden sailing vessel ever built, and a beautiful Victorian Mansion. Taking guided tours for a better and well-learned experience is recommended.

2. Spend some time at the Chocolate Church Arts Center

Bath’s most prominent architectural landmark, the Chocolate Church Arts Center, is an attraction you cannot miss. The building reveals a beautiful example of Gothic Revival architecture. Historically it was a regular church, but today it is a hub for cultural and social events. Most of its exteriors are covered in Chocolate brown color, and that’s how the structure got its name. The intriguing Gothic Revival style and medieval ambiance of the surroundings give it a very refined look. The building is exactly what a church should be like, only there’s a stage instead of an altar. The hall also consists of visual art exhibits, photographs, and sculptures. The facility organizes thought-provoking plays, musicals, and concerts performed by both local artists and touring groups. The center can hold up to 300 spectators in one go.

3. Spend some time outdoors at Thorne Head Preserve

Thorne Head Preserve is a scenic outdoor tourist attraction in Bath that is home to a lot of local fauna and flora. The preserve is spread over 96 acres and consists of six distinct regions, including Kennebec River estuaries, freshwater marsh, mixed woods, tidal wetlands, riparian areas, and vernal pools. Every region has different features; however, when blended together, they form an ecological hotspot. Thorne Head Preserve is also a popular place for hiking which operates from dawn to dusk. Its area consists of nearly 4 miles of the hiking trail network, which is marked as easy to moderate. The trail here has dirt floors and gravel at occasional distances. Beginning from the Preserve’s parking lot, the trail offers pretty views of the fast-moving Kennebec River.

4. Reach the Seguin Island and Lighthouse

Seguin Island and Lighthouse is a famous tourist spot in Bath, just half an hour from the city. Seguin is a small island near Bath, housing Maine’s tallest and the second-oldest standing island of all time. It is also the only lighthouse in Maine housing a first-order Fresnel lens. To reach the Seguin Island Lighthouse, one has to take a boat ride or ferry ride into the Atlantic. The ride in itself is excellent and an experience on its own. Visitors can spend an entire day hiking on the island, learning about nature and history. And, of course, the major excitement here is observing, clicking, and viewing the Seguin Lighthouse from close. Though, as per regular visitors, if you are 55 or physically abled or in pain, avoid planning a trip to this lighthouse. The uneven rocky terrain can make it difficult for you to explore it nicely.

5. Go and watch Maine’s First Ship from close

Are you interested in seeing and touching Maine’s First Ship? Well, if yes, then you can do it in Bath. The city of Bath is home to the first ship to be built in the state of Maine. People can visit and explore the 1607 pinnace, Virginia, a replica of Maine’s first ocean-going ship. It is so huge that anyone will feel amazed to observe and explore it. And the best part is Maine’s First Ship is absolutely free to explore, and anyone can avail the benefit of seeing it. They welcome donations, though. People of all ages and from different cities come and admire the structure. The staff here is extremely friendly and offers a range of information for this grand extravagance. Viewing the skeleton of the ship from multiple angles is an experience on its own, and no one should miss it.

6. Visit the Linwood E. Temple Waterfront Park

Linwood E. Temple Waterfront Park is a public recreational unit in Bath. This local attraction sits right next to the Kennebec River and is quite a popular place amongst the residents. The waterfront park has a mix of hilly, wooded grounds and brick walkways, along with astounding natural views. It is a popular location for several local festivals and events. On the park’s right are the mesmerizing Sagadahoc Bridge views. It is where both local and visiting photographers mark their presence quite often. Linwood E. Temple Waterfront Park also happens to host plenty of pavilions, benches, and shaded spots. People gather here for afternoon picnics, relaxation, and other such gatherings. The park also features a boat and kayak launching point and thus provides enough recreational opportunities as well.

7. Downtown Bath

One of the most fabulous places to visit in this region, Downtown Bath isn’t something a visitor should overlook. Whether you are a local or a tourist, this section of the city is where you must spend at least a day at. Downtown Bath is a hub for shopping, dining, and local entertainment. It has several establishments that are a few doors or blocks away from each other. Downtown Bath offers some of the most exciting shopping opportunities in the city, from upscale boutiques to antique shops, jewelry shops, and more. In addition, it is also a hub for delicious, local cuisine, with over 25 restaurants to choose from. Whether you are looking for a café for breakfast or brunch ordining-fledged fine dinning restaurant, it has options for everything. Apart from that, downtown Bath is where one can enjoy beautiful Kennebec River views along with several seasonal events throughout the year.

8. Enjoy a Hiking trip to Josephine Newman Sanctuary

Josephine Newman Sanctuary is a hidden gem a little outside Bath, Maine. This beautiful piece of nature is full of meadows, coastlines, forests, and rocky ridges. The sanctuary is bounded on two sides by salt marsh and features miles of hiking trails. The total trail network here covers nearly 2.7 miles and is easy to explore. The area, though, is a little bit rocky, but with good shoes and some prior hiking experience anyway can make it quite easily. The trail gets steep from time to time, but with proper hiking equipment, it seems easy. However, hiking here isn’t for the monsoon or the snow melt season. It is when risks of injury are extremely high. While making it through the Josephine Newman Sanctuary, hikers will come across exposed bedrock, stonewall, and reversing tidal fall views. While planning a hiking trip to Josephine Newman Sanctuary, make sure you carry plenty of water and bug spray along.

Places to Eat and Stay in Bath, Maine

  • Mae’s Cafe and Bakery
  • J.R. Maxwell and Co.
  • Kennebec Tavern and Marina
  • Bruno’s Wood-Fired Pizzeria
  • Yum Mee Restaurant
  • The Bath Brewing Company
  • Hampton Inn Bath (Brunswick Area)
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Bath
  • The Freeport Hotel, Ascend Hotel Collection
  • Middle Street Inn

Presque Isle is a commercial center and a city in Maine’s Aroostook County. People often confuse Presque Isle with the same name Pennsylvania State Park, but both are different and have their own identities. Maine’s Presque Isle was extremely popular for its agricultural activities during the last three decades of the 19th century. Throughout North America, it was popular for the greatest production of potatoes. Though gradually, Presque Isle during 20th and 21st centuries transformed into a commercial hub and one popular city in Maine. It isn’t very grand on tourism but good enough for a fruitful holiday or day trip.

The city of Presque Isle is home to the University of Maine and Husson University and has an international airport as well. Throughout the year, this cute little city remains full of students, tourists, and residents arriving from different parts of the state and the world. Summers in Presque Isle are warm and humid, whereas winters are cold and snowy. Though no matter what time of the year it is, Presque Isle has something exciting to do for all.

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